HP95LX, 100LX and 200LX Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

Original HP / Lotus Software and Drivers

The following downloads have come direct from HP's support website in November 2010.

Title Description Download
HP 100LX/200LX Software for Scanning Corrupted Databases
1997-10-14 , Version:N/A, 19.13k
GARLIC is a HP 100LX/200LX software that scans corrupted databases for valid records and reconstructs them back into a table.
200LX irDA Driver HP 200LX IrDA Printer Driver is a HP 200LX driver that allows printing to IrDA printers.Compatible with: Microsoft Windows 3.11, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 3.11995-09-25
200LX Transfile 200 Backup HP 200LX Transfile 200 Backup. With Transfile WIN 200 you can quickly and easily backup your HP 200LX. Hewlett-Packard is offering this easy to use and fast backup and file transfer utility free of charge to all HP 200LX users.Microsoft Windows 3.11, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 3.11997-10-14



These drivers allow you to enhance the usability of your HP to drive new or existing hardware and peripherals.

Title Description Download
Backlight driver v1.0 and v1.3 If you have done the homebrew Backlight upgrade on your 100LX, 200LX or 1000CX, this driver is for you. These are older versions of the Backlight driver. Please use Version 2.0 or later, if possible!
This driver lets you switch a backlight via hotkey. The backlight control line must be connected to a specific I/O pin of the palmtop's CPU. v1.1 is slightly modified by John to support specific EL panels (automatic screen inversion. for example).
Stefan Peichl and John Musielewicz
Backlight driver v2.1 This driver lets you switch a backlight via hotkey. The backlight control line must be connected to a specific I/O pin of the palmtop's CPU. New version 2.1 introduces a new battery saving mechanism. Please read the HP 200LX backlight homepage for details.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's Homepage
Transfile Win2000 Bugfix v1.03 This file is a replacement for the hpcom.dll file which installs with Transfile Win200 version 1.03 in the Windows system directory. It fixes the so-called "magic byte sequence" bug, which causes data transfer to abort at certain file positions where the magic byte sequence appears. Unzip the file and overwrite the old hpcom.dll with it.
Yellow Computing for Hewlett-Packard
Sundisk ATA Flash card driver v1.00 This driver is needed to use ATA flash cards in the 95LX. The maximum capacity is 32MB.
Sundisk ATA Flash card driver v1.00m This driver is needed to use ATA flash cards in the 95LX. The maximum capacity is 32MB. This version of the driver is modified. It doesn't check for the manufacturer string in the card identification anymore, so you may be able to use other cards that are not Sundisk / Sandisk cards with this driver.
Sundisk / Christian Felique
Acecard Driver This driver is needed for some larger flash cards to work in the HP 100LX and in the HP 200LX. If your card doesn't work out of the box, try to format it with the palmtop's fdisk100 and format, if this still doesn't work, try this driver.
ACE Technologies
Accton Ethernet Drivers Point enabler and packet driver for using the Accton PCMCIA ethernet card with the HP 100/200LX. Unsupported copyrighted freeware.
Yoichiro UENO


Calculator Tools

Title Description Download


A Programmer's calculator

A SysMgr compliant programmer's calculator with the usual decimal, hex, octal, and binary modes as well as a special ASCII mode. Shareware.
Andy Finkel


Computer Math Calculator v17

CMCALC is a System Manager compliant calculator which provides a rich set of computer-science-oriented integer manipulations. Supports word sizes of 0-32 bit. Good. Shareware.
Eugene Dorr


Loki v3.0

A standard RPN calculator, which also includes support for binary maths, fractions, and unit conversion. Implements a special soft font on the 95LX, to enable more info to be on screen. Highly recommended. Freeware, GNU CopyLeft.
Craig Finseth


Communication Tools

Title Description Download


MS-DOS Kermit (Old Version) v2.29

An older, smaller version of Kermit, the well known terminal program. Well suited for the 95LX and can run with as litle memory as around 60kb. Free for personal use.


