Cut-Price School Offer (Popular Computing Weekly, 26th January-1st February 1984)

Cut-price school offer

COMMODORE has finally come up with its answer to the government’s ‘micros in schools scheme’ — a cut-price offer of its own.

Deliberately designed to coincide with the end of the government scheme, Commodore is offering schools and colleges throughout the UK the chance to buy Commodore 64s complete with 1541 single floppy disc drives, Logo and Simon’s Basic for £299.99 per package. This is a saving of £172 over the recommended retail price of £472.

But the offer closes on April 30, 1984.

Commodore marketing manager John Baxter said the scheme was chiefly aimed at “easing the financial burden on schools which have already bought machines under the micros in secondary schools scheme but now require additional equipment”.

Commodore was understandably upset at being excluded from the ‘micros in schools’ scheme, particularly as its main rivals — Sinclair and Acorn — were both included. However, the government scheme had a number of drawbacks and some schools preferred to make their own decisions about the choice of microcomputers.

Details of the Commodore offer can be obtained from approved Commodore dealers anywhere in the UK.