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09 January 2021EZFlash OMEGA Definitive Edition launched

After one year of development, the EZ team has finally completed the latest full size GBA flash card.

It comes with all the basic EZ OMEGA features plus:
Now uses Ferroelectric RAM to keep saves absolutely safe, supports 512Mb GBA Movie ROMs, dual working mode, rumble function for GBA/NDS games, GBA-DS Link Transfer support, DS Web Browser support, DS RAM Expansion Pack support, and a replaceable battery.

Head over to the EZFlash website for details on pricing and where to buy!

20 December 2020Quadron Deluxe Announced!

Cronosoft are about to release a Deluxe version of Andy Beale's game, Quadron.

This is the same game but more of a collectors’ edition and comes in a double jewel case containing both cassette and mini CD featuring the same latest version of the game, with the much requested redefinable keys option.

The CD also includes the exclusive “Development of Quadron in Pictures” only available in this version. There are also the “Basic Instructions” and “Detailed Instructions” included on the CD that were first made available for buyers on the itch download site.

Andy is famous for being the original author of Psytraxx in 1984, published by The Edge.

12 August 2020ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 Kickstarter Begins

If you missed out on backing the first Kickstarter campaign for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next in 2017, now's your chance!

The £250K goal was met within the first 5 minutes, and the funding so far after 24 hours has already exceeded that of Issue 1, whose machines began shipping to backers in February this year.

Issue 2 Nexts are broadly the same as Issue 1, but with some improvements following recommendations given by owners to the development team.

View our dedicated Spectrum Next page for more details.

09 August 2020New Plus/4 Game - The Pit

Doug Turner has released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. After more than 30 years after creating Icicle Works and Prospector Pete, Doug decided to work on a new game following the Boulderdash-style gameplay.

According to Doug, The Pit was born of his desire to revisit Icicle Works and correct the mistakes he made back then, most notably the lack of a smooth scrolling window. With that in mind, he also took Prospector Pete elements to create the new game.

As I mentioned before, The Pit is very like Boulderdash, but to be very honest, a better one. Although at first, it looks like the same, The Pit mesh the two of Doug’s previous games makes the game the ultimate Boulderdash, with 36 levels of frantic gravitational gameplay, new foes, magic pits to fill with stones, portals, warp holes, dynamite, spades, and much more.

The Pit is available for free, following this link.

24 July 2020More games flood in for MSXDev’20

MSXDev’20 started slow, with one game here and there, which is natural since most people would start coding their games after the competition is announced. However, with the submission deadline fast approaching, nine new games were submitted in the span of a few days! With the new contestants, the MSX enthusiasts have fourteen new games to play and get properly prepared to vote when the time comes. Head over to VintageIsTheNewOld for details!

29 June 2020Rite of Druid – A new text adventure game for the ZX Spectrum Next is available now

Rite of the Druid is a text adventure game or using a more modern term, interactive fiction where you are part of a small tribe, preparing to take part in a ritual that will allow you to become a full druid. You are transported to a strange land where you must find the rune of power and return to complete the rite.

Although the game is called “text adventure”, it presents as the second generation of this genre, where graphics are displayed on each screen helping your imagination while you progress to the game. And based on the screenshots I’ve seen, Rite of the Druid has astounding graphics.

The gameplay is standard, where you need to solve puzzles to progress in the story. The game uses standard VERB NOUN input such as GET STICK, FILL BOTTLE etc.

The game is available for free at, and even if you don’t own a ZX Spectrum Next, you can still enjoy it via emulation!

01 April 2020Hardware Review - PC Engine Mini

Konami – which is now the custodian of the PC Engine brand following its purchase of Hudson Soft in 2011 – is perhaps a little late to the party with its take on the ‘micro-console’ concept that kicked off with the Nintendo Classic Edition a few years back. Since then, we’ve seen SNK, Sony and Sega all jump on board the retro money train, often with wildly varying degrees of success.

However, while the Neo Geo Mini and Mega Drive Mini both offered up a selection of games that will be familiar even to the most casual of retro gaming fans thanks to the fact they’ve been released (and re-released) on a wide range of digital storefronts over the past decade, the PC Engine Mini (alongside its western counterpart, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini) offers up a library of games that's a little more off the beaten track. That's not to say it lacks quality – quite the opposite, in fact – and with emulation expert M2 doing the heavy-lifting (just as it did with Sega’s micro-console) authenticity is assured.

However, while the PC Engine Mini is questionably home to some fine games, there’s no denying that it lacks the fame and recognition that have arguably made Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Editions so popular. With Nintendo, you know you’re getting Mario, Zelda, Metroid and much more besides, but if you stopped the average person in the street and asked them to pick their favourite PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 releases, most wouldn’t even know what console you were talking about. Can Konami’s console overcome this thorny issue and establish itself as one of the best micro-consoles money can buy? While the western release of the console has been delayed by the recent coronavirus outbreak, we've been able to get our hands on a Japanese unit, so let’s find out.

