The Way of the Exploding Fist - A fighting classic comes over to the Atari XL/XE

3rd Nov 2017 12:00

Here's a game I remember fondly from my ZX Spectrum days.. it's 'Way of the Exploding Fist'; a 1980s fighting game published by Melbourne House that appeared on many different systems such as the C16, C64, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, and even the Acorn! This rather famous game which was very similar to Karate Champ and featured gameplay as a series of one-on-one karate matches, sadly never appeared on the Atari XL/XE, and it wasn't until recently that Fandal and Miker converted the game over to the Atari from the Commodore 16 version.

It's great to see games like this on the Atari XL/XE as The Way of the Exploding Fist was one of my favourites with large clam cases being the order of the day. I also enjoyed but failing many times, trying to get that kick or punch spot-on to take my opponent out and gain at least a yin-yang. If you've never played this game and do have an Atari XL/XE now is the time to appreciate what some of us did all those years ago.

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