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29 January 2021Amiga Addict Issue 2 out now

The brand new Amiga Addict magazine launched in December 2020. It is the first Amiga-dedicated magazine available in both digital and print form for 14 years!

Issue 2 is now available on the website.

This issue's content includes: • Feature on the legendary DMA Design with Mike Dailly and Steve Hammond
• Demoparty interview with UK organiser Ruairi Fullam
• Tribute to Dave Needle and his engineering legacy
• We look at the light gun adaptor for classic Amigas
• Paul Monaghan looks back at Amiga mags of the past
• A day in the life of Amiga Action Magazine!
• We go games crazy with reviews of The Addams Family, Jim Power, No Second Prize and a look at new game Super Sprint DRS
• Personal history of UK Amiga retail
• Five page Amiga CD32 & CDTV special!
and much more!

07 December 2018Amiga Emulator WinUAE 4.1.0 has been released

WinUAE version 4.1.0 has been released with a massive list of new features and bug-fixes. Here are some highlights of this version:

* PC Bridgeboard (A1060 Sidecar, A2088, A2088T, A2286 and A2386SX) emulation rewrite using the PCem as new core;
* Sound Blaster emulation (PCem, various models)
* AGA hires/superhires horizontal pixel positioning and borderblank horizontal single hires pixel offset fully emulated.
* 68030 MMU emulation compatibility improved
* New emulated hardware: CSA Twelwe Gauge (A1200 68030 accelerator + SCSI controller) and AccessX/Acetec IDE controller

15 July 2018Bad Ninjas vs Rick & Joe, Amiga, Final Version Released!

Back in May we shared some News about a new work in progress Amiga game called “Bad Ninjas vs Rick & Joe, a game created using the RedPill game creator engine. You can read more about the game here and here. Good News today as Vicente Jose Gimeno‏ announced on Twitter that the game has finally been released!

Download the game right now from here!

18 June 2018Barbarian+ - Female warrior added to the upcoming enhanced version of a classic

We've just been informed of an upcoming enhancement of Barbarian that is being worked on by Ten Shu, Colin Vella and Simone Bernacchia as Barbarian+ for the Commodore Amiga.

The latest on this teaser is a new video showing a female warrior added to the game. For those that missed any previous announcements they are also working on a Warrior type, skin and kit colour selection, and gore option menu.

Barbarian (also released under the title Death Sword), was released for the C64 and later ported to other systems such as the Electron, Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Apple II, BBC Micro, MS-DOS and even the ZX Spectrum. This enhancement of the Amiga version however looks to take the game to the next level, as not only does it look so much better for the Amiga, but there are neat additions added along the way too as an extra added treat!

The videos can be watched on Indie Retro News here.

17 January 2018WinUAE 3.6.0 released

A new version of WinUAE has just been released. This new version includes better emulation of the 68030/040/060, support for a variety of SCSI, IDE and OPTI devices, uses Direct3D 11 and emulates ATAPI tape drives. Furthermore, a large number of bugs are fixed in the core resulting in better compatibility as well as AVI recording issues resolved.

Go to to view the full list of changes and download!

10 January 2018Amiga Future 130 out now

Issue 130 of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. This edition contains a number of new reviews including a preview of Playfield, review of Killer Bees, Schütze Mike and the Treasures of the Inkas, Flug der Amazon Queen, Crazy Priest, Astate, AKReal, Codebench, Aminet, MorphOS Camp, and OS4 Depot. It also has an interview with Andreas Magerl celebrating the 20th anniversary of the magazine!

You can purchase either the magazine alone, or one with a cover CD. Head over to for more!

19 July 2016Amiga Future mag

A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine, Amiga Future, has been released.

In this edition: Editorial, News, Spielfeld, BAUERSoft, Sqrxz 4, Voodoo Nightmare, Oubliette, OS4 Depot, Starships, Free PlayStation Emulator, VICE, SL-6602 Retro-Joystick Competition Pro, GBAPII++ – Grafikkarte, USB-Adapter: Rys MKII, TOM 32, Trevors Soapbox, Amiga-Spiele-Retrospektive: 1985 & 1986, Cheats, Amiga Future Webpage, Developers Log Reshoot, RBM Digitaltechnik, Demoscene and Matthias “Mazze” Rustler.

