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Ultimate Play the GameAtic AtacAcorn BBC1985I4V
Ultimate Play the GameAtic AtacSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I5V

Atic Atac is a flip-screen ZX Spectrum video game developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. It takes place within a castle in which the player must seek out the "Golden Key of ACG". It was written originally by Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper, and later ported to the BBC Micro.

Atic Atac was almost universally praised on its release. Micro Adventurer said "this game can be recommended without reservation", while CRASH said "it is one thing - FANTASTIC!" and rated it at 92%. Computer and Video Games said it was "the best yet from Ultimate", and later in 1984 described it as "the favourite arcade adventure amongst computer gamesters". Personal Computer Games wrote that it was "another blockbuster game", while Sinclair User said that "the depth of plot and the GAS graphics make it a superb game."

In 1991, Atic Atac was ranked as the 79th best ZX Spectrum game of all time by Your Sinclair, while in 2007, Eurogamer described it as "a prime example of what passion can do when properly digitised" and rated it 8/10. The game was a major inspiration for the Children's ITV show Knightmare. The wellways accessing different levels were a direct lift from the game, and the 'life force' featuring a disintegrating human face was based on the game's rotting chicken graphic. The game was Ultimate's third consecutive number one in the UK Spectrum sales chart, following the first two Jetman games.

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