1541 Disk Tricks - from Compute!, September 1984

Disk Tricks
Gerald E. Sanders

Many operations with your 1540 or 1541 disk drive can be tedious and difficult. This article discusses how your drive works and then demonstrates some nifty tricks to help you get the most out of it. Included are programs which allow you to change a disk name, change a disk ID, unscratch, and scratch disk files.

Have you ever needed to unscratch a program or file on a Commodore 1540/1541 disk? Did you ever want to rename an old disk or give it a new disk ID without erasing the other files? Have you ever saved a program to disk and then seen a funny-looking title when you listed the directory? Or found you couldn't determine the right combination of characters to scratch the unwanted file? And then, did you search the disk manual in vain to find the commands to rescue you from your predicament?

While there are no neat, one-word commands to solve these types of problems, all the necessary information is there in the manual, although it's somewhat scattered and cryptic. All that's really necessary to do some effective tricks with disks is a rudimentary knowledge of the hexadecimal number system, the disk drive manual, a chart of