Real95 v1.0

A satellite tracker. Displays the azimuth, elevation, and range of satellites above the horizon. The program also has several options for satellites below the horizon. Freeware.
Al Gerheim


Snoopy - A communication monitor v1.0

Turn your HP95LX into a serial communications monitor. Comes with instructions on how to get the most out of SNOOPY by building a special cable. Freeware.
Bob Haas
Commchk v1.8

COMMCHK is a serial protocol analyzer that will intercept and allow you to view information on a serial line in either HEX or ASCII formats. Will also allow you to turn your palmtop into an expensive, external modem for use with your desktop. Freeware.

Timothy L. Garrison


Database Tools

Title Description Download
ENum.pbk A .PBK (phonebook) database that lists all the E Numbers, along with their chemical name and if they are dangerous. Improved display if Buddy95 is present. Freeware?
Everyone's file Management System v1.7x EFMS is a flat file manager that has been modified to fit in the 95LX's 40x16 screen. Includes a SysMgr loader. Shareware.
LXFile v1.0 A simple flat-file database. Not SysMgr compliant, but includes a SysMgr loader. Freeware.
Notepad Free Format Information Organiser v1.9 A free format database for the 95LX. System Manager compliant and integrates easily with the built-in apps. Highly recommended. Shareware.
Charles Hayden
GDBWin (translated into English) v0.90 http://fronttom.freeservers.com/main.html : GDBWin is a Windows application with the same functionality as the built-in HP Database application, giving access to GDB files on the desktop PC. The use of this software is strictly prohibited except by those with authorized HP200LX. This version was translated by Serge Kozhemiakin

Convert DB files to Comma separated v.02 Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
System Manager Compliant Database <-> CSV converter.


Editor Tools

Title Description Download
Freemacs 95 v1.0 A version of Freemacs especially modified so it runs well on the 95LX. Freeware.
Raan Young
Freyja (Freyja reduces Emacs Yet Joins All) v3.0 Freyja implements a subset of the Emacs command set (as well as having MENU support for those who don't know Emacs). It allows multiple files to be edited and implements a softfont (64x20), which enables more text to be on screen. Also has a built-in calculator and calendar. Comes highly recommended. Freeware, GNU CopyLeft.
Craig Finseth
H - a small editor Small editor modified to fit in the 95LX's 40x16 screen. Very similar to the editor Terse. Comes with a configuration utility, but no documentation. Freeware?.
Joseph (Yossi?) Gil?



