Lynx Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

Cartridge Readers

These utilities allow you to get data off a Lynx cartridge.

Title Description Download
LynxIt (Please note that lynxit is not supported, it has been uploaded at the request of several people.) (If you can't understand what the contents of the file are about then its not for you......)


These tools will help in development of Lynx software.

Title Description Download
Panther v0.5 RC2 (Please note that lynxit is not supported, it has been uploaded at the request of several people.) (If you can't understand what the contents of the file are about then its not for you......)
Comlynx Debugger This plugin is for recieving debug information from the lynx using the serial transfercable. YOU NEED THE SERIAL TRANSFER CABLE IN ORDER TO USE THIS PLUGIN.
Project Manager 0.9RC2 Plug-in This Plugin is almost essensial for all who use Panther to develop Lynx Programs! It's a very easy way to manage all the files regarding your project. Add, remove, compile, even convert PCX files directly to Lynx sprites. After compilation, choose to either fire up Handy or download it to the lynx.

New in version 0.9RC2: Support for the updated Panther 0.5RC2, some user interface polishments and some more minor thingies, only relevant if you're a plugin writer. Well worth the download, though.
Additional files (see below: only if you don't already have them, or are experiencing trouble):

Compiler Required to compile your project. These are just the *.EXE's from Bastian Schick's C Compiler, together with the sprite packer.
Library Required to compile your project. These are the libraries from Bastian Schick's C Compiler.
Downloader Required to download your project to the lynx. Check Matthias Domin's page for more information on this downloader.
Include Very usefull include files for your lynx projects. Again, these are from Bastian Schick's C Compiler.
CC65 6502 C Compiler A free-to-download C compiler for 6502 machines, including the Atari Lynx. Visit for more information, or download a cached version from here.

The second download in here is the entire cc65 dev kit and tool chain, complete with a few sample programs from Sebastian Mihai ( He says this installation assumes cc65 is installed under C:\cc65. It also contains an emulator, so basically, everything you need to develop for the Lynx! Note: This package also includes his NES projects. If you have already downloaded it from any Nintendo NES project page, you do not need to download it again; the Lynx projects should already be included.

CC65 C compiler

CC65 C compiler

Lynx libraries for CC65 The Lynx platform libraries for the CC65 C compiler above. Unpack this to the same directory as the one you unpacked the CC65 compiler to. This was created by Karri Kaksonen, <karri at sipo. fi>based on the original Lynx compiler by Bastian Schick. Bastians code was used with permission. CC65 C compilerLynx-specific information
Turbo Packer This is a port from a 68k-Atari-ST program which is in fact a LZ-packer.
The packer recognizes BLL-files and adds a specific header. (see bll/includes/
CC65 C compiler
DOS Uploader A simple DOS-uploader with Turbo-C source. CC65 C compiler
Marble Madness (Sep 1999) Matthius Domin's game programmed entirely using Bastian Schick's Lynx-Kit. This version includes Fans, Green caterpillars, Time limit, and White pyramids. The second download here is an older version - a .o file that contains just one level, from summer 1997

CC65 C compiler

CC65 C compiler

Programming Demos From Matthius Domin's website

Title Description Download
Sprite demo 1 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 8KB): All 8 sprites sharing the same colour index-table.


CC65 C compiler
Sprite demo 2 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 8KB): Each sprite uses its own colour index-table. CC65 C compiler
Sprite demo 3 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 13KB): 9 animationphases of a racing car for a 90-degrees-rotation around its center are present. For a complete 360-degrees rotation the sprites will be flipped horizontally and/or vertically. Unfortunately the car pixel width isn't an even number, so there will be some glitches when leaving a quadrant. CC65 C compiler
Sprite demo 4 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 16KB): Using 15 16*16 pixel-wide basic tiles a playfield of 320*320 pixels (= 20*20 tiles) width is created. CC65 C compiler
Sprite demo 5 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 11KB): Shows the detection of sprite collisions. CC65 C compiler
Step 1 A corridor (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 7KB) ! CC65 C compiler
The Dungeon v0.11 My first Lynx demo! Now the SinglePlayer- and the MultiPlayer-Mode are united in one program! CC65 C compiler
Releases Some old unfinished releases from Bjoern Spruck ( CC65 C compiler
MultiCart Example source: menu to load multiple games from a cartridge (by Bjoern Spruck). CC65 C compiler
TestBmp Example source: slideshow, load and show BMP from a cartridge (by Bjoern Spruck). CC65 C compiler
Stardreamer Stardreamer is a a space trading, combat and exploration game for the Atari Lynx by Karri, Teddy & Marika Kaksonen, Thomas Harte, Chad S Ballew and Rick La Fleur. The code is split into four parts to make development easier.
Download intro.o in - cool introduction at startup.
Currently I put in Password as a placeholder for the intro.
Download cutscene.o in - glue to connect pieces by a storyline.
Currently I just display a menu from which you can choose what to run next.
Download flying.o in - the flying program.
The status is still work in progress. Currently you can fly, shoot and follow another spacecraft that flies in a circle.
Download docked.o in - program to run when you have docked.
Currently you can browse planet descriptions and price charts. There is also buying and selling implemented, but the docking flag is OFF so you cannot do it in this demo. In this demo I experiment with Windows-style frames for the planet description screens. I have some weird ideas to make fun of the Windows windowing system...
CC65 C compiler


Tools From Matthius Domin's website

Title Description Download
PC2Lynx v1.4 + source code Written by Matthius Domin. A MS Windows program to transfer *.O or *.COM files from a PC to the Atari Lynx. Baudrate is now setable by the user. It's possible to reload and send a previous sent file.


CC65 C compiler
SendPC With kind permission by Bastian Schick: SENDPC.EXE A DOS-program for transferring *.O or *.COM files to the Atari Lynx. CC65 C compiler
BLL Assembler The DOS-version of the BLL-Assembler. The DOS-executable of Lyxass CC65 C compiler
Lynxer Image Builder The ROM-image-builder Lynxer 5.0. To be able to load a homebrewed Lynx-program (*.O) from a cartridge the program has to be transformed into a size fitting to the cartridge. Lynxer adapts the program file(s) to the BLL-cartridge-size of 256 blocks of 1024 bytes. CC65 C compiler
Sprite Packer The sprite-packer built on 08/18/1998. SPRPCK supports BMP-files with 24-bit colours. CC65 C compiler
C Library Functions Some C-Libraryfunctions . New version from September 6, 1997! Now with sample program! The archive contains: TO.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB with two simple Print / TextOut-functions and BCD.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB with five functions for the treatment of BCD-numbers. Only 4-digit BCD-numbers are supported, they can be declared as INT. BZERO.M65 for use in C.OLB. Extended by memset(). EEPROM.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB. Three functions written by Bastian Schick for accessing the cartridge-EEPROM. New: Variant of the TextOut-funktions using a 8*8 pixel font. 

CC65 C compiler

CC65 C compiler

Cartshow Access to the cartridge using C CC65 C compiler




Bastian Schick's site is unfortunately down, and has been for a number of years now (since about 2000). His old address was: In Lauren Simonis' own words (who provided the software above! "This is the page of the person who is THE most important in the lynx-coding scene, as he's the one who made or at least adopted the compilers, and who was partially responsible for the transfer-cable and program. These two things are necessery to play home-made lynx games". Matthius' email address is/was:


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