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Choplifter (1982)
Apple 2e

Game Spotlight

Hillsea Lido (1996)
Title Hillsea Lido Game Type Management Sim Company Vulcan Players 1 Compatibility All HD Installable Yes but see below * Submission DJ Review Hillsea Lido puts you in charge of developing and managing a seaside resort. You purchase stalls to sell goods on the promenade and rides for people on the beach. You must keep things tidy and safe, repairing rides, cleaning stalls and sweeping up after the tourists. You must give them what they want and get them to give you what you want; money, so you can buy more land, more stalls, more rides; more, MOR ...    
Click here to read the review ...

Historic Game Chart

PCG Top 50, July 1984
Pos Game Title Publisher Spc Vic C64 Bbc Drg Orc
1Jet Set WillySoftware Projectsl
2TrashmanNew Generationl
3Space PilotAnirog l
4Codename MatMicromegal
5Flight Path 737Anirog l
6Fighter PilotDigital Integrationl
7Atic AtacUltimatel
8Blue ThunderRichard Wilcoxl
9Manic MinerSoftware Projectsl l
10HunchbackOceanl l
11Night GunnerDigital Integrationl l
12Scuba DiveDurelll l
14Revenge of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft l
15SnookerVisionsl ll
163D Ant AttackQuicksilval
18Forbidden ForestCosmi l
20BlaggerAlligata ll
21Chequered FlagPsionl
22Blade AlleyPSSl
23Pilot 64Abbex l
25The BossPeaksoftl
27Solo FlightMicroprose l
28Colossus ChessCDS l
29Aztec ChallengeCosmi l
30ZodiacAnirog l
31Twin Kingdom ValleyBug-Byte l
33Lunar JetmanUltimatel
35Caesar the CatMirrorsoftl l
36FortressAmcom l
37Football ManagerAddictivel
38China MinerInterceptor Micros l
39HobbitMelbourne Housel ll
40PyramidFantasyl l
41Ad AstraGargoyle Gamesl
42AquanautInterceptor Micros l
43Jack & the BeanstalkThorl
44TitanicR & R Softwarel
45Caverns of KhafkaCosmil l
46International FootballCommodore l
47Daredevil DennisVisions l
48Quest for the Holy GrailDream Softwarel l
49Chinese JugglerOceanl l
50Bugaboo the FleaQuicksilval l


New Retro Game Comparisons at FRGCB!

The Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog has several new entries of note, including 4x4 Offroad Racing by Epyx, Way of the Exploding Fist by Melbourne House, and Cauldron by Palace Software.

The blog aims to give an unbiased view of titles across multiple platforms, and they are a great read. Visit the FRGCB site here.01 February 2021

EZFlash OMEGA Definitive Edition launched

After one year of development, the EZ team has finally completed the latest full size GBA flash card.

It comes with all the basic EZ OMEGA features plus:
Now uses Ferroelectric RAM to keep saves absolutely safe, supports 512Mb GBA Movie ROMs, dual working mode, rumble function for GBA/NDS games, GBA-DS Link Transfer support, DS Web Browser support, DS RAM Expansion Pack support, and a replaceable battery.

Head over to the EZFlash website for details on pricing and where to buy! 09 January 2021

Amiga Addict Issue 2 out now

The brand new Amiga Addict magazine launched in December 2020. It is the first Amiga-dedicated magazine available in both digital and print form for 14 years!

Issue 2 is now available on the amiga-addict.com website.

This issue's content includes: • Feature on the legendary DMA Design with Mike Dailly and Steve Hammond
• Demoparty interview with UK organiser Ruairi Fullam
• Tribute to Dave Needle and his engineering legacy
• We look at the light gun adaptor for classic Amigas
• Paul Monaghan looks back at Amiga mags of the past
• A day in the life of Amiga Action Magazine!
• We go games crazy with reviews of The Addams Family, Jim Power, No Second Prize and a look at new game Super Sprint DRS
• Personal history of UK Amiga retail
• Five page Amiga CD32 & CDTV special!
and much more! 29 January 2021

Expect an Atari VCS release this year

The Atari VCS, formerly labelled Ataribox will release this year! First announced back in June 2017, this new console is not a modern take on the original Atari 2600. Rather, it's a PC / console hybrid that is capable of playing more than 100 home and arcade classic Atari games as well as new titles. In addition, you can also stream your favorite shows in 4K HDR, boot the system into PC mode and install any OS, making it remarkably flexible.

The Atari VCS will be available in three models: a classic wood grain walnut, black, and carbon gold. All three versions share the same, slick design, with ribbed lines and a raised back.

Most exciting is that the final specs of the VCS are out! Sporting an AMD Raven Ridge 2 APU with Ryzen GPU, 32GB of eMMC storage (expandable), 8GB DDR4 RAM (upgradable), Wifi, HDMI 2.0, USB, etc, etc. The top-end versions will support 4K, but a budget version called VCS 400 will have half the RAM and support 1080p only. 18 January 2021

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