ZX80 Article: Space Invaders


This is (as far as I can tell) the ONLY ZX80 software page on the WEB. I have several files from the ZX80 and will transfer them as soon as I get time. Some will be "type them in yourself" and some will be in a format which can be loaded via a utility.


Due to the problem of screen flicker on the ZX80, this must be about the only (as far as I know) fully animated game for the ZX80. It keeps the display stable(ish) by regularly calling the display routine, in effect, emulating the NMI of the ZX81. I have no idea where the game originally came from, so do not know who owns the copyright. The listing shown below is dumped straight from the screen of the ZX80, so I know there are no transcription errors.
Type in the following (save regularly!):
Type RUN to start the game.

Here is an example screenshot from the game:

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