Head over to NintendoLife's article.

31 March 2020Modder Shrinks The N64 Down To The Size Of A Game Boy Advance SP

Portable N64 mods – where the console's internals are placed in a handheld shell complete with an LCD screen and battery so you can play Super Mario 64 on the road – have been around for years, but this latest effort has to rank as one of the most impressive yet.

GmanModz has taken the guts of the N64 and placed them in a 3D-printed case not that much larger than a Game Boy Advance SP, creating what must surely qualify as the most pocket-friendly N64 mod yet.

The mod is possible thanks to recent discoveries in the modding community surrounding the N64's interface controller board, the location of which has traditionally forced mods to be larger than they should be. With the board safely relocated and rewired, GmanModz has been able to decrease the footprint of the system and fit it into a much smaller clamshell case – yet you can still use your original cartridges. And because this uses the original hardware and not emulation, it has 100% compatibility with the entire N64 library.

Watch the video here.

30 March 2020New AGD Spectrum game: Vampire Vengeance

POE Games announce the launch of their new game, Vampire Vengeance. Coded by Ariel Endaraues, with an awesome intro screen from Juan Antonio Fernandez (F3M0, this game is a fun platformer written using Jonathan Cauldwell's AGD and Allan Turvey's AGDx. It has a great atmospheric musical score from Beyker.

Guide Count Orlack (yes, you play as a blood-sucking vampire!) through his castle, defeating the knights that have besieged it.

Click here for the video or download the game from their page.

13 March 2020Bitnamic Software announces `Laserbirds` – a new game for the ZX Spectrum

Bitnamic Software, a Portuguese-Brazilian joint-venture has announced its new exclusive ZX Spectrum release. Laserbirds is a shoot’em up game and your mission is to destroy aliens known as Ornitoids, a powerful enemy that has excellent hearing and memory as well as great hierarchical organization capability.

The enemy’s AI is a strong selling point of the game. The waves of Laserbirds, as the Ornitoids are called, present a big variety of patterns making it very hard for the player to get used to it. The enemies also have different forms and shapes, including the boss-type, which are bigger and even more violent than the regular Laserbirds.

12 February 2020New C64 puzzle platformer, Millie and Molly

Carleton Handley is pleased to announce the availability of his new puzzle platform game, Millie & Molly for the Commodore 64.

Featuring bright and vibrant graphics from Saul Cross and one of the most soothing and relaxing soundtracks to grace the C64 by Hasse Axelsson-Svala, the premise behind Millie & Molly is simple, eliminate all monsters on each of the 100 levels on offer by walking into the side of them.

Check out a video of the gameplay.

06 February 2020First Spectrum Nexts are Delivered!

Yes, the day has finally come... When the very first Spectrum Next units were delivered to the Ultimate backers! Ultimate backers were the first 5 people to pledge £1,000. This privilege got you one of the first 5 units off the production line, complete with the "Plus" specs and the accelerator. Internally, the case has been signed by the whole team, and they got a certificate of authenticity, lunch with some of the team in London, yadda yadda. Congrats to those fellow Speccy fans!

The public Facebook page was abuzz with initial feedback and words of recognition to the SpecNext team for staying the course, and the early reviews of the product are very favourable.

06 February 2020Adventure II XE – New game for the Atari 8-bit almost ready for debut!

It’s been some time in the making, but the Adventure II XE for the Atari 8-bit is almost ready to be released. This is what Cafeman told Atari Age in today’s update in a thread that started in 2013 while making available a demo version for all of us to try.

Adventure II XE, a homage to Warren Robinett’s original Atari 2600 game, Adventure, is a revised and expanded 64k version of the Adventure II game released in 2007 for the Atari 5200 – this one with 32k.

Main features:
* Small, Medium, and Vast kingdoms to explore!
* 22 game variations in all, with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and
* Special skill levels! (The demo contains the first 9 variations)
* New and more varied hiding places for helpful items!
* New VR Mode (“Very Random”) for you experts!
* The three “secret dots” hiding spots change for each game variation!
* New sounds and music!
* New end-of-game stats and rankings!
* New XE-joystick-compatible “one-button” control! Press quickly to swap items left/right; Hold button down to drop!
* Tweaked screens, paths, and creature behavior!

In the game, you play the hero who has to find his way to the Dark Kingdom’s castle to retrieve the lost Chalice. The challenge is to pass through the mazes, find keys and unlock the many gates that are between you and your objective.

04 February 2020New C64 space simulation launched by Pstronik: Mars

Psytronik Software are pleased to announce that Mars, their new space themed management simulation game, is now available as a digital download release from their page.