Title Description Download
PAC-MAN v1.0 This is pacman for the HPLX series. Shareware.
Tse Kwok Chiu
ApolloSim v2.1 Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
The Apollo Mission Simulator AMS is NOT an easy game to master. It maybe several weeks before you attempt a full mission, and it may take a dozen tries before you land successfully. Training missions will help you become familiar with flying the Landing Vehicle. Shareware.
Al Reynolds
Calculated risk The dice game Calculated Risk. Works on any MS-DOS computer, but designed so it fits the HP95's screen. Freeware.
Rick Rutt
Dungeon! A Rogue clone for the 95LX. Freeware.
Kurt M Giesselman
Freecell v3.0 Freecell solitaire for the HP 100/200LX. This new version adds many new features: save move history to text file, easily find unsolved games, quickly find particular cards. Copyrighted freeware. Check for a more recent version on C. Cameron's homepage
Curtis Cameron
Fruit Fields A 95LX version of a Japanese Puzzle Game. Freeware.
Eiji Kako
Games by Andrew Glaister Two small games written in assembler: Chess and Space Invaders. Both are very good, highly recommended. Shareware.
Andrew Glaister
GnuChess 95 A version of GNU Chess that utilizes the HP95's graphics display. GNU GPL.
Paul Fox
Golf Solitaire Golf Solitaire for the HP95LX. Freeware/Donationware.
Iikka Paavolainen
HP Reversi Reversi/Othello for the LX. Works on any MS-DOS computer, but designed so it fits the HP95's screen Public Domain.
Rick Rutt
HP Trek A HP95LX version of the classic TTY Star Trek game. Freeware.
Kurt M Giesselman
HP95LX Poker A System Manager compliant poker game. It plays a game similar to the video poker played in Vegas and Atlantic City. Freeware.
Mike O'Connor
HPCraps Casino Craps for the 95LX. Works on any MS-DOS computer, but designed so it fits the HP95's screen. Freeware.
Rick Rutt
HPFaro The ancient board game of Faro. Works on any MS-DOS computer, but designed so it fits the HP95's screen. Freeware.
Rick Rutt
HPRaces Horse betting game written in Prolog. Works on any MS-DOS computer, but designed for the HP95's screen small screen.. Freeware
Rick Rutt
HPTris This game needs no introduction. Public Domain.
Yann Rousse
Klondike95 Klondike Solitaire. System Manager compliant. Shareware.
Ed Greenberg and Art Zemon
More 95LX Games Three games for the 95LX: Gomoku, Mines, and Subs. Comes with source in Turbo Pascal 2.0 format. Freeware.
MURK v1 Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Murk is another set of games for the Palmtop. This one comes in three editions: for the HP95LX, the HP200LX, and Windows 95. The file also includes a level editor as well as an icon. Freeware.
Epic Megagames
Othello A small version of the classic game of Othello. Public Domain.
Screen Message 95 Display a scrolling banner on the screen. Shareware.
Gergely Viczian
Sokoban Sokoban for the HP95LX. Public Domain.
Hans de Vreught
Tetris '95 The well known game of Tetris for the 95LX. Has hidden surprises. Zip also includes a VGA version. Copyrighted Freeware.
Giles Kohl


Graphics Tools

Title Description Download
Grafi v1.1 A drawing package for the 95LX. Supports geometrical shapes, has a zoom mode, and offers cut'n'paste. Also allows you to keep a library of shapes that can then be reused in new drawings. Shareware.
Marco A. Gonzales
Moonflag vA95 A video of two astronauts planting the American flag on the moon. Play with PLAYA95. Freeware.
Jacques Belin
Pixer v1.0 Pixer is a small clip-art like drawing package. Uses the PCX file format, so it can be used to create new topcards. Pixer comes with several example PCX files to get you started. Shareware.
David Geffen
PLAYA95 A small video player for the HP95 palmtop (works on the x00LX too). See moonflag.zip for an example video file. Freeware.
Jacques Belin
Sketchpad v1.0 A small, simple drawing program. Comes with examples. Shareware.
S. Rafaeli
LXPIC v7.3 LXPic is the fastest GIF/ICN/PCX/JPG/BMP viewer for 100/200 LX. Only needs 15K of disk space and 64K of RAM to decode and view any size picture. Includes a small converter for Casio QV-10 CAM files. Version 7.0 provides many invaluable enhancements for desktop usage. If you use LXMAP, be sure to upgrade it to version 3.0! Click here to look for the new LXMAP version!
Copyrighted freeware.
Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage


