Sinclair QL Frequently Asked Questions

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Subject: QL FAQ part 0: introduction
Date: 8 Aug 1994 06:14:15 GMT
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comp.sys.sinclair FAQ list for the Sinclair QL computer
This FAQ list has last been modified at 1994-AUG-07

0 Introduction to the FAQ

0.0 Preface and forward

Dear reader,
this is the first (reviewed) edition of the FAQ for the Sinclair
QL computer. Great parts are incomplete or I haven't any idea
about the topic. Perhaps you want to have additional material in
the FAQ. Many thinks may be unclear or simply wrong; please
don't blame me to much for this.

The use of the words QL or QDOS sometimes includes unwritten that
the actual topic also includes compatibles.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, criticism please mail me
<roklein@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de>. (But please be patient and
rational, and keep short if possible: I've only a limited

Well, now relax and enjoy.


0.1 NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS

Sinclair QL World is dead.
FAQ now contains the Pointer environment section.
Subsectiuon about the HAL16L8 (IC38) added.
There's an error in the QL circuit diagram in the QL technical
manual. (i.e. IC24 is NOT connected to the CPU with CPU pin 22).
I had further information, but lost the post-it. Sorry -ed.
The FAQ will from now on be available via FTP. I'll try to
upload it at ftp.nvg.unit.no and/or garbo.uwasa.fi.
Furthermore I have a list of version differences of TK2 and some
other QL related, but had no time to check, so it's not
included. Sorry -ed.

0.2 Contents

* means, that I have not enough information to write
anything about the marked FAQ part or that I'll try to
do it in future.

0 Introduction to the FAQ
0.0 Preface and forward
0.1 NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS
0.2 Contents
0.3 Warranty information
0.4 How to submit new material to tha FAQ
0.5 Miscellaneous information
0.6 What's the Sinclair QL
0.7 Facts about the Sinclair QL

1 QL, QL Clones Hardware
1.1 QL
1.1.1 The Motorola MC 68008 CPU
1.1.2 The Intel 8049 IPC (or 8749)
1.1.3 ZX8301 (Peripheral Control)
1.1.4 ZX8302 (Peripheral Chip)
1.1.5 HAL/GAL 16L8