VIC-20 Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

Tape Loading

These utilities allow you to get programs off your old audio cassettes and into your computer, or vice-versa. Naturally, this will require a cassette player, a suitably configured sound card and cabling between the two.

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Nikolaus Strater's VTR utility. Connect the output of any cassette player (eg. your stereo) to your Soundblaster and VTR will read in your programs, saving each in a separate file. You can then rename these and run then without changes in the above emulators.

A few hints: VTR has a spartan command line interface. VTR 1 1 - works for me; (Note that minus sign! I couldn't get it working without it.) You'll need to fiddle with your volume and tone controls to get just the right levels for it to work. When you do you'll be rewarded with the graphics described in the README.TXT


These tools allow you to program your own VIC-20 programs and test them directly on any VIC-20 emulator.

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6502 Cross Compiler

called "Quetzalcoatl", this compiler allows you to compile your own 6502-compatible programs and get them running on a VIC-20 emulator for testing really quick!

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