Commodore 64/128 Technical Section

Commodore 64/128 Board Information

Schematics, Component layouts and port/connector pin-outs

Title Description Date
Commodore 64/128 Board Schematics The schematic diagram of the Commodore 64/128 -
64 & 64C Ports and Pinouts A complete description of the port and their pinouts on the C64 -
C128 Ports and Pinouts A complete description of the port and their pinouts on the C128 -
Commodore Peripheral Ports An article from Compute! covering the ports found on Commodore 8-bit computers March 1985
Hardware Failure cheat sheet A diagnostics chart to help in determining the root cause of hardware component failure in Commodore machines -
Data transfers with Commodore computers A discussion on the ways and means of transferring data with your CBM -
Diagnostic cartridges An article on the various diagnostic products available  
C128 Troubleshooting A troubleshooting guide by Ray Carlsen of Carlsen Electronics  
VIC-II Chip Information on the VIC-II chip found in the C64/128 2013
SID Chip Information on the SID chip found in the C64/128 2013


Commodore 64/128 Firmware

Disassembly of ROM code and other firmware-related articles.

Title Description Date
1541 Disk Drive ROM Guide A Guide to the Commodore 1541's ROM -
1541 ROM Disassembly A Complete ROM disassembly for the 1541 -


Original documents written by third-party manufacturers of Commodore peripherals.

Title Description Date
Action Replay ROM Versions Identifying different AR carts and some firmware for download -
Action Replay Warp*25 Loader Analysis An in-depth look at the Warp*25 turbo loader -
1571 Troubleshooting Some information gathered from around the web on troubleshooting problems with the 1571 floppy disk drive