QL Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, etc.

Support Tools

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QLAYTool QLAYT provides a set of tools and general support functions for the QL emulator QLAY. The tools are needed because the QL and it's operating system QDOS have some pecularities that do not match well with most other Operating Systems. Most obvious difference is that QDOS files consist of two parts: a header block and the actual data file. To allow transparent access from the emulator program to the native file system it's needed that the file header is stored separately. The QLAYT program takes care of inserting or extracting files into/from a directory file. It knows about datasize fields. And will import and export files from other QDOS compatible systems and QLAY's MDV file format.
QLAYToolsQ Want to use QL floppies with QLAY? Try qltoolsq.
It converts all QL files on floppy to QLAY format. With just one command.

SMSQ A QDOS-compatible Operating System for the PC