HP95LX, 100LX and 200LX Articles


Magazine Reviews

Full reviews found in computer magazines.

Title Description Date
HP Virtual Museum info on 95LX Taken directly from HP's website, in their 'virtual museum' Nov 2010


General Articles

Miscellaneous articles relating to the HP palmtops

Title Description Date
HP 95LX FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions ?
HP 200LX FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions edited and maintained by David Sargeant, of www.hp200lx.net 1999
Power system FAQ The complex power system of the HP LX range explained, maintained by Ian Butler (ian@hplx.net) 1999
Networking FAQ How to network using your 200LX, maintained by David Sargeant, of www.hp200lx.net 1999
LCD FAQ Some lovely information on the LCD technology used in the HP palmtops.  
What the next generation should have been It seems HP have gone in the wrong direction for the future palmtops - can we set them straight?  
The Network Connectivity Kit Rod Whitby's pages for networking the 200LX  
Atari Portfolio article Ok, it's not about the HP, but probably the main rival of the era  
Useful Tips some useful tips on how to switch off the serial port to save battery power, and more!  
Palmtop comparison table Comparison of the various models in the palmtop range from the 95LX up  
The Evolution of the HP Palmtops An ex-HP employee who worked on the 95LX and 100LX projects gives an account - article from The Palmtop Paper  
Storage Cards for the 95LX A helpful guide on SRAM and Flash card use with the 95LX  
Serial communications with your LX A very detailed guide to connecting your LX to various peripherals via serial link  
Infra-red communications with your LX How to use the infra-red port on your LX to communicate with other devices.  


In the Papers

News articles covering the Jaguar.

Title Description Date
HP Introduces 4Mb 200LX As title, this was the launch details of the 4Mb 200LX. Also includes some info on 2Mb 1000CX. 3rd February 1997
The Ultimate Palmtop Catalog Produced by Thaddeus Computing, who still sell, refurbish and repair HP palmtops! 2008