Developed by Sputnik World, Mars (also referred to Marte in Spanish) will see you take on the role as a mission commander leading a team of 8 crew members on a mission to the Red Planet. You will need to keep the health of your 8 crew members as stable as possible as you issue various orders to solve the numerous problems faced across the long trip to Mars.

Check out a video of the gameplay here.

03 February 2020Retro Revisited explores Raptor Call of the Shadows

VintageIsTheNewOld have been running their Retro Revisited articles for some time now. This week they explore the classic DOS shoot-em-up from 1994, Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

This game broke new ground for the PC, with incredibly smooth gameplay, awesome graphics and sound. Furthermore, it reached a great many new players with the first chapter being made available via Shareware, courtesy of Apogee.

Check out their article here.

06 September 2019Polymega retro console promises to accurately emulate Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn is one of the most difficult consoles to emulate, but a new product seeks to make doing so as easy as owning the original hardware.

The Polymega retro console is a multi-system emulator box that enables you to play your old games for a number of classic platforms. Most notably, the modular Polymega includes a CD drive, which is something similar devices don’t have. The base Polymega supports Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. And it’s that last one that Playmaji, the company producing the Polymega, is highlighting in a series of videos.

While pure software emulation has struggled with the Saturn (although it’s improving), Playmaji is claiming that Sega fans will get to play many classics just as the original creators intended. In a set of videos, the company showed off Polymega emulation of beloved Saturn hits like Burning Rangers, Virtua Fighter Kids, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. In the clips, all of the games run well. And this means you can now easily play those games on a modern display without putting extra wear on your 25-year-old CD-ROM drives.

Check out the intro video!

21 August 2019New shooter, Alpharay from Psytronik

Psytronik Software have announced that pre-orders for the commercial release of ALPHARAY, their incredible new release for the Commodore Plus/4 and expanded Commodore 16 home computer, will be open this Sunday.

Developed by the team that brought us Pets Rescue for the Plus 4, ALPHARAY is a visually impressive horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up that sees you power-up your Alpharay fighter with the objective to destroy the enemy robot fleet that is invading your home system. The game features six graphically gorgeous levels to battle through, a power-up weapon system and a great soundtrack driving the action gameplay all along the way.

To find out more about ALPHARAY, head on over to the games news page over at Psytronik Software. Also, be sure to check out the game trailer.

20 August 2019Commodore 16 Repair by Jan Beta

If you are into old computers, particularly Commodore, you will have heard of Jan Beta.

Jan has a fantastic YouTube channel with many informative videos, discussing repair of Vintage Computers and Electronics. His latest offering specifically stood out for me, being a big C16/Plus/4 fan. Jan has acquired not just one, but four Commodore 16 computers, all of which are in dire need of repair. If you are familiar with C16 and Plus/4 computers, you will know that the most common failure is a dead CPU or TED chip. Check out Jans in depth video and don’t forget to visit his channel and subscribe.

15 August 2019Sega Mega Drive Mini games, price and release date: Everything you need to know.

Recent years have seen great success for 'mini' classic consoles.

The NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini from Nintendo, plus the PlayStation Classic have been popular amongst gamers looking for retro fun.

Now it's Sega's turn, with the Mega Drive Mini (or Sega Genesis Mini if you're in the USA). It will come with two wired controllers in the box. We do hope their power leads are of ample length though - something Nintendo was criticised over for its SNES and NES re-releases. In addition, there are power and HDMI cables, with HD upscaling for the 16-bit games.

Some great news is that Sega have announced no less than 42 classic games will be pre-loaded on the Mega Drive Mini.

There's not too long to wait for the Mega Drive Mini's release: it's due to hit our shelves on 19 September 2019, priced £69.99 in the UK, $79.99 in the United States. It is available to pre-order in both regions now.

You can also find out more information on the forthcoming console on Sega's dedicated UK website here. A US version of the website, for the Genesis Mini, can be found here.

18 May 2019Review of Pets Rescue for the C16 and Plus4

Why would anyone try to write a new video game for a system so patently unsuited to the task?

That’s a question which +4 All Stars, a band of plucky coders, graphicians and C16 fans, is best-placed to answer. The group released Pets Rescue for the Commodore 16 and Plus/4 just over a year ago, and it’s one of the most remarkable new retro titles to be released in recent times. VintageIsTheNewOld finally did a review of this game - go here to watch it!

20 April 2019Don't Expect A Saturn Mini Anytime Soon, Says Sega

Sega may be playing catch-up with Nintendo when it comes to the whole micro-console business, but the news that the Mega Drive Mini would finally be hitting store shelves later this year has been met with a positive reaction - mostly because emulation expert M2 is involved.

