QL Disk Drive Issue


I've have had the opportunity of comparing a couple of disk and ram drives. One of my colleagues acquired two CST disk drives and the CST memory expansion with an accompanying ramdisk program. Personally, I have a Micro Peripherals single diskdrive and DS Enterprises ramdisk program. The diskdrive is the Finnish version which was supplied by Oy Hedengren Ab when they still sold QL hardware. There seems to be some kind of a compatibility problem in the Micro Peripherals (MP) diskdrive. If a file has been prepared with a different diskdrive, the MP does not know whether the file is normal or executable. If one copies the normal (text, SuperBASIC, etc.) file onto another 3.5" disk, no problem remaims. Executable files must, however, be handled in a special way, since otherwise they'll not be executable and their dataspace will be zero. First the file must be copied, its length found out, then LBYTEd, and finally SEXECd with a proper dataspace. (I've made a special program to do this.) If one has a dual diskdrive or a ram disk the operations can be performed quite fast. As to the DS and CST ramdisk facilities the latter can release memory space at reFORMAT while the former does not. I've noticed to my chagrin that the datemarking in Tebby's toolkit (at least in the version I have) does not work for the ramdisk nor for the MP diskrive.