Atari Lynx Technical Details and Trivia


  • a cartridge slot for cartridges from 128K up to 2 MB - edge connector slot.
  • a headphone socket - 3.5mm stereo (wired for mono on Lynx I)
  • a power supply socket - 9V DC @ 1A.
  • ComLynx port - 3.5mm jack socket
  • battery compartment - holds 6 x AA batteries

Technical Facts

  • The Lynx supported up to 128 variable-sized sprites, using a 12-bit palette (4096 colours in total).
  • The ComLynx is an asynchronous serial interface, much the same as a PC COM port, where Tx and Rx are wired together. Every byte is sent to every connected Lynx, and only one Lynx can send at a time.
  • Budding programmers can develop for the Lynx using the free-to-download CC65 6502 C compiler. Visit the Downloads page for more details.


  • According to Wikipedia (!), the original Lynx was planned to have its games loaded in from cassette!