Nintendo DS Articles


Magazine Reviews

Full reviews found in computer magazines.

Title Description Date
DS Review Full review of the Nintendo DS, by The Register March 2005
DS Review Full review of the Nintendo DS, by CNET March 2005
DS Lite Review Full review of the Nintendo DS Lite, by June 2006
DS Lite Review Full review of the Nintendo DS Lite, by CNET November 2006
DSi Review Full review of the Nintendo DSi, by PC World April 2009
DS Lite vs DSi Comparison A comparison of the newer DSi against the older DS Lite, -
Development Story DSi XL Development Story (courtesy of 18th January 2010
3DS Review Full review of the 3DS on CNET 9 March 2011


General Articles

Miscellaneous articles relating to the DS.

Title Description Date
3DS Launch round-up Full launch Day details from PCWorld 27th March 2011
3DS Design in Detail Article from 3rd February 2011


In the Papers

News articles covering the DS.

Title Description Date
North American Retail Practices are why There are Fewer 3DS Colors From IGN 20 June 2013
3DS System Update Brings Save Data Backup and New Camera Features From 3DBrew 18 June 2013
Get Ready for a Game Gear Injection for Your 3DS! From Nintendo World Report 13 June 2013
Nintendo Launch History From 19th November 2012
3DS XL Avoids Rocking the Boat While Introducing Improvements From 22nd June 2012
Rejuvenated 3DS Could Provide a Home for Mid-Tier Games From 20th February 2012
3DS Sales Surpass 4 Million in U.S. From 3rd January 2012
3DS Takes Only 8 Months to Surpass First-Year DS Sales From 1st December 2011
Nintendo Expects its First Annual Loss in 30 Years From 27th October 2011
DSi XL, Same Price as 3DS, Gets Pink as a New Color From 9th September 2011
3DS Price Cut Launch Guide: Everything You Need to Know From 11th August 2011
3DS Gets its First New Color: Flame Red From 10th August 2011
DS Lite Price Dropped to $99 From 31st May 2011
Nintendo Confirms New System, 3.61 million 3DS's sold From 25th April 2011
Say Goodbye to the DS Lite From 22nd April 2011
1UP Remembers Game Boy Advance From 21st March 2011
3DS Launch Date, Price Finally Revealed From 19 January 2011
Nintendo 3DS Will Apparently be Region-Locked From 11 January 2011
DS Tops 47 Million Units Sold in US From 4th January 2011
Orange, Green DSi Bundles Coming This Week From 22nd November 2010
Nintendo May Localize Unreleased DS Games From 5th November 2010
DSi XL Bundles Hitting U.S. Nov 7 From 21st October 2010
Japan to Consider Law Cracking Down on Flash Cart Vendors From 12th October 2010
New DSi XL Model Celebrates Super Mario's 25th Birthday From 29th September 2010
Nintendo Drops Price on DSi, DSi XL From 30th August 2010
Nintendo DS R4 Cards Rules Illegal in U.K. From 28th July 2010
Nintendo DSi Price Cut Coming This Month From 2nd June 2010
Lifetime DS Sales Surpass Game Boy From 6th May 2010
Total Sales Put DS Back on Top in Japan From 16th April 2010
Sharp Shows Portable 3D Displays, 3DS Speculation Grows From 2nd April 2010
Nintendo Announces New 3D Handheld Game System Called 3DS From 23rd March 2010
DSi XL Coming on March 28 for $189.99 From 24th February 2010
Nintendo DS Successor Reportedly in the Hands of Developers From 16th February 2010
Nintendo Reveals New DSi From 29th October 2009
DSi Due in April, Priced at $170 From 18th February 2009
DSi Won't Immediately Replace DS Lite in US From 4th October 2008
Trimmer DS Lite Plays Up Consumer Appeal News article from EE Times, Asia announcing the introduction of the DS Lite June 2007
Nintendo DS Orders Jump in Japan From 11th November 2004
Nintendo DS American Launch Line-up From 7th October 2004