Psion Organiser II Software

Below are some useful programs that can be used with the Psion Organiser II.


General & Games

Games and other useful programs for the Psion Organiser II.

For an excellent source of Psion games, Retro Isle is proud to support the PsiGamer website, run by Cyningstan.

Program Name



Minimum Spec.


3D Tic-Tac-Toe 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A game of tic-tac-toe played inside a 4x4x4 cube. 
Mahaffey J  CM/XP/LZ  Implementation of the Colossal Cave text adventure. 
Sluyk L  LZ  A complete birthday and yearly event package for the Psion LZ. 
Smith B  MS-DOS  An assembler on the PC for making machine code programs on the Psion. 
Mahaffey J  LZ  Astronomical calculator which calculates and shows the position of the moon, the planets and their moons, and many other objects. 
Autoscribe Plus 
Widget Software  CM/XP/LZ  Word processor for all models. 
Ayo Pebble Game 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  A version of the African pebble game, sometimes known as Mancala. 
Buzzi R  LZ  Backup software for use with the comms link. 
Gene Code Software  CM/XP/LZ  An Organiser-to-PC backup/restore program. 
Woolnough D  LZ  Bagels is the predecessor of the game: Mastermind. 
Psoftshare  CM/XP  An inexpensive bank account manager. 
Computer Solutions  LZ  Money management program. 
Barbarians CM/XPBarbarians LZ
Cyningstan CM/XP/LZ A fantastic strategy game, similar to Civilization. For an 8K CM or 16K XP you will need a datapak of 16K or more.
Scherphuis J  LZ  Classic game where you have to drop bombs to clear buildings for your plane to land. 
Pollington G  LZ  Changes the border around a CM/XP program running on an LZ. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A classic boulderdash type game. 
Psoftshare  CM/XP  A utility which allows calculation in hours, minutes and seconds. 
CLS Software  CM/XP/LZ  A program to keep track of motoring expenses. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A Nim-like game played against the Psion. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  Converts between ASCII character codes and decimal and hex values. 
City of Alzan Adventure 
Mahaffey J  CM/XP/LZ  Now, let's see you get out of the city of Alzan - a place full of thieves and cut-throats, surrounded by very high walls, and built on top of the sea cliffs. It's an interesting adventure in that there is no treasure to be found. The only goal is to get out of town. 
Pegg A  XP/LZ  Converts the old London telephone numbers 01 to the new (!) numbers 071/081 in a database. 
Connect 4 
Spencer T & Gibson B  LZ  The famous Connect 4 in all its glory. 
Connect 4 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A good version of connect 4. 
Bouillot A & Guilloux C  CM/XP/LZ  Sets the copy- and/or write protection of a datapak. 
Sluyk L  CM/XP/LZ  An easy to use program to keep track of the scores in a game of darts. 
Data Organiser 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP 
Barnett B  LZ  A small program that makes it easy to calculate the number of days between two dates. 
James B  CM/XP  This handy (?) program will print out a calendar for any month up to the end of 1999. 
Woolnough D  XP/LZ  UDG designer for the XP and LZ. 
Heimes E  LZ  Simple but effective functioning dice program. 
Monad International Ltd  CM/XP/LZ  Simple utility pack that expands abbreviations typed on the keypad. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  A game, ideally suited to the Organiser and great for doctor's waiting rooms, train journeys, etc. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  Classic sliding puzzle game, but instead of the numbers 1 to 15, a graphical design is used. 
File Pack 
Widget Software  CM/XP 
File Dir 
Lawrence C  CM/XP/LZ  This is an elegant program that lists all data files on all the available packs. 
Files XP-LZ 
Woolnough D  XP/LZ  Sophisticated file examination program. 
Hunkeler P  LZ  File transfer program that extends the file transfer procedures provided by the XP Comms Link interface. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  Gives a directory of all data files and allows you to copy, rename or delete them. 
Widget Software  MS-DOS  Filemaker is a PC program which will allow you to create and manipulate database files suitable for use on the Organiser II (all models). 
Ford M  LZ  A program for film camera operators. It has many useful conversion and calculation programs for lenses, lighting, filters, etc. 
Film Makers Utilities 
Ford M  CM/XP  Appears to be FilmPsi for the 2-line models. 
Finance Pack 
Psion  A series of programs to solve complex financial calculations, keep track of accounts and print statements. 
Finance Pack II 
Psion  Allows you to securely and accurately hold and update all your personal accounts on the Organiser. 
Houppermans P  CM/XP  Finder replaces the FIND, SAVE and INFO options of the organiser, and makes them very much more versatile. 
Finger Organiser 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP 
Offord G  XP/LZ  Maintains a file of your personal flight information. 
Flight Navigator 
Millington P  CM/XP  This program is an extensive navigational aid for flying enthusiasts. 
Guilloux C  LZ  A simple puzzle game, where you have to flip squares to make them all the same colour. 
Cubsoft  CM/XP/LZ  Keyboard and macro utility. 
Schroff Z  MS-DOS  Two VGA fonts to emulate the Psion Organiser II LZ screen font. 
LZ  A comprehensive program for monitoring fuel consumption. 
