Amstrad NC100/NC200 Emulators

Below are the recommended emulators for each platform.

for PC (Linux)

Name: nc100em
Latest Version: 1.2
Release Date: -
Author: ?
Runs on: Any Linux with GTK+, XLib. or svgalib
Emulates: NC100 and some NC200 support
Price: Freeware
Email: -

Local Downloads:

(or go to the website above for latest version)



Feature Support
CPU Support Emulates the NC100 Notepad computer, supporting the standard ROM software as it was included in the real device, plus the free CP/M operating system that runs on the NC machines, "ZCN". NC200 support is more limited, supporting serial I/O on stdin/stdout, parallel output, memory card operations, but doesn't support the disk drive or the backlight. IMPORTANT: NC200 isn't supported on the XLib version of nc100em, only the GTK+ and svgalib versions.
Video GTK version can be resized. Generic X version mimics original LCD display dot for dot.
Audio N/A
Keyboard / Mouse Mapping Standard keys mapped, plus special keys
Disk Drives None
Expansion Ports Full support for PCMCIA cards, parallel printers, and serial communication.