New SEGA Console Incoming: Motion-sensing, wireless controllers!

February 1, 2010 4:32 pm

by Ben Sillis,

A new Sega console on the way? Nope, this isn’t 1998, and you’re not dreaming: the Sega Zone is a licensed retro console that’ll let you relive your Genesis glory days all over again, but this time with wireless, motion sensing controllers, just like a Wii.

The new Sega console, called the Sega Zone, is due out in the Summer, and comes preloaded with 20 Sega games such as Golden Axe, Ecco The Dolphin and Sonic And Knuckles, just like several other condensed new Sega consoles cum stocking fillers we’ve seen recently.

The difference is, this particular fetching black new Sega console also comes with two wireless remote controls for letting you play sixteen different motion control games, including table tennis, darts, fencing and other events you’ve almost certainly played before on the Nintendo Wii.

Sega planning Sonic The Hedgehog 4?

And best of all, the new Sega console which packs a full 50 games in total, will only cost around £50 when it ships. We’d put good money on the likes of Firebox picking up this new Sega console sharpish.

Out Summer | circa £50 | Sega (Via Pocket-lint)