SEGA Retro-Gen Genesis/Mega Drive handheld hits US

June 26, 2009 10:00 am

by Simon Munk,

The Sega Retro-Gen has launched in the US. It, like the handheld or set-top Blaze Sega Mega Drive already available in the UK, is a licensed retro console, not made by Sega itself for gamers to play old Mega Drive and Genesis games on. But this time, the Sega Retro-Gen has a few tricks up its sleeve.

As well as playing old Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges, the Sega Retro-Gen also plays licensed games saved to an SD card using a special extra cartridge. Other features? The Sega Retro-Gen totes rechargeable-by-USB battery and TV-out to play games on the big screen. In short, the Retro-Gen is an ideal retro-gamers train travel companion.

No word yet on availability in the UK, or whether shipping will be possible from the US.

Out 25 July | $50 | Videogamecentral