Game Boy Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in developing on the game boy, reading from cartridges, etc

Cartridge Reading

These utilities help you to get programs off your Game Boy carts.

Title Description Download
GBCopier1 Copies data off a Game Boy cartridge
GBCopier2 Copies data off a Game Boy cartridge
ReadPlus Used for writing and reading Game Boy carts

Smart Card Drivers

Drivers for 3rd-party 'smart card' cartridges.

Title Description Download
GB USB64m Win32 Windows 32-bit drivers for the GB USB 64m smart card (supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7).

Read a review of the EMS GB smart card here.
GB USB64m Win64 Windows 64-bit drivers for the GB USB 64m smart card (supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7). The second download is the program required to install the drivers - it's called DSEO (Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider) which allows unsigned drivers to be successfully installed on Vista and Windows 7. The third download is a PDF with instructions on how to install the 64-bit drivers.
DriversDriver Signature Enforcement OverriderDriver Signature Enforcement Overrider
GB USB64m Linux EMS Flasher - used for flashing the EMS Gameboy USB cart on Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD or FreeBSD. The first download is the binary for Mac OS X. The second is the source code. It's an alpha version at the moment. If using the source, build it just by running make. For compiling on Mac OS X, On Mac OS X, prior to building you must install pkconfig and libusb from ports, like so:
sudo port install pkconfig
sudo port install libusb
The third download is a useful tutorial on using ems-flasher on Mac.

Original website:
Mac OS X binarySourceSource


These utilities assist with the creation of graphics.

Title Description Download
CharEditor Game Boy character editor
Tile Designer Game Boy Tile Designer v2.2, by H.Mulder (1999)
Map designer Game Boy Map Designer
PCX2GB Advanced PCX to Game Boy converter v2.15
Gameboy Tile Data Generator v1.3.1 Link to an online HTML5 / JavaScript web application that will convert bitmap images to hexidecimal data appropriate for use in tile based graphical applications, specifically Nintendo® Gameboy™ (DMG) software.
Pictotile A simple tool for converting images to gameboy tile data. Usage: pictotile [options] [infile [outfile]]

Pictotile accepts png, jpeg and gif (not animated) file formats. Input and output default to stdin/stdout, which can be set explicitly using "-" for either argument, otherwise the program can both read from and write to files.


Software Development

These tools can be used to write your own Game Boy programs.

Title Description Download
GBDK Game Boy Development Kit v2.95, a C compiler that lets you build roms from C code. To install the GBDK you will need to unzip it so that the GBDK directory is right off the root (e.g. C:\GBDK) . Known credits for this go to Christopher W. Fraser, David R. Hanson, and Pascal Felber. The first link is version 2.0 beta, the second is GBDK v2.95 Windows binaries, and the third is the GBDK v2.95 for Linux. You only need to download ONE of these.
Gameboy Dev Studio An integrated set of tools for Windows 95 to aid the programmer with Gb development. The main feature of Gb Dev Studio is the main editor window. The editor allows users to enter, edit, compile and run GBDK C source code in Windows 95. This avoids all the hassles of using NotePad, saving, running GBDK, and then running your emulator etc. Minimum requirements: a PC running Windows 95, Gbdk 2.0, and a GameBoy Emulator.

Features include: Totally Integrated Development Environment, Simplifies editing, saving and running, Compiles and runs an image with one button press, Line and Column status, no more counting the lines after an error, Works with most Emulators and Rom Burner software, Rom Burner option, Bmp to Gb converter included, Built-in tile editor, Decimal, hexadecimal converter, Selectable Fonts and sizes, Word Wrap, Cut, Copy and Paste, and Drag and Drop.
GB97 Gameboy Emulator The emulator recommended for use with Gameboy Dev Studio and GBDK. To run a game, type GB97 <filename> . The filename does not need to end
in '.GB' but the program looks for a '.GB' image. This is version 2.937.
Advanced Gameboy IDE v0.70b An assembler that features: Win32 application (for Win95/98/NT) , converts picture and video files to GameBoy (partially working).
A22I-ex nocash PC assembler for Nintendo Gameboy This is the emulator-excluded version of the no$gmb-included source code assembler. It assembles Z80-machine code and special Nintendo Gameboy-machine code (which is almost Z80). source code This is source for a different (older) assembler than above A22I-ex!
Z80 / gameboy disassembler A disassembler for Z80-machine code and for special Nintendo Gameboy-machine code (which is almost Z80). Disassembled code can be written to an ASCII-file, so that you can edit and comment the file. You might also want to reassemble the disassembled code.
WLA DX GB Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 Macro Assembler Package
Demo ROM file ELHMovie demo
Demo ROM file Armageddon - Game Boy toolkit demo
Demo ROM file The Matrix - Game Boy toolkit demo
Demo ROM file Terminator 2 - Game Boy toolkit demo
Demo ROM file Terminator 2 - other
Demo ROM file MegAnime - Game Boy toolkit demo
Demo ROM file Nuku 7 - other