Cambridge Z88 Software

Below are some useful ROMs that can be used with the Z88 computer.

To use any of these ROM images, you'll need either a real Z88 and a newly erased EPROM , or an emulator.

To create a ROM, you'll need to download the uncompressed binary images for the banks of the ROM and use the ROMCombiner or a similar utility. ROMCombiner v2.01 , (c) Garry Lancaster, 2000, has four major functions:
  • Saving an application card to a set of file images
  • Combining file images from one or more cards together
  • Creating ROM cards from a set of file images
  • Adding files to ROM cards, accessible by the modified EP-Fetch popdown

If you're using an emulator, simply download the full .EPR file, "insert" it into a slot & reset the emulator.

Communication Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with the Z88 talking to other computers and devices

Title Description Download
EazyLink EazyLink
(c) Gunther Strube, 1998

The best file transfer program for the Z88 has now been released by Interlogic as freeware! This server application combined with the free link client allows you to transfer multiple files quickly and easily between your Z88 and desktop computer; be it PC, Unix workstation, Amiga or QL. An excellent Windows-based program is also available from Rakewell at additional cost.Turn to the Z88 Links page to download the link client software for your desktop computer, and download the server software for your Z88 from here.


File and Shell Tools/Extensions

These downloads are designed to assist with the Z88 reading & writing files and disks of different formats, and improvements to the operating system shell.

Title Description Download
Flashstore FlashStore
(c) Thierry Peycru & Gunther Strube, 1999
Interlogic and Zlab have now released FlashStore as a free application. The program gives you full facilities for reading and writing files to Flash EPROMs. The current version, provided here, is 1.6.9.This program is normally provided as a BASIC program, but you will find that this popdown version is much more convenient to use, especially if you combine it with the rest of your favourite applications using ROMCombiner.No EPR version of this ROM is provided, since at the present time the Z88 emulators do not emulate Flash EPROM s!
UUTools UUtools
(c) Garry Lancaster, 2001

UUtools is a utility for decoding and encoding files in the "uuencoding" and "base64-encoding" formats commonly used to send binary information in emails.It operates in one of two ways. You can mark a file in Filer and then start UUtools with its hotkey, whereupon it will attempt to automatically encode or decode the file as appropriate. Alternatively, starting the popdown with present you with selectable options to decode or encode a particular file.The current release is v1.06, which includes v0.01 of the MIMETypes package. Contact me if you would like information on how to use this package in your own applications.


Programming Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with programming the Z88.

Platform Description Download
Assembler Workbench (c) Gunther Strube, 1998
have now released this superb development package as freeware! This is a packed 128K ROM containing the workbench applications ( Z80Asm, Intuition and Zprom) as well as EazyLink and ZetriZ (both also available separately from this site as 16K ROMs or RAM-installable applications) and the useful FreeRAM popdown.Check out these links for full reviews of both Assembler Workbench and Zetriz, written when they were available only commercially.You will also need to look at the Z88 Links page to get a client for EazyLink for your computer; these are available free for DOS, Linux/Unix, QL/QDOS and Amiga, and commercially for Windows (although you could always use the DOS client for free).Full documentation is provided in a selection of plain text and PipeDream files. Please note that this ROM is only suitable for blowing to a 128K (or larger) EPROM ; it will not work as a RAM-installed application.
Camel Forth (c) Garry Lancaster, 2001
Z88 CamelForth is a version of the Forth language, based on the minimal Z80 CamelForth v1.2 implementation by Bradford J. Rodriguez, with many enhancements, and now fully ANS-compliant.The current version, as at 17/7/01, is v3.04. The screenshot above shows the operation of a short multiprogramming demo (source included with the downloads), with three tasks being run in separate windows, and a Forth terminal accepting input in a fourth (sorry, pun intended!)If you know nothing about Forth, but would like to learn, an excellent source of information in the Fig-UK website.

The Z88 Development Kit

z88dk is a Z80 C cross compiler supplied with an assembler/linker and a set of libraries implementing the C standard library for a number of different Z80 based machines. The name z88dk originates from the time when the project was founded and targetted only the Cambridge z88 portable. The compiler featured in z88dk is a much enhanced Small C compiler; the compiler accepts many features of ANSI C and is only deficient in a few areas where implementation on a Z80 processor might prove inefficient. The compiler performs simple optimisations, but the bulk of the optimisation is achieved by a set of peep-hole rules, which will typically reduce the size of a large project by up to a third.


ZCC v2.56 (14.6.2004), 14 June 2004, 60K.
Can from version of 6th February 2001 handle wildcard command line arguments.


ZCPP (19.4.2001),23 April 2001, 60K.


SCC Z80 v26-03-2004.01,26 March 2004, 116K.
Can from version of 6th February 2001 handle wildcard command line arguments.


COPT (1.9.2002),1 September 2002, 64K.


Z80ASM V1.0.20 (1.12.2003),1 December 2003, 100K.
Can from version of 6th February 2001 handle wildcard command line arguments.


Application maker
APPMAKE (30.8.2003), 31 August 2003, 64K.


