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Bug-Byte Software LtdTwin Kingdom ValleySinclair ZX Spectrum1983I3
Bug-Byte Software LtdTwin Kingdom ValleyAcorn Electron1984I3
Bug-Byte Software LtdTwin Kingdom ValleyAcorn BBCI
Bug-Byte Software LtdTwin Kingdom ValleyCommodore 641983I5

Twin Kingdom Valley is a text adventure game with animated pictures (on most formats) for the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Commodore 16 and ZX Spectrum. It was released in 1983 by Bug-Byte Software.

It is a work of interactive fiction where the player enters commands such as "take jug" at a command prompt and is told the outcome of their move ("I have it now"). Each such command takes up one unit of time, during which other non-player characters will also move and take actions. It was one of the first text adventure games to have active non-player characters. The characters are interactive, and have their own personalities: some are friendly, and will follow and defend the player, while others are hostile. Witches and kings are complex characters, whereas gorillas and trolls are simpler. Battle sequences have additional features including weapons which can be dropped, broken, thrown or taken away by enemies.

The game was inspired by the original Adventure by Will Crowther. The original game engine was written in 6502 assembly language. The game was then ported to Z80 for the Spectrum. The newer versions (for Commodore 64 and Spectrum) have an extended game. The game set out to add a level of realism through the addition of images, and complex characters. A major section of the software is a custom graphics language, which is an early scalable vector graphics format. Hundreds of images of objects and locations are drawn in the game using this custom tool. Perspective of a limited kind is achieved by permitting images to be drawn "scaled down" within another image.

The game was in active development again in 2006, due to the availability of new platforms. The game engine has been ported from the original 6502 into Java, with some game design tools in C#.

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