Games Pack 
Moore A  CM/XP/LZ  A series of games: Psimon, Solgor, Runner, Sub, Slots, Poker, Pontoon & Tenpin. 
Games Pak 
Andon M  LZ  Quad (Tetris), Pac (Pacman), Break (Breakout) and Tiles (sliding puzzle). 
Games Pak Shell 
Schroff Z  LZ  A shell for the Games Pak. 
Games Organiser 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP 
Games 1 
Kirsta Products Ltd  LZ  A collection of games: 3D noughts & crosses, Wari, Mastermind, Blocks, Angram, Nogram, Pokerdice and Dice. 
Golf Scorer Pro 
Wickers S  XP/LZ  Professional golf scorer system. 
Mahaffey J  CM/XP/LZ  Economic system simulation. Make your subjects prosper in the ancient world. 
Walker S  CM/XP/LZ  The famous word game brought to the Organiser. 
HB Games Pack 
HB Consultants  CM/XP/LZ  A collection of games: Defender, Breakout, Worms, Snake, Shootout and Mind. 
HB Games 2 
HB Consultants  CM/XP/LZ  A collection of games: Stacker, Poker, Bandit, Patience, Cubix, Robonim. 
Hex Calculator 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  A simple hexadecimal/decimal calculator. 
Hex Loader 
Aitken B  CM/XP/LZ  Hex loader described in the book - Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser. 
Lown S  LZ  A homework diary and agenda program. 
EMF In Control  CM/XP/LZ  A file manager to replace Xfiles as found on the LZ. 
Index Manager 
EMF In Control  CM/XP/LZ  A system to create indexes for quicker searching of data files. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  An excellent alternative to the INFO option in the main menu. 
Informed Organiser 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Invaders is the classic shoot-em-up game. 
MHS  XP/LZ  A wordprocessor for the Organiser II allowing justified text. 
Gene Code Software  CM/XP/LZ  Keyboard software. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  An extremely small and very useful memory resident program to allow access to the whole character set from the keyboard. 
Schoene R  LZ  A visual representation of the periodic table of elements. 
Kirsta Products Ltd  CM/XP/LZ  Utilities for the programmer: Hex, Graph, Asctab, Conf, Files, Space, Keys, Link, OPL Notes. 
Beachcomber Software  CM/XP  Log Action Card Expenses: a multi-function package that acts as a diary and also as an expenses manager. Category ought to be AFT. 
Beachcomber Software  LZ  An updated version of LACE for the LZ64. 
Language Prakpak 
Mackay Language Software  CM/XP/LZ  Language training software, available in French, Spanish and English versions. 
Letter Organiser 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP  Word processor or text editor. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  An implementation of John Conway's Game of Life. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  Create any number of lists: to do lists, shopping lists, etc. 
van Vooren F  LZ  This program makes transferring many object code programs to and from a computer easy. 
Lawrence C  CM/XP/LZ  This is an excellent password protection program. 
Sluyk L  LZ  Like the program Lock, but optimised for the LZ and LZ64. 
Lotto XP-LZ 
Woolnough D  XP/LZ  A random number selector for generating lottery numbers. 
LZ Hangman 
LZ  An interesting variation on the old game, includes an anagram puzzle. 
LZ Maze 
Andon M  LZ  An interesting maze game. 
Machine Code Tetris 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A very fast version of the classic Tetris game. 
Scherphuis J  MS-DOS  This program converts a binary file containing machine code into an OB3 that can be downloaded and run on the organiser. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  The classic code-breaking game. 
Mastermind CM/XP 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP  A version of the classic code breaking game for the CM and XP. 
Ladouceur D  CM/XP/LZ  An educational game to help young children learn arithmetic. 
Maths Pack 
Scherphuis J  LZ  This smooth scrolling computer generated maze is written predominantly in Machine Code. 
Walker S  CM/XP/LZ  8 mini programs of assorted types. Includes a UDG designer and two games. 
Sluyk L  CM/XP/LZ  Constructs a program menu from a data file. 
Software of unknown purpose, manual in German. 
Goater G  LZ  Personal income & expenditure monitor. 
Morse Tutor 
Tarrant D  CM/XP/LZ  This program was written to assist the beginner to learn to read Morse Code fluently. 
Music Prakpak 
Mackay Language Software  LZ  Music Prakpak will quickly help you to find the right keys on a piano or keyboard and read music with steadily increasing ease. Includes a metronome. 
Notes Enhancement 
Schroff Z  LZ  An expansion of the LZ Notepad facility. 
Psoftshare  CM/XP  Seemingly a halfway house between a text editor and a simple database. 
Sycom Services  Conversion from ODB to DBF formats. 
Oxford Concise Spelling Checker 
Psion  CM/XP  Provides an instant check on the spelling of over 24,000 carefully chosen words. 
Pack Mem 
Lawrence C  CM/XP/LZ  An elegant program that shows the amount of free space on the available packs. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  Lets you look at the Organiser's innards. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Peg solitaire puzzle. 
Personal Finance 
Peterson James Games 
Peterson K & James B  CM/XP  A collection of nine games: Beeps, Bounce, Digits, Golf, Hangman, Hilo, Memory, Reversal & Monster. 
Woolnough D  XP/LZ  A phone number database allowing reverse look-up of numbers. 
Pi Generator 
