C16 / Plus 4 Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

** Note: Many of the Commodore 64 utilities will also work with C16 and Plus/4 systems **

Tape/Disk Loading

These utilities allow you to get programs off your old audio cassettes and disks and into your computer, or vice-versa. Naturally, this will require a cassette player, a suitably configured sound card and cabling between the two.

Title Description Download
Wave Converter Csabo's Wave Converter for Windows
Uploader v1.3 Utility by D.Mike for transferring PRG files directly from a PC to a Plus/4 or C64. Requires a parallel port->userport cable, wiring information is included in the README file. Uses a command-line program (upload.exe) for sending, and a PRG program (P4boot.prg for Plus/4, c64boot.prg for C64) for receiving. The PRG must be transferred to the Plus4/C64 by other means (such as copying to and loading from disk, or by re-typing the file on the Plus4/C64).

The inpout32.dll must be copied to the Windows installation folder before running upload.exe.

File Conversion

These utilities convert program files or BASIC program listings from one file format into another.

Title Description Download
PSID16 Converts SID-tunes, Compute SID-player tunes (MUS) and Compute Stereo SID-player tunes (MUS+STR) to a C16/C232/Plus4 program which plays the tune on a real (or emulated) C16/C232/Plus4. Because the C16/Plus4 has no SID-chip a SID-card is needed