Given that Nintendo followed up the NES Classic with the equally successful SNES Classic, it's tempting to wonder if Sega could create its own line of clone systems based on its enviable selection of '80s and '90s hardware.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll be getting a Saturn Mini anytime soon. Speaking to IGN Japan, Hiroyuki Miyazaki - a project leader on Mega Drive Mini - says any kind of system based on the 32-bit console would be years in the future, if it comes at all. He cites issues with emulating the console on the current generation of cheap, off-the-shelf 'System on a Chip' options currently available, which are simply not powerful enough for the task:

"It may be possible in 10 years. By that time the necessary chips should be cheaper."

It might seem short-sighted of Miyazaki to be so pessimistic, but the Saturn's complex internal architecture has made it a real pain to properly emulate over the past 25 years, and even today, Saturn emulation is way behind PlayStation and N64 emulation.

Strides have been made with emulators like Yaba Sanshiro, but they're still some way off being totally accurate and software compatibility is lacking. The closest we're going to get to a Saturn clone is the upcoming Polymega, which appears to have Saturn emulation nailed down but it's a PC-based system which is going to cost much more to make and sell than any potential 'Mini' release from Sega.

Miyazaki did, however, say that he'd love to create a Master System Mini - something which could easily be achieved with current low-cost 'System on a Chip' hardware. However, he admitted that demand might not be there for such a release; in Japan, the Master System (and Mark III, on which it was based) sold poorly compared to the Famicom, and it was the same story in the US, where the NES was king. It was only in Europe and Brazil that the console achieved any kind of commercial success, and those markets might not be big enough to tempt Sega to take a punt.

15 March 2019New FPGA-based C64 Video Enhancement

A new FPGA-based modification board for the Commodore 64 computer is being developed to produce YPbPr video output.

The C64 is the most iconic device of the 8-bit computer era and there is a huge library of software and hardware modifications available. Nevertheless the video output quality is inherently poor by modern standards, even with the use of the s-video option. This is specially true with LCD flat screens that amplify the visual artifacts even more.

This clever piece of kit developed by user C0pperdragon bypasses the chrominance/luminance signal generation of the VIC-II and computes a YPbPr signal directly from the digital information available inside the computer. As it turns out, it is enough to passively listen to just about 22 pins of the VIC-II to figure out what video signal it actually intends to generate. Using the information from these pins and some logic implemented in an FPGA, a pixel-perfect replication of the video image can be generated.

For more details, head over to C0pperdragon's GitHub page.

15 March 2019Panic! Dizzy Oliver Twins new title smashes Kickstarter goal

Panic! Dizzy - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins smashes Kickstarter goal!

After raising an incredible £20,780 thanks to backers, the latest Kickstarter for Panic! Dizzy; A 'new' old NES game by The Oliver Twins that has been lost and found in The Oliver Twins attic, is now a massive success.

08 March 2019New Bruce Lee title for C64

Return of Fury is a continuation of the original game Bruce Lee, developed by DataSoft Inc, in 1984.

It features all of the classic gameplay, but now in a brand new world. The improvements were made by Vidar Bang, Rune Spaans, Anders Rodahl, Kåre Johansen, Roy Widding, Andrew Fisher, Vinny Mainolfi, Chris Stanley, Tom Roger Skauen and Paul Hughes.

More details can be seen on the Megastyle website.

07 March 2019Knight Lore Ported to the Plus/4

The Ultimate Play the Game classic, Knight Lore, has been ported to the Commodore Plus/4. The game is producted by Rod & Emu Productions, developed by Emu (code), and includes music by Saul Cross graphics by Almighty God.

The title also includes a number of built-in cheats to make it a little easier, supported both PAL and NTSC machines, as well as SID card or original TED for audio.

Click here for the Plus/4 Web page.

07 March 2019Amiga classic Stunt Car Racer ported to the BBC Master

Originally written by Geoff Crammond, also known for Formula One Grand Prix, this iconic title was a huge hit on the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST back in 1989.

Now The Bitshifters Collective and Kieran Connell have managed to port the game to the Acorn BBC Master!

This feat required a lot of effort to get the graphics running so super-smooth, but it really plays well! The BBC Master is a 2Mhz 6502 with 128Kb RAM, so it is really amazing to get this running on a stock 8-bit system.

Head over to the Bitshifters Collective GitHub page for more info. It's also listed on

05 March 2019Today in 1981: the Sinclair ZX81 Issue One was released

It is commonly considered to be the machine that brought computing to the general public in the United Kingdom as it was affordable at £69.95 and it was the first computer to be available to buy in high street shops like W.H. Smiths. The computer was physically quite small measuring 167mm deep by 40mm high. The slim plastic case included a membrane keyboard and a single circuit board. The entire machine weighs just 350 grams.

With only 1Kb of RAM, and 8Kb of ROM the ZX81 was not capable of colour graphics. However, it didn’t stop the sales of this machine which sold over 1.5 million units.