Sluyk L  CM/XP/LZ  This program will calculate PI to any number of digits. 
Ladouceur D  CM/XP/LZ  Turns the organiser into a simple musical keyboard. 
Platonic Solids 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  A beautiful animation of four of the platonic solids. 
Pocket Spreadsheet 
Psion  XP/LZ  Full-function spreadsheet. 
POS to ORG Converter 
Scherphuis Jaap  Patches the operating system of any 2-line POS model so that it will operate just like a normal Organiser. POS models still have the Psion XP software in ROM, it's just not active. Instead POS models look for a program called "BOOT" on any of the packs installed and run it. To get this program onto a POS model you need a standard CM, XP, LZ or LZ64 so you can copy the program pos2org onto a pack. Then insert the pack into the POS model. This version works on P2xx and P350 models.
Scherphuis Jaap  As above, but converts a POS 464 organiser to a normal LZ64. It will probably also work on a P432. 
Print File 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  A simple program which prints out a data file, each field on a separate line and records separated by a blank line. 
Pro Finance 
Hallam H  LZ  PSI-Graph is a small program for showing simple bargraphs. 
Psion Assembler 
Transform Ltd  XP/LZ  An assembler and debugger that runs on the Psion. 
Pure Finance 
Gene Code Software  CM/XP/LZ  Data handling program. 
Andon M  LZ  A competitive racing game, where you have to try to beat the computer controlled cars. 
Widget Software  CM/XP/LZ  A scientific calculator. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  The classical game of Reversi. 
Titan Computers Ltd  CM/XP/LZ  A guidance system for the motorist, with over 250,000 routes throughout the British Isles. 
Offord G  XP/LZ  Full featured RPN calculator. 
SAMKA Assembler 
Walker S  CM/XP/LZ  An assembler that runs on the Organiser II. 
SAMKA Games Pack 
Walker S  CM/XP/LZ  Games pack. 
Harvester Information Systems Ltd  CM/XP  Staff Attendance Maintenance System 
Waite N  CM/XP/LZ  Satellite tracking program. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Sliding puzzle game. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Smooth scrolling graphical game where you have to scoop up all the space junk in Earth's orbit. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Yet another maze game written in machine code. This one has several nasties ROMing around in search of you. 
Send Pack 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  This program send a copy of a pack to the PC. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  This program makes it easier to send or receive any type of file through the comms link. 
Send ROM 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  These programs send a copy of the Psion's ROM to the PC. 
Schroff Z  LZ  This program will configure many of the user settings described in the Psion programming manual, plus a few that are not described there. 
Sightmaster Navigation Program 
Waypoint Software  CM/XP/LZ  Ocean navigation program for the Organiser. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A cute graphical game, in which you have to snowboard down a slalom course. 
Sluyk L  CM/XP/LZ  This program will sort a file. 
Stellar Empire 
Stellar Empire XPPDF manual
Walker D CM/XP  Four human or computer controlled players compete to conquer 24 planets. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP/LZ  A trainer in basic arithmetic for children. 
Thesaurus & Spelling Checker 
Psion  CM/XP/LZ  Spelling checker with 100,000 words and 660,000 synonyms. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP/LZ  The normal version of the tic-tac-toe game. 
Top Finance 
Travel Pack 
Pollington G  LZ  A Trivial Pursuit type game for the Psion Organiser II. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A deceptively simple-looking puzzle in which a 3x3 square of tiles gets scrambled by twisting them around. 
Yelland V  LZ  UDG editor for 4-line models. 
Rovoreed Ltd  CM/XP/LZ  A very useful utility that can recover a file or program from a datapack after it has been deleted. 
Utilities for Programmers 
CM/XP/LZ  A collection of many small utilities. 
Utils Pack 1 
Scherphuis J  LZ  Utils is a collection of conversion and configuration programs. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  A stopwatch. 
Evans P  LZ  This program shows clocks and counts for swimming workouts for up to four simultaneous sets. 
Johansson P  CM/XP/LZ  A very innovative word-processor from Sweden. 
World Time 
CM/XP  A world clock, for the frequent traveller. 
Scherphuis J  LZ  A version of the classic snake game with graphics. 
Worm 2 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP  A 2-line version of the classic Worm game. 
Hoare M  LZ  Word processor for the LZ. 
Cubsoft  CM/XP/LZ  Database and diary manager. 
ZIP-Software  CM/XP  A quick way to scan DIARY entries on a particular day or successive days. 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP  A file manager for the CM/XP. 
XP Hangman 
Lacey D  CM/XP  A version of LZ Hangman rewritten for the CM and XP. 
Mackay Language Software  XP  This new program allows XP owners to have some of the flexibility of the LZ models. Utilities include: Control, Notebook, Expenses pad. 
Y2000 Bug Fix 
Scherphuis J  CM/XP  This program replaces the TIME menu option so that the clock now has the range 1984-2083 instead of 1900-1999. 
Psoftshare  CM/XP  Yahtzee closely follows the well-known board game of the same name. 



