Amstrad PC Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used with the old Amstrad range of PCs.

PC1512, PC1640, PC2086

These downloads are designed to be used with the early XT machines only. Do not try and use them on AT machines.

Title Description Download
Mouse Driver v7.04 This is the most up to date version of the mouse driver for the PC1512, 1640 and 2086. Do not try and use this on AT-type machines, like the 2286 and up. For these machines, use the standard MOUSE.COM file that ships with Windows.
Clock fix for PC1512 This is the driver to fix the realtime clock on the PC1512 when used with a newer version of DOS.
PC1512 System Disks All disk images are in .ZIP format and for each model the first disk is a special case. For the disk 1 in each case (either 46001 or 47001) you should unzip the archive to a temporary directory that will give you two files - a .CFI file and a copy of FDCOPY.COM. In each case you should place a blank 360K floppy in a drive x: and give the command FDCOPY 4n0001.CFI x: (where n=6 or 7 and x is the 5.25" drive on your PC).

Note: Because the 46004 disk in the 1512 set is also bootable (it contains Digital Research's