Productivity Tools

Title Description Download
95 Buddy v3.1 95BUDDY is a TSR that adds tons of features to the 95LX. It improves the built-in applications, giving you new keyboard functions such as "quick close application" and "close all applications". Also has a system called SmartCaps(TM) that can help increase your typing-rate, and much much more. Highly recommended. Shareware.
Jeffrey Mattox
Clock v1.2 Turn your 95LX into a digital or analogue clock with large letters. Fully SysMgr compliant. PostcardWare.
Diomidis Spinellis
Dialtone - The HP95LX Phone Dialer v1.1 Enables your 95LX to produce DTMF tones, so you can use it as a phone dialer. Fully SysMgr compliant. Comes recommended. Shareware.
Ivo Steklac
HP95 Utilities Pack v3.0 Several small utilities for the 95LX, including a SysMgr compliant spell checker. Shareware.
Richard E. Harvey
SysMgr Clock v1.0 A small, big-letter digital clock for the SysMgr. Freeware.
Andy Glaister
The Remote Commander v1.04 A learning remote control for the System Manager. Very good. Shareware.
Alex Patterson
Vertical Reader v1.05 Vertical Reader is a etext reader that enables your palmtop to act like a book, where you "flip" pages. Includes a version that works on the HP95LX. Shareware or Postcardware - read documentation.
Gilles Kohl
World Travel If you travel a lot, or if you just like maps, World Travel is the program for you. World Travel presents a completely new view of the palmtop's built-in database of 478 cities. You can perform graphical map operations like plotting cities on a map, plotting great circle routes between cities, and finding cities along a route. There is also a trip distance calculator that allows you to compute travel distances. You can upgrade World Travel with your own custom cities and maps. Now Freeware, including the sources.
Outlook Calendar/Task Exporter v0.5 This application will export tasks and calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to the HPLX appointment book. Freeware.
J.H. Husgavel
Agenda 2.0b (pre-installed) Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Agenda is one of the most powerful and sophisticated Appointment, ToDo, task management programs available. Formerly a commercial product, it is now free. The article in the HP Palmtop Paper is a must for getting started. Unzip this file with PKUNZIP -d. It contains a version of Agenda pre-installed on a 200LX and has Steve Bell's TASKMGT.AG file as the startup file. GIVAWARE
Lotus Dev. Corp
Lotus Agenda v2.0b Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Lotus's Agenda is one of the most powerful and sophisticated Appointment, ToDo, task management programs available. Formerly a commercial product, it is now free. The article in the HP Palmtop Paper is a must for getting started. GIVAWARE www2.support.lotus.com/ftp/pub/desktop/Agenda/dos/2.0/ misc/
Complete set of disk images for Agenda 2.0 Lotus Agenda 2.0 - Update Installation  - Update B kit Agenda 2.0 Legal Applications PIF and ICO files for Agenda 2.0
Account Pro for DOS v1.11d If you are looking for a more powerful replacement to Pocket Quicken, you are encouraged to try Account Pro for DOS. Check author's homepage for most recent version and more free software. Copyrighted freeware.
AccSoft Shareware, Willy R. Aus der Au
Project Mgr v1.2 Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
PJT2001 contains a System Manager Compliant project management system. It maintains its own database of information and works well with the other built in applications. Freeware.
Magellan (preinstalled) v2.0 Courtesy of The HP Palmtop Paper
Formerly a commercial file and disk manager, Magellan is now free. See the article in The HP Palmtop Paper for a description of how one person uses it. GIVAWARE. This file contains a version of Magellan that has been preinstalled on the HP 200LX and then zipped up. Unzip with PKUNZIP -D.
Lotus Dev. Corp.



Title Description Download
95 C Graphics Library v1.0 A HP95-specific graphics library for "C" programmers. Library only, source is availiable to registered users. Shareware.
HP LX Graphics for Turbo Pascal 7 v1.21 A Turbo Pascal 7 library with graphic functions for the whole line of HP DOS palmtops. Freeware.
J. Andrzej Wrotniak
HP95 Developers Kit v1.0 The HP95LX Developer's kit. Includes sample programs written in C and assembler as well as information on how to make SysMgr compliant programs. Also includes description of HP95-specific file formats (PBK and ABK). Free, but COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED by HP and Lotus.
Hewlett-Packard and Lotus
HPGraph.TPU A Turbo Pascal Unit with HP95 specific graphics functions. Made with Turbo Pascal 4.0. Source is not included. Freeware?.
Personal C Compiler A small, K&R compliant C compiler that runs well on the HP95LX. Several programs on this site include source code written for this C compiler. Shareware.
Server A Server-Client based serial communication system for the HP95LX. Includes sources and examples and (a little) documentation. Freeware.
Tipi Programming Language A small, Forth inspired, programming language with support for the LX line of palmtops. Shareware.
YLISP - Yet another LISP A small, experimental Lisp implementation. Includes graphics support for the HP95. Freeware.