So Happy Birthday ZX81, we love you!

23 February 2019ZX Spectrum Next - update 44

The keyboard is a ‘GO’!

Henrique Olifiers confirms the keyboard of the Next is now good to go for automated mass production. Click here to read the article posted on Kickstarter.

18 February 2019New ZX Spectrum Next software website

Many people have asked the question of what is currently available or in development for the Next. Well many hours of searching and bugging people and we now have the following.

The hope is that people will submit new titles and this site can become the definitive list until we can find the time to update the back end of this site!

27 December 2018Quadron for the ZX Spectrum gets an update

If you have bought Quadron for the ZX Spectrum you might want to know that there are two small updates available. The first includes the loading screen before entering the game menu. The screen was recreated from the original screen art from 1988.

The second update is the availability of the game in TAP format, for those who prefer this format.

You can download the updated version from the website.

07 December 2018Amiga Emulator WinUAE 4.1.0 has been released

WinUAE version 4.1.0 has been released with a massive list of new features and bug-fixes. Here are some highlights of this version:

* PC Bridgeboard (A1060 Sidecar, A2088, A2088T, A2286 and A2386SX) emulation rewrite using the PCem as new core;
* Sound Blaster emulation (PCem, various models)
* AGA hires/superhires horizontal pixel positioning and borderblank horizontal single hires pixel offset fully emulated.
* 68030 MMU emulation compatibility improved
* New emulated hardware: CSA Twelwe Gauge (A1200 68030 accelerator + SCSI controller) and AccessX/Acetec IDE controller

05 November 2018Flimbos Quest Coming to Atari XL/XE

One of the C64’s best-loved platform games, Flimbo’s Quest, is coming to to Atari’s 8-bit line of XL/XE computers, thanks to the efforts of New Generation!

The original C64 version was developed by Boys Without Brains and published by System 3 back in 1990. Thanks to excellent artwork, music and engaging gameplay, it was one of the best side-scrolling platformers for the system, as well as receiving conversions for the Amiga and ill-fated C64GS console.

The Atari conversion began life as an entry for the Sillyventure 2018 games development competition, and while the alpha build is far from feature-complete, the developers have stated that the final release will include all the levels, enemies and mechanics from the C64.

The completed version of the game is expected to run on an Atari 130XE equipped with 256 Kb memory, or a stock Atari XL/XE.

The alpha version available to download and try for yourselves.

22 October 2018Atari Retro Handheld Console Available to Pre-order

After a series of delays, Pqube has made it’s new, portable Atari “Retro” console available for potential customers to pre-order.

Boasting the familiar “immortalised” wood grain trim of the iconic 2600 VCS, the unit includes a library of 50 classic games, including the likes of Centipede, Missile Command and Breakout.

The console features a 2.4″ display, headphone jack, a retro volume control, plus an A/V connector that we assume will allow the unit to be hooked up to a TV or other display; Atari hasn’t included any technical details regarding the output, but it’s not HDMI (looks similar to a 3.5mm headphone jack).

The unit is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included), although there’s no mention of how long these are meant to last before needing to be replaced. In terms of price, the unit is listed on Funstock Retro and Amazon web stores for £34.99.

20 September 2018C64 Mini out now

Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful NES and SNES Classics, the C64 Mini is a tiny version of the original, and the miniature aesthetic works here as well as it did for Nintendo. Both the main console, which mimics the original C64's keyboard, and the included joystick look great, and if you're buying the Mini mostly as a display piece it's very easy to recommend. The plastic feels sturdy and solid, another way the unit recalls the early days of computing back when PCs looked incredibly heavy and were in reality even heavier. At a distance, the C64 Mini looks faithful and very cool. Packaged inside the neat, colourful box that encompasses the C64 Mini is the device, a joystick, a micro-USB-to-USB cable, and an HDMI cable. Nothing else is needed to get this working if you have a modern TV with powered USB ports, but if not, you'll need to find an old smartphone charger to plug the USB cable in to power the device. The main C64 Mini itself is, as its name implies, a dinky version of the original home computer. It looks gorgeously retro, with its red LED power light, its miniature keyboard, and its oh-so 80s beige plastic casing. Although it includes a larger roster of games than the NES Mini, and a far superior save state function, its 64 included games simply don't match up. Some of the more classic games on the system include Boulder Dash, California Games, Impossible Mission II, Paradroid, and Spindizzy, but there are just as many forgettable titles thrown in to make up for the loss of some iconic games not managing to make the cut, likely due to licensing issues. Retro Games, the company who produced the C64 Mini, make a point of the ability to load more titles on to a flash drive via downloaded ROMs, but even that is quite a clunky experience as you need to load them individually in BASIC. The C64 Mini is a gorgeously retro package that would look stylish and appealing on any shelf or tabletop, but realistically, it is going to be relegated as little more than an ornament very soon after purchase.

