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Ultimate Play the GameJetpacSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I5V
Hi-Tec Software LtdSpace Rider Jet Pack Co.Sinclair ZX Spectrum1990I

Jet Pac is a ZX Spectrum, VIC-20 and BBC Micro video game developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. The game is the first in the Jetman series, and was the company's very first release. The game was written by Chris Stamper with graphics by Tim Stamper. Jetpac was one of the very few Spectrum games also available in ROM format for use with the Sinclair Interface 2, allowing "instantaneous" loading of the game when the normal method of cassette loading could take several minutes.

Crash magazine praised the graphics and presentation, which were "of the highest standard", adding that it was "difficult to find any real faults". ZX Computing said it was "a very well put together piece of software. An excellent game." The game was number one in the first Spectrum sales chart published by C+VG. The game was voted the 14th best Spectrum game of all time by Your Sinclair.

Two sequels were released: Lunar Jetman (1983) and Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (1990). The latter, however, was not released on the ZX Spectrum due to disappointing sales of the original NES version, although a version for the Commodore 64 was finished but never released.

In 1999, Jetpac was introduced to a new generation when Rareware included it in Donkey Kong 64. It could be unlocked to play in Cranky Kong's lab after obtaining 15 Banana Medals, and if players beat Cranky Kong's high score, they would be rewarded the game's Rareware Coin, which is necessary to beat the game. After taking pictures of 6 Banana Fairies, the player would be able to play it and Donkey Kong any time they wish by going to the Mystery Menu of the main menu. An enhanced remake of Jetpac, entitled Jetpac Refuelled, was released to Xbox Live Arcade on March 28, 2007.

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