Secret Weapons of Commodore - the C65

The Commodore 65

These machines are, for an unreleased prototype, very well-known. Now, if only they were more common ...

Note: Most of the information on this page has been taken from Andre Kaesmacher's Commodore 65 Page.

C64DX, C64DX Development System (not the DX-64)
Introduced Never officially. Prototypes escaped development hell when Commodore was liquidated in 1994.


Fred Bowen, a Commodore engineer, states that the CPU is a CSG65CE02 (CSG = Commodore Semiconductor Group). However, the actual chip in the models that escaped is a CSG 4510 ("Victor" chip), a modified 65CE02 carrying two 6526 CIA's. The clock speed is known for certain to be 3.54MHz. 128K RAM, max 8MB(!), 128K ROM (Commodore 64 ROMs, BASIC V10, a monitor and CBM DOS); integrated 1581; RAM expansion port; cartridge port (weirdly, based on the +4/16's port, not on the 64's), and a useless RF port that doesn't work on any of the models that have escaped. 6511-like (not 6551?) UART (up to