Here's the link.

23 May 2016Ron Gilbert asks for Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion IP from Disney

Earlier this month, Disney announced that it would be getting out of games development and cancelled its Infinity line of games and toys. Instead of creating new games internally, the House of Mouse would license out its properties to third party developers. New Star Wars games are on their way, and we can no doubt expect games based on Marvel Comics characters and ones centered around classic Disney franchises.

What isn’t assured, however, are games based on some lesser-known properties. It’s probably safe to assume that Disney isn’t rushing to release anything new from the Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion series any time soon. While these games are beloved by many, they aren’t exactly “hot” licenses. This is something that Ron Gilbert, the man who created both franchises, is painfully aware of. As such, he is asking Disney to sell him the rights to his games.

Gilbert actually made this same request back in 2012 when Disney bought LucasFilm and LucasArts. Speaking to Eurogamer at the time, Gilbert said: “I would love to get the rights back to Monkey Island and be able to really make the game I want to make.”

20 February 2016Amiga Engineer Dave Needle passes away

Veteran engineer Dave Needle, a key engineer behind the original Amiga computer, has died. As reported by Retro Computing News, Needle passed away peacefully on Friday evening.

Needle had been a key player at Amiga on the Lorraine project, which would eventually become the company's first product, the Amiga 1000.

While at Amiga, Needle found a collaborator in R.J. Mical. They would later team together to create Atari's Lynx handheld, as well as the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.

04 February 2016Amigaville Issue 4 out now

Issue 4 of Amigaville is now available for download. Amigaville is an English PDF magazine for the Amiga user with news and reviews of games & programs. It is presented in a very professional way, and all the work of just one man - Brian Hedley.

In this edition: News, Reviews: From Doom to Gloom, Pacmania, Heroquest, Deluxe Galaga AGA, Castlevania and Prince of Persia.

The mag costs just 2 to download, so head on over to Amigaville now!

17 December 2015New A1200 Accelerator card from AmigaKit

Amiga kit have just launched a brand new accelerator for the Amiga 1200. It comprises a 68020 CPU running at a user-switchable 9.46 MHz or 17.03 MHz, and 9 MB of 32-bit Fast RAM which is expandable up to 63 MB.

It also supports optional 1 MByte MapROM, a Clockport Real Time Clock module, and a Rapid Road USB add-on.

More details can be seen on the AmigaKit website.

12 December 2015New Amiga mag, Amigaville!

For the unintiated Amigaville is a PDF magazine featuring news, games reviews, features and even our resident Grumpy Git. It is a small magazine designed for the Amiga community and in time hopefully by the community too.

The site and magazine are run by editor-in-chief, Brian Hedley. The magazine is free to download, so check it out now over at Amigaville.

18 October 2015Amiga 30th Birthday videos

Robert Bernardo made videos of the 30th birthday of the Amiga meeting in California. In the videos: RJ Mical, Dave Needle, Joe Decuir, Ron Nicholson, Jim Mackraz, Peter Cherna, Spencer Shanson, Colin Proudfoot, Allan Havemose, Trevor Dickinson, Arne Blix, Hogne Titlestad, Bill Bosari, Zach Weddington, Jason Scott, Joe Torre, Steve Solie, Perry Kivolowitz and Eric Lavitsky.

The Amiwest show was held in Sacramento, CA. Robert took a load of videos that are now up on YouTube here. Enjoy!

07 January 2015Amiga Future Issue 112

The latest Amiga Future print and electronic magazine available in English and German is out today.

