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Arcade Nano Review Review of the Arcade Nano Mini MegaDrive by January 2011
Blaze Sega Review Review of the Blaze by Stuff TV April 2009


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News articles covering the Mega Drive.

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SEGA Mega Drive Portable Handheld Available in Brazil An article from Engadget featuring the new TecToy handheld Mega Drive 14th November 2007
ATGames SEGA Mega Drive Portable Video Game Player Introducing a handheld version of the Mega Drive from ATGames, 1st January 2008
ATGames SEGA Mega Drive more details on the ATGames SEGA Mega Drive Twin Pad Player -
SEGA Mega Drive Makes a Comeback Introducing a handheld version of the Mega Drive ! 28th July 2008
SEGA Mega Drive Rises Zombie-Like Blaze International's two-player Dual Controller Mega Drive handheld 14th August 2008
SEGA Retro-Gen Genesis/Mega Drive handheld hits US Different handheld Mega Drive, this time from SEGA themselves, can play licensed games saved to an SD card. It is rechargeable by USB and also sports a TV-out socket. 26th June 2009
New SEGA console incoming: motion-sensing, wireless controllers! A news article from on the "SEGA Zone" - a licensed retro console to relive the "Genesis glory days". 1st February 2010