New Homebrew Lynx Games Wyvern Tales & Karate World Tour

2nd Dec 2012 12:00

Since the release of Zaku on the Atari Lynx in 2009, there has been little in the way of homebrew development for the vintage handheld. At the recent Euro Jagfest event which took place last weekend in Germany, two brand new and upcoming Atari lynx homebrew games were demonstrated: Wyvern Tales and Karate World Tour.

Euro Jagfest (or E-Jagfest) is an annual event for Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx fans within Europe. Their most recent event took place on the 24th of November this year, giving homebrew Atari developers the perfect venue to showcase their upcoming work.

The first of these two new homebrew games which was demonstrated at E-Jagfest was Karate World Tour. This incredibly detailed 2D fighter is a clone of Archer Maclean's timeless IK+ (International Karate +). According to the developers, this new fighter will make use of the Atari Lynx multiplayer cable, the ComLynx, allowing two Lynx gamers to battle it out with a handheld each. Karate World Tour is being created by a developer designer duo, however, is not due for release until later next year as their existing and unfinished Lynx homebrew Frogger clone, Green Little Quak-Quak, is top priority.

The second Atari Lynx homebrew to be showcased at E-Jagfest was Wyvern Tales. This impressive creation will be the first RPG to hit the Atari handheld, as not a single one was released back in the system's heyday. From looking at the video, it would appear to be a rather complex role playing game, featuring very similar aspects to that of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.