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09 July 2018FloppyDays Podcast interviews John Grant, developer of the BASIC for the Sinclair ZX-80

Randy Kindig and Earl Evans started covering the Sinclair ZX-80/81 in the last episode of FloppyDays podcast, mostly talking about its history and tech specifications. To continue the historical coverage of the early Sinclair machines, Randy was able to locate and interview John Grant, owner of Nine Tiles which was responsible for the operating system and the BASIC language shipped with the ZX-80.

If you haven’t heard of FloppyDays, it is a podcast about retro computers following the dawn of the mass-market microcomputers from the late 70s and throughout the 80s. I’ve been listening to it since it started, 5 years ago, and I can’t recommend a better multi-platform podcast. Now with 85 episodes, it is easy to say that FloppyDays played a key part in registering and promoting the retro computer history.

18 April 2014ZX80Core Transparent case

User Pokemon on the ZX-TEAM forums is producing some transparent acrylic cases for the ZX80. He is offering this case complete with all mounting parts for EUR 25,00 / 21.00 for pre-orders, and for latebirds after this week for EUR 29,00 / GBP. Check out the ZX-TEAM forum page for more details and pics.

05 April 2014ZX-TEAM Meeting - April 5th 2014 in Mahlerts, Germany

The ZX-TEAM team had their annual get-together on Saturday, 5th April 2014 in Mahlerts, Germany. Check out this video on YouTube!

15 November 2013Sinclair ZX80 Replacement Keyboard Membranes

RWAP Services are now selling brand new replacement Sinclair ZX80 keyboards, with the integrated touch key keyboard. These are just an adhesive layer which sticks to the switches built into the actual Sinclair ZX80 motherboard, and is a complete replacement for the original keyboard layer. Manufactured to the highest standards and supplied with full fitting instructions. They're 25 each.

Go to their website for more details, and to purchase.

22 May 2011Kong by Paul Farrow (update)

For those of you who have never played Kong, this is a platform game, where you have to move up a series of platforms and ladders to save the beautiful maiden being held by King Kong.

You are hampered by the barrels which Kong rolls down the screen at you to try and knock you off the platforms..

It is something we never thought would be implemented on the humble Sinclair ZX80. This is an implementation of this classic game, programmed in 2010 and incorporating flicker free technology to provide a great game. It requires 16K memory (ZX80 with 8K expansion). Another version is available that runs on 4K.

Like Pacman, the game uses concepts based on those found in Macronics' 3K Space Invaders game. It consists of all original code and extends upon the techniques developed for Pacman. The game requires 16K of RAM, and will automatically detect and configure itself to run on either a UK (50 Hz) or USA (60 Hz) version of the ZX80.

Visit Download Sinclair ZX80 Kong
Visit Paul Farrow's website for latest version and details of the flicker free mechanism.