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Football Manager (1982)      

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Addictive Games Ltd
Sport / Football
Kevin J.M. Toms
Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)
Football Manager 2
Football Manager 3
Article, Advertisement
Also appeared on Beau-Jolly compilation 'Soccer Spectacular'.
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Acorn BBC
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Amstrad CPC
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Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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Your Reviews (Unknown)   8th Mar 2011 12:08
Having already found success on the ZX81, Kevin Toms converted his football management game to the Spectrum, and as you'd imagine in the year of the World Cup in Spain, it was a best seller. You only have to play the likes of Championship Manager to see that beyond fancier graphics and tactics, the overall format of the football management game has changed very little since 1982. You still buy and sell players, juggle your squad, cope with injuries and financial problems, all the while trying to please the board and hang onto your job. Come match day, you will be taken to the 'highlights' - a simple line drawing of the penalty box, populated by stick men - and watch the goals rattle in with bated breath, praying that your side scores more. Despite the highlights' graphical simplicity, you still find yourself on the edge of your seat, praying for a win. It can prove to be frustrating, demanding and a long slog to success, but true to the company's name, it was addictive. There was the inevitable sequel, but it was outclassed by other management games of the time. As a footnote, I should point out that still the finest football management game I have ever played is Anco's Player Manager. If you can get your hands on an Atari ST emulator, check it out.

Issue 11 (Sinclair User)   3rd Jan 2010 09:50

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