27 July 2018TOKI - Radastan ‏teases ZX Spectrum version of an Arcade classic

Toki was and still is an awesome arcade shooter platformer that was released way back in 1989 by a designer by the name of Akira Sakuma for many different systems such as the NES, Sega Mega Drive, Atari Lynx, ST, Amiga and Commodore 64. In it you played as an enhanced ape, transformed from a Human that could shoot energy balls from his mouth defeating strange creatures and finally defeat an evil wizard. If you remember this truly great game, you'll be pleased to know Radastan has teased a ZX Spectrum version that may be coming via the ZX Dev MIA & Remakes compo at some point this year.

Although a HD remake of the game is due to be released for the Nintendo Switch and an Amstrad CPC remake is in the works by a completely different team. Radastan has said these screenshots are a test with an optimised tileset and you wont see any more tests at the moment. If for after the summer the tilesets and sprites for the first level are completed, satisfactory evidence will be shown for the ZXDEV.

So watch this space :)

25 July 2018Tribute to Portal in development for the Commodore 64!

A new game based on one of the most innovative and influential videos games of the last decade looks set to make it’s way to the Commodore 64, following Jamie Fuller’s announcement that he is working on developing a tribute to Valve Software’s Portal.

Originally released in 2007 for Windows PC, Mac OS and major consoles, players assumed the role of Chell, a human lab rat forced to undergo a series of physical and mental experiments deep within the bowels of an Aperture Science research facility. Equipped with a hand-held portal device, the player had to overcome a series of increasingly dastardly puzzles by creating worm-holes at strategic locations, using the resultant warps to bypass various obstacles and traps, all the while being taunted by the psychotic artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS.

24 July 2018The Mojon Twins reveal Cheril the Writer, a new homebrew NES title!

The Mojon Twins have unveiled the first screenshots for Cheril the Writer, a new game in development for the NES console!

In the early days of computer and video games, it was not uncommon for software development houses to produce a number of titles around a specific character or mascot – I’m looking at you, Horrace – and the Mojon Twins appear to be continuing that time-honoured tradition with Cheril.

Not much is known about the game at this point, but it appears to be a platform game starring the studios occasional mascot.

Taking a closer look at the UI bar at the top of the screen, we can see that there are icons that could represent an inventory, so it would suggest that there will be items to collect. Similarly, the appearance of a small skull icon and counter could represent the number of bad guys killed, so we’re guessing that killing monsters is another of the game’s potential features.

We’ve been impressed with the quality of the team’s previous titles – some of which are available in our homebrew database – and we look forward to seeing Cheril the Writer in action.

Those of you interested in the game should keep an eye on the Mojon Twins official website, as well as following them on Twitter for the latest updates regarding the release.

23 July 2018Hardware Classics: Uncovering The Tragic Tale Of The Philips CD-i

Jack of all trades, master of none?

Compared to the relatively conservative video game hardware market of the modern era, the '90s seems like a wasteland of failed systems and also-rans. The 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Commodore CD32, NEC PC-FX and Sega 32X were all pieces of hardware which, at launch, found themselves positioned as the next big thing in interactive entertainment, yet all failed to live up to their promise and consequently endured short lifespans thanks to consumer apathy. You can add to that rather pitiful list the Philips CD-i, but what makes this particular machine so fascinating is its long history and – of course – the fact that it is one of the few non-Nintendo platforms in the history of the games industry to play host to officially licenced Nintendo games

Click here to read the full article

18 July 2018C64 S.E.U.C.K Comp 2018, Entry Showcase, Vote Now!!

The C64 SEUCK (Shoot’Em Up Construction Kit) Compo 2018 has progressed to the voting stage with this competition featuring 10 submission.

Organised by The New Dimension (headed by Richard Bayliss) who are known for producing a library of freeware games for the Commodore 64, the SEUCK Compo is held on a semi-regular basis with the objective to encourage the likes of you and I to unleash our hidden game design skills to produce creative gaming experiences utilising the Shoot’em Up Construction Kit platform.

This year’s entrants have certainly shined when it comes to creativity. Let’s take a quick look at this year’s 10 entrants.

Head on over to Vintage Is The New Old to see this year's prospects.

17 July 2018Carpathian Night - A Retro Tribute to Horror Platformers - Demo now Available

A demo is now available for Carpathian Night by Tezcatek for Windows and MacOSX platforms. A retro side-scrolling action game in the vein of Castlevania/Dracula X games, it features gorgeous 8-Bit pixel graphics and a fantastic NES style chiptune soundtrack.

Head over to the game's dedicated site or download it here.

