Upgrading the Memory of an Amstrad PCW8256

Memory expansion of a PCW 8256

Requirements: 256 kilobytes of memory in 8 integrated circuits, type 41256 with an access speed of 100-150 nano seconds. The labels on the ic will therefore vary from 41256-10 to 41256-15. These chips may be used and a twisted connector pin (shown on the picture) does not really matter. It is not recommended to mount chips with different access time but it does not matter when they differ in speed from those already mounted in the lower 256 kb.

Upgrading memory itself is fairly easy. Always avoid the build-up of static electricity and never touch the connector pins of the chips: only touch the sides of the chips. Wearing a special wristlet to avoid static electricity or discharging your body by touching (an unpainted piece of) the radiator before you begin working is a wise precaution.

Naturally you need to remove the plug from the mains (in fact, it is even recommend to do this a few hours before so that any built-up tension can reduce). Then remove the plastic casing from the back of the Joyce (6 screws) and place the machine monitor-down on a soft surface (a towel would do nicely).

Then proceed by removing the main board from the PCW by disconnecting the following cables or connectors:

- One black and one blue connector.
- The data cable of the disc drive(s).
- 1 Or 2 power connectors (depending on the number of drives fitted).
- One large 5-pin connector from the card that contains the power supply.
- The bayonet locks from the main board on the top and bottom of the casing.

Only touch the main board by the sides on spots where there are no connections or