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Chuckie Egg (1987)      

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3.5" Floppy disk

Commodore Amiga

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Iss 1 Aug 1989 (Amiga Format)   4th Dec 2011 04:28
Free-range eggs get everywhere. In the good ole days when they were confied to the Beeb, thousands of games players were poisted in front of monitors with fingers arched over their keyboards, eagerly guiding Hen House Harry as he ran around collecting eggs. Now the 16-bitters can indulge themselves and grin as their high-scores go through the roof and their brains become increasingly scrambled.
With 32 levels and 12 eggs per level, the game lends a whole new meaning to egghaustion. The object is to pick up all eggs without getting pecked to death by the ducklings or their mother. Cock it up and you exploded into a yellow mess and end up as a fried-egg. The Amiga version has been lovely adapted from the 8-bit days with lots of impressive backdrops added and a musical accompaniment which sounds brilliant to start with but will soon have you turning down the volume.
So who's this Pete guy anyway? What gives him the right to fill the top-ten positions in the highscore table? One of the biggest annoyances is that you can't save the high-scores from Hen House Harry's dubious exploits to disk. When you've spent until two in the morning gathering eggs and turning your joystick rusty with oceans of sweat, you wake up to find that Pete has obliterated all your scores! It wouldn't matter but he can do it while the computer is switched off.

This game may never rival Starglider II's graphics or compete with the sounds of Mortville Manor, but it'll probably outlast both of them. It has the addictive qualities which keep you coming back again and again. In no time at all you'll be voting for battery hens gathering eggs sure ain't easy.
Andy Smith

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