16 July 2018DOOM PIT - Exclusive physical release has been announced for the Speccy

Ah Clive Townsend what a very talented developer he is, creator of the brilliant Saboteur! series of which many of us love still to this day. Sadly there was one game in his line up he never released and that was Death Pit; a game advertised a lot by Durell, completed, but was never considered good enough for release even though some of the routines did end up in that game Saboteur. Still even though the development version was found in 2007, we at least have 'Doom Pit' to look forward to - a brand new game recently announced as the official sequel for Clive Townsend's previously unreleased (for the Spectrum) Death Pit, bundled together in a great package by Monument Microgames!

According to the manual for DOOM PIT, you play as an archaeologist on an expedition aiming to retrieve artifacts left by an ancient and mysterious civilisation. You carry a spade, which works as your primary weapon against the dangerous creatures that roam the excavation site. Thankfully the spade isn't your only weapon as from level 2 you can buy a kick ass pump-action shotgun against even the hardest of foes! So look forward to this great game, find the artifacts and beware the ghosts of fallen researches claimed by the darkest of caves.

Click here for Alessandro Grussu's website

16 July 2018Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition Demo 2.0 released!

Dungeon crawlers are not the only genre I'm a huge fan of, as if I showed my adventure game collection on the shelf gleaming with The Secret of Monkey Island, Quest for Glory, Kings Quest or even Indiana Jones that would prove I also have a soft spot for the Adventure genre too. Thankfully it seems others have a spot for games such as Indiana Jones, as just moments ago Patrik Spacek announced the release of the Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Special Edition Demo 2.0!

Developed since 2013 with a team of talented people, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an unofficial non-profit fan remake of the hit classic point and click adventure game of the same name which was originally released in 1992 for systems such as the Amiga and PC(MS-DOS). This demo version overhauls the game as a great passion and love in legendary classic adventure games that deserve to get a new coat that supports latest technology and reach expected quality. The only down side is the project doesn't have the backing of Lucasfilm/Disney so there is every chance of a cease and desist take down. So grab it FAST!

15 July 2018Bad Ninjas vs Rick & Joe, Amiga, Final Version Released!

Back in May we shared some News about a new work in progress Amiga game called “Bad Ninjas vs Rick & Joe, a game created using the RedPill game creator engine. You can read more about the game here and here. Good News today as Vicente Jose Gimeno‏ announced on Twitter that the game has finally been released!

Download the game right now from here!

14 July 2018Saboteur 1, 2 and 3 Coming to the Nintendo Switch Console

We covered Clive Townsend’s upcoming Saboteur 3 back in June, which I am sure you are all very excited to hear about. It seems there is more good News on the horizon, with an announcement on Facebook not long ago by SimFabric Studio that Sabotuer will be heading it’s way to the Nintendo Switch console. The Switch version will be based on the extended version of Saboteur which was originally released on PC by Clive Townsend in 2015. SimFabric have big plans to refresh and improve the game on Nintendo’s mighty Handheld/Games Console hybrid, including collaborating with Adam Skorupa on new music for the game and the trailer.

The extended version of the game includes a comprehensive mission world with over 8 different game modes that emulate the original look of Saboteur! on such machines as the Speccy, C64, Amstrad, NES, Game Boy, Atari 2600, Amiga and even the humble ZX81.

As well as all this, Saboteur 2 and 3 may be heading for the Switch too! Very exciting stuff indeed, I am certainly looking forward to playing these games on the go! ;-) Planned release for Saboteur in the Nintendo eShop store is in the third quarter of this year.

09 July 2018FloppyDays Podcast interviews John Grant, developer of the BASIC for the Sinclair ZX-80

Randy Kindig and Earl Evans started covering the Sinclair ZX-80/81 in the last episode of FloppyDays podcast, mostly talking about its history and tech specifications. To continue the historical coverage of the early Sinclair machines, Randy was able to locate and interview John Grant, owner of Nine Tiles which was responsible for the operating system and the BASIC language shipped with the ZX-80.

If you haven’t heard of FloppyDays, it is a podcast about retro computers following the dawn of the mass-market microcomputers from the late 70s and throughout the 80s. I’ve been listening to it since it started, 5 years ago, and I can’t recommend a better multi-platform podcast. Now with 85 episodes, it is easy to say that FloppyDays played a key part in registering and promoting the retro computer history.

05 July 2018Antstream - A retro game streaming subscription service coming soon!

A new retro game streaming service is about to go live!

Titled as Antstream and developed as the brainchild of CEO Steve Cottam and inspired by his involvement in 3DO development, this service features a lovingly curated selection of games from a catalogue of thousands of fully licensed titles!

As noted by the website, the upcoming Antstream service offers retro for all, eliminating the need to trawl dark corners of the web for illegal game copies, or the need to purchase expensive vintage gaming hardware. Furthermore they have a catalogue of over 1000 fully-licensed titles, and new titles are being added to the app weekly, all running on a cloud on high-spec servers, with the results sent to you as an interactive video stream, working on mobiles, tablets and PCs of almost any spec.