Sound Tools

Title Description Download
Play HP 95LX v1.0 A sound sample player for the 95LX. Comes with examples. Freeware.
Diomidis Spinellis
SND.EXE v3.0 Another sound sample player for the 95LX. Comes with several example sound files. Freeware.
Dave Marsh


General Utilities

Title Description Download
95 More A filter similar to DOS' (or UNIX) MORE, but altered to fit the 95LX's 16-line display. Freeware.
Bruce P. Holmen
DeriveShell A small program that fools Derive into running in graphics mode. Requires Derive <3.0 (version 3.0+ has built-in support for the 95LX). A bit slow, but works nicely. Recommended if you use Derive on the 95LX. Freeware.
Gergely Viczian
HP 95LX Graphical PrintScreen Utilitiy v1.0 GPSCREEN is a TSR that enables a pixel by pixel print screen to a printer connected to the serial port. Supports the Epson FX80, the HP Laserjet, and the IBM Proprinter. Freeware.
Hewlett Packard
HP95CTRL v2.1 A small utility to control HP95-specific features, such as serial port power, lite sleep, cursor tracking, etc. Not SysMgr compliant, but comes with a SysMgr loader. Freeware.
Bob Weeks
HP95LX Key-map driver Device driver that enables you to remap the keyboard. Requires programming knowledge and an assembler to be modified. Freeware?.
Ogawa Hiroshi
Il3 Fix v1.0 Fixes a bug in the first versions of the 95LX. Freeware.
Everett Kaiser
IR Print Screen v1.0 A PrtScr TSR that allows you to dump the screen to the HP82440 (Red-Eye) printer. Freeware.
Hewlett Packard
IR95 - Intelligent Remote Control v1.0 Remote Control program. Includes learner program for DOS and a SysMgr compliant playback program. Cardware.
Gilles Kohl
Jag services v1.0 A small utility to help control some of the HP95LX specific features. Similar to HP95CTRL. Isn't SysMgr compliant, but comes with a loader. Free for personal use.
Mark Scardina
Jaguar Menu v1.0

A small utility for allowing easy access to DOS applications from the SysMgr. Free for non-commercial use.
Mark Scardina

Memo fix v1.0 A small workaround (TSR) to allow the escape character to be used in the built-in Memo editor. Freeware.
Edmund Heller
Menu95 v1.3b A menu engine for the 95LX. Can also be called from the SysMgr. Public Domain.
The FastAid Company (Ed Keefe)
Power95 v1.0 Control when the 95LX turns itself on. Could be useful in batch files. Freeware.
Dennis Nara
READ v2.0 A small file viewer. Wraps lines longer than 40 characters. Good. Freeware.
Larry Lefkowitz
SYSMGR.EXE v1.0 Can fix problems with SysMgr and APNAME.LST. Freeware.
Mark Scardina
X-Finder vR.10 X-Finder is a magical utility program. You can use it as a file manager, an archive utility, a remote link software, a program launcher or an icon viewer. Copyrighted freeware. Click here for X-Finder homepage (newer beta versions available). See also what an X-Finder search brings up!
Gaku Nakagawa
ABC/LX "Advanced Battery Charging system/LX" - One of the great features of the HP Palmtop is the ability to recharge batteries directly in the unit (note, not 95LX). However, the charging method is not very sophisticated. The Palmtop simply charges for 6 hours every time you enable charging (or insert the AC adapter when charging is enabled) then it trickle charges the batteries continuously thereafter. ABC/LX adds intelligence to battery charging on the Palmtop, plus it provides excellent information about battery conditions and charging.