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If you would like to contact us, we can be reached at the following address:


General Queries, Help, Advice, etc

Please don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any comments, thoughts or questions about our lovely web site or any of the content and software available from it.


Donating your Software and Hardware

We are happy to take in your old hardware and software, so please get in touch via the email address above. Don't forget, we'll refund your postage as soon as it arrives!


Website Content

A short word on content ownership....

If your question is regarding ownership of content, please let us know what your issue is, and how you would like to resolve it. Where content has been reproduced from other websites, we have tried very hard to get the original owner's written approval of the reproduction. Naturally, this has not been the case with everything. If you notice anything that's yours and we haven't given you credit directly on our web pages showing your content, please let us know whether you would like the content removed, or if we can display a piece of credit text on your behalf. The links section will also contain hyperlinks to your website.

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