Game Boy Technical Specifications

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About GAMEBOY *

* but were afraid to ask

Original information from Pan of Anthrox,
Marat Fayzullin, and Pascal Felber.

Expanded by Jeff Frohwein, 25-Mar-97

Updated at personal taste & by excellent hackwork, nocash 5/97

Remixed with kOOpA update 20-Sept-97 and more updated by nocash 10/97

Forward: The following was typed up for informational purposes regarding
the inner workings on the hand-held game machine known as
GameBoy, manufactured and designed by Nintendo Co., LTD.
This info is presented to inform a user on how their Game Boy
works and what makes it "tick". GameBoy is copyrighted by
Nintendo Co., LTD. Any reference to copyrighted material is
not presented for monetary gain, but for educational purposes
and higher learning.

Game Boy Specs

CPU: 8-bit (Similiar to the