ZX81 Original Documents


Original documents written by Sinclair Research Ltd.

Title Description Date
ZX81 BASIC Manual The original manual in PDF format -
ZX81 Service and Assembly Manual The technical service manual for the ZX81, complete with self-assembly instructions -
ZXPrinter Service Manual The servicing manual for the ZXPrinter -



Timex-Sinclair sold the ZX81 in the United States as the TS-1000. Click here to navigate to the Timex-Sinclair section, which contains the Timex-Sinclair specific documents.


Other Peripheral Manufacturers

Original documents written by third-party manufacturers of Sinclair peripherals.

Title Description Date
ZX LPrint Euro Electronics Centronics Printer Interface manual -
Alphacom 32 Thermal Printer manual The thermal printer manufactured by Alphacom, Inc. for the ZX81, Timex 1000/2000 and Spectrum computers. 1981