Mega Drive Rises Zombie-Like

14th August 2008

SEGA Mega Drive Rises Zombie Like

Dig out those rose-tinted specs


Not content with its Mega Drive handheld console, Blaze International is asking you to don your rose tinge-inducing spectacles and indulge in a spot of two-player old school SEGA fun.

Yes, the long-dead 16-bit console is getting another resurrection in the form of the two-player Dual Controller Mega Drive. Basically, it's two controllers that plug directly into your telly and put 10 built-in games at your immediate disposal.

'What games!?' we hear the gleeful 10-year old inside you exclaim! Bundled in you'll find the likes of Columns, Golden Axe II, Altered Beast, Sonic and Knuckles, Alien Storm, Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Gain Ground, Sonic Spinball, Kid Chameleon and Flicky.

The little bundle of joy weighs in at £19.99 and will be available from the end of the month. Blaze tells us that's, "all for the price of a 90's compilation CD of your favourite 'Stock Aitken and Waterman' Tracks!" That prompted Mark SPOnG, the young speck of a lad in the Underwater Castle, to dutifully ask "What the hell does that even mean?" Answers on the Forum please.

You can see a video of the piece of kit in action below.