Use Borland Make Version 5.2 included in The Free Borland C++Builder Compiler (Command Line Tools), 8.5 MB, 27 January 2002.
To compile the z88dk libraries first use GnuToBor.mak to convert incompatible makefiles. Sed below is needed. 30 May 2002


DZASM, V0.22 (28th. February 1996), 11 April 1999, 40K.
D Z80, v1.31 (Modified by D.M. 3rd August 1998), 17 April 1999, 29K


Unix Utilities For using the supplied z88dk makefiles use cp, rm, sed and pwd from K. M. Syring's UnxUtils, 2.2 MB, 23 February 2002.


Text converter, LF to CR+LF
Gammon Software Solutions, Utilities,, program to convert unix text files to DOS format, 19K.




These downloads are designed to assist with you just having fun out of your Z88!

Title Description Download
Bounder (c) 1986 Gremlin Graphics
The aim is to guide your tennis ball through the scrolling screens, landing only on the safe hexagonal slabs. Most other scenery can be safely bounced over, but watch out for mountains and walls which you'll have to go around.
Z88 Chess (c) 1983 & 1999 Intelligent Software
A conversion of one of the strongest chess programs available for the ZX Spectrum, Cyrus IS Chess. This is a beta version of the software, so may still contain some bugs, and has several unimplemented features. However, none of this detracts from what is an excellent and extremely playable game for all you travelling chessmasters.
Dstar Dstar is a conversion of a TI86 game, developed by Dominic Morris with the aid of the Z88 Development Kit.The game itself is a simple but addictive puzzler; just clear all the dots from the screen to progress to the next level.
Jet Set Willy This is Dominic Morris's second game for the Z88, and is a faithful conversion of Matthew Smith's all-time classic Spectrum platformer. You can also get this game in machine-code format.Anyone unfortunate enough to never have played the Spectrum version will be pleased to learn that the idea is simple: collect all the flashing objects littered around Miner Willy's mansion, so that his housekeeper Maria will let him get to bed.
Lemmings The classic "save-em-up" game from Psygnosis is now available on your Z88, courtesy of Dominic Morris. Originally available on 16-bit computers such as the Atari ST, it was eventually converted down to the 8-bits, including the Spectrum. It is this version that Dominic has converted, but with improvements such as samples lifted from the Amiga version, and the removal of the hideous multi-load system (okay, it's still there, but you can ignore it if you copy all the levels to the Z88). It also seems to play a bit faster and smoother than the Speccy version, but that could just be bias on my part ;-)
Manic Miner Manic Miner '88 is a faithful conversion of Matthew Smith's classic ZX Spectrum platform game. It contains all the graphics, sounds and features of the original (including the cheat facility if you can find it!), although unfortunately it was not possible to reproduce the wonderful colours on the Z88 :-(If anyone has never played the Speccy version (surely not!), the aim of the game is simple: collect all the flashing objects (usually keys) on the screen, and then make your way to the flashing exit before your air supply runs out. Beware the Manic Mining Robots and the stationary "nasties" though, and be careful not to let Willy fall from too great a height...
PuzzlePyramid (c) Garry Lancaster, 1999Puzzle Of The Pyramid is an extremely simple adventure game, written to demonstrate how easily Z88 CamelForth can be used to create applications. Follow this link to see how it was made.
If you don't have the Packages system on your Z88 (this is provided with Installer v2.00+) then you should download one of the 32K standalone versions.
Otherwise, you can download one of the 16K "client" versions, which require that you also have Z88 CamelForth on your Z88.
SirLancelot Sir Lancelot is Dominic Morris' conversion of the 16K ZX Spectrum game of the same name, originally published by Melbourne House in 1984.The Spectrum game was an attempt by the author, Stephen Cargill, to give 16K users a taste of the popular 48K platform game, Manic Miner. Memory restraints mean that the quality and variety of the graphics in Sir Lancelot are not of quite such a high standard, but the author must be congratulated on squeezing an amazing 25 levels into the more limited machine.As is now usual for Z88 conversions of Spectrum games, you can choose between squashed & scrolling and normal & inverted displays. There's also the facility to redefine the playing keys.This game checks in at number 80 in the Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Games Of All Time, so you know it's a classic!
WhatNow? WhatNow? is an application that can load and play many freely-available text-only and text/graphic adventures on your Z88. It is a complete emulation of Incentive's Graphic Adventure Creator (or GAC) runtime system.Using this application you can play many adventure games that were released in the eighties for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128; titles such as Book Of The Dead, Frankenstein, Karyssia - Queen Of Diamonds, Mountains Of Ket and more.New with version 1.11 are the following improvements:
  • All Amstrad CPC games now supported
  • Multitasking - you can now keep typing while the pictures draw!
  • Fix for parser punction bug

If you don't have the Packages system on your Z88 (this is provided with Installer v2.00+) then you should download one of the 32K standalone versions.
Otherwise, you can download one of the 16K "client" versions, which require that you also have Z88 CamelForth on your Z88.



(c) Gunther Strube, 1994

Interlogic have now released this excellent game as freeware! For more information on the game itself, turn to the review elsewhere on this site. The sources are also available.