Dingo v1.3 released for ZX Spectrum

17th Jan 2016 12:00

The original version of this game was an arcade machine made by A.C.G – also known as Ultimate Play the Game – in 1983 and its a game that looks very much like their classic Spectrum game, Sabre Wulf. The game has never seen any other commercial releases, but it was also remade for the PC in 2008 for a competition, and ported to OSX in 2011.

Your mission is to dash around the melon field and collect all the fruit there, to complete your mission. Your enemies are the Dingos – they should be avoided as they will stomp the life out of you if they get too near, and koala bears only have one life (well, three actually). Sometimes the Dingoes will also collect fruit by stomping on it and throw it at Big Ted – which is also fatal…if they hit that is.

Copyright for the game idea is held by A.C.G. who made the original arcade game in 1983. This remake was programmed by S. Borgquist (aka Sokurah), 2011, and updated Jan 2016, with graphics from Mark. R. Jones.

You can read more about it, or download the game for free from World of Spectrum or from Tardis Remakes.