These utilities allow you to transfer data to and from the Psion Organiser II.

Title Description Download
Psion PC Tools This package contains version 2.11 of Psion PC Tools (connectivity software).
Psion, Inc.
Psion Mac Tools Connectivity software for the Apple Macintosh
Fonts Two VGA fonts to emulate the Psion Organiser II LZ screen font. 
Z Schroff
Psi2Win Connectivity software for Windows.
Boris Cornet (Download link takes you to the Organiser II Homepage where you can download Psi2Win and others)
Psi2Backup Backup software for Windows.
Boris Cornet (Download link takes you to the Organiser II Homepage where you can download Psi2Backup and others)


File Creation & Conversion

These utilities help you convert from one file format to another.

Title Description Download
Filemaker Filemaker is a PC program which will allow you to create and manipulate database files suitable for use on the Organiser II (all models). 
Widget Software
Make Procedure This program converts a binary file containing machine code into an OB3 that can be downloaded and run on the organiser. 
J Scherphuis
PsPc Allows Organiser files to be created on a PC. 
Split This program splits an OB3 file into its source and object code parts. 
J Scherphuis
Split OPK This program splits an OPK pack image file. 
J Scherphuis



These utilities are designed to assist developers.

Title Description Download
Assembler An assembler on the PC for making machine code programs on the Psion. 
B Smith