Who is Antstream?
Ian Livingstone CBE is the Chairman and Life President of Eidos Steve Cottam is the CEO and Founder.
Darren Melbourne is Head of Licensing
Miyake Kazutoshi is ex-CEO of Sega Europe and works with them in Japan
Richard Tufft is an adviser and is ex-Goldman Sachs
Jon Mitchell is Head of Commercial and ex-Spotify
Jon Burton is Creative Director and the founder of TT Games

Currently they don't have a release date for this service, but with a detailed write up found on the site and a high quality team behind the service, this could be a winning combination!

28 June 2018New Trademarks Suggest Nintendo Has GameCube On The Brain

Ah, the humble trademark. Few things get the brain buzzing as fast as a company registering a name or title linked to your favourite game or console. Of course, when it's tied to the GameCube - a console that's very much back in vogue thanks to the arrival of Super Smash Bros Ultimate in December and the announcement that GC controllers will be supported on Switch - Nintendo fans like us get really excited.

So it turns out Nintendo has registered three new trademarks in Japan, which are all tied to the GameCube brand. While we're clearly nowhere near a GameCube Mini yet - we're still waiting on that N64 Mini, Nintendo - it does suggest Ninty has plans to use its boxy console’s legacy for something.

26 June 201820 Years After The Release Of Banjo-Kazooie, NintedoLife Speak To The Guys Who Made It

Here is a sobering thought. It’s been twenty years since developer Rare’s famous bear and bird first burst onto the video game scene. Yikes. Making its debut on the Nintendo 64, Banjo-Kazooie is an iconic platformer, chock-full of humour, pioneering spirit and ambitious ideas. A masterclass in the 3D platforming genre, the game is right up there with the likes of Super Mario 64 and other first-party Nintendo titles of the era.

In it, you play as Banjo and Kazooie, a bird and bear, exploring the lair of wicked witch Grunty in a quest to save Banjo’s sister, Tootie. You traverse nine (it's technically eleven, including the hub and training area) super-immersive worlds collecting items - lots of items! - that open up yet more content and secrets. It’s early days 3D platforming at its best, before the advent of DLC and the internet holding your hand every step of the way.

We caught up with two of its developers, Chris Sutherland and Steve Mayles, now the head honchos at Yooka-Laylee studio Playtonic Games, to chat about Banjo-Kazooie’s origins, its development and the secret to the game’s enduring popularity.

Click here to read the full article

25 June 2018Nintendo files lawsuit against games ROM sites

It looks like Nintendo is increasing its actions against the emulator sites, with new lawsuits against LoveROMs and LoveRETRO, two websites that host ROM files.

Although this is not the first time that this is happening, seeing Nintendo stepping up its game makes us believe that the ROM sites are making a dent in Nintendo’s revenues. It is understandable that since the Virtual Console, Nintendo keeps releasing old games for prices that can reach US$10 or more a piece.

This lawsuit against LoveROMs and LoveRETRO not only demands that they take down all Nintendo games but also asks for financial compensation of US$150,000 for each Nintendo game hosted and up to US$2,000,000 for each trademark infringement. That includes not only the games itself but the use of music from the games, Nintendo Logo and characters.

I believe that asking for a tremendous amount of money is a common practice to scare the small websites to comply and never try again. Usually, those sites are maintained by a small group or even a single person, and they could never afford to pay even a fraction of what is asked. The idea is to settle and make de games unavailable forever. On the other hand, it is possible that some of these sites actually get good money from adverts. In that case, they might be in real trouble…

Sometimes we get questions asking why we don’t host on our game database famous games like Donkey Kong, Sonic, etc., and we are always responding that we don’t want to host someone’s intellectual property and end up liable. That’s why our database only contains homebrew games that were made freely available by their developers and publishers. If we find worth to list a commercial game, we only provide the link to the site where the game can be purchased.

25 June 2018Nogalious - Multiplatform retro inspired game with new MSX screenshots

As most of you were made aware by now LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS quietly announced the shipping of their multiple platform game 'Nogalious' for the PC, which is also in development for the Amstrad, C64, ZX Spectrum and MSX. Well if you weren't interested in the PC version, you'll be pleased to know the team behind that game including partnership with Toniman Galvez have just posted new screenshots of the work-in-progress MSX version.

As we said before Nogalious : The Chronicles is a 2D adventure platformer with multiple universes created pixel by pixel as a vintage adventure inspired by the golden era of 8-bit video games. Along the way you'll be climbing vines, picking up usable items and weapons all the while trying to avoid the rather nasty beasties and bosses that await you throughout the many stages found in Nogalious. IndieRetroNews has screenshots here. The PC version is linked here.