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Juancho Martizen CuberoCasa di Jack La (Manic Miner)Sinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Software ProjectsManic MinerCommodore 641983I5
Software ProjectsManic MinerDragon 321984I5
Software ProjectsManic MinerSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I5V
Software ProjectsManic MinerCommodore Amiga1990I4V
Software ProjectsManic MinerAcorn BBCI
Software ProjectsManic MinerAmstrad CPCI5
Manic Miner 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
Software ProjectsManic Miner 2Commodore Amiga1990I4
Software ProjectsManic Miner 2Amstrad CPCI
Cheese Freak SoftwareManic Miner 3: Tales f/a Parallel...Sinclair ZX Spectrum1996I
BroadsoftManic Miner 4Sinclair ZX Spectrum1997I
Ignacio Perez GilManic Miner 5: Los Peligros del LSDSinclair ZX Spectrum1998I
BroadsoftManic Miner 6: Buddha of SuburbiaSinclair ZX Spectrum1998I
Craig RothwellManic Miner 7Sinclair ZX Spectrum1998I
Your SinclairManic Miner EditorSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
BroadsoftManic Miner Screen EditorSinclair ZX Spectrum1998I
Your SinclairManic Miner Sprite EditorSinclair ZX SpectrumI
Manic Miner MythologiesManic Miner: Eugene - Lord..BathroomSinclair ZX Spectrum1999I

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