Tests of Os4 Depot games, AskMeUp, VoxelNoid, Back to the Golden Age, Centron 3D, Aquanaut, Renegades Deluxe, Icaros Desktop, backup, MPlayerGUI, Code Audio, Simple Mail, AmigaOS 4.1 Final, and Rapid Road.
Programming under AmigaOS 4.0 (Part 10)
Cover CD including Empire Soccer and Megatraveller
Report from the AmiWest 2014 show
Interview on AmigaOS 4.1

You can get more information from the Amiga Future website, or order from

14 November 2014Furia EC020 v2 Accelerator Card for Amiga

After the success of the first batch of the Furia card, the developer has decided to make another batch.

Furia EC020 is an accelerator card for Amiga 600 computers designed by Boris Krizma (Slovak Amiga HW developer) It's equipped with a Motorola MC68EC020 CPU clocked at 33MHz and Motorola MC68882/40 MHz FPU with onboard 9.5MB of fast memory. The quick access to the memory makes this little card a real monster, as it makes the Amiga over 10x faster than the original Amiga 600!

The card has also ability to map ROM into the fast memory. Tests with ROMs of 256 KB, 512 KB and also 1024 KB were successful. The card also speeds up the standard Amiga 600's IDE port. It is PCMCIA friendly as it allows to disable part of fast memory by combination of Amiga + Amiga + Control hold for 3 seconds.

The card is easily controlled by a tool called FuriaTune (written by Martin Kuchinka).

The product will be available shortly via the website

07 November 2014Amiga Future Issue 111 Out Now

A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released.

In this edition:
Editorial, News, Reviews: AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Dr. Vector - Made In Italy, Beach Volley, Where Time Stood Still, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Spider Cave, Mad Crash Racing, Boxx, 4096, InstallerGen, GenesisPlus, DigiBooster 3.1, Amiga Forever 2014.
Special: Demoscene, Classics (18), Village Tronic Marketing, MorphOS & Office. Workshops: Programming with AmigaOS4 (9). Interviews: Toni Wilen (WinUAE) and

Visit the Amiga Future website here

30 August 2014New Amiga RGB To Component Video Adapter's KJmann has completed his RGB to Component video adapter for the Amiga series of computers.

He's posted a YouTube video to showcase it's abilities here. It will shortly be available for sale through the Amigakit website, and prices are expected to be around the $50 mark.

KJmann is also working on an Atari ST version.

27 July 2014The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

Steve Jobs was quoted that he wanted to" Make a dent in the Universe", and now,everyone (other than Amiga users) wants to change the history books and erase Commodore and the Amiga from history but, there actually was one Amiga that truly changed the world.

Unfortunately, The Amiga 2000 is one of the least favorite or collectible Amiga's . Even today, with the most "die hard" Amiga fans, the A2000 often is ignored and shunned as a "big, ugly, tank" tank of a machine. One look at Ebay (Canada or USA), on any given day, and you can see that the A2000 often doesn't sell at all, and most times goes for a lot cheaper than all the other Amiga's- even cheaper than an A500.

But, because of this, one can find awesome deals. Most of the time, the seller has no clue of what Zorro cards are inside, and for next to nothing, you can pick up a fully loaded A2000 with an '030 or above for peanuts (the shipping is the killer here). This is the "North American" Market I speak of, I have no idea what the European market is for the A2000. In Fact, I get a lot of A2000 dumped at my door, because it is almost next to impossible to give them away here in Canada. Also, Like all Big box Amiga's, the A2000 has a "barrel" battery, that can and will eventually leak. The Acid can eat into and through the motherboard, so, if you are looking for one- always ask to see the battery area.

Click here to read the full article

16 May 2014Countdown to the Commodore Vegas Expo v10

The July 26-27 Commodore Vegas Expo v10 is just a few months away. Computer systems are being prepared, games are being gathered, new hardware is being prepared, and hotels are being booked... all in preparation for the best West Coast Commodore and Amiga show. Join us in celebration of CommVEx's tenth year! We might even have a surprise or two at the party this year.

Once again our venue will be the Plaza Hotel & Casino at 1 Main Street in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. We're going to have an unofficial CommVEx day on Friday as we set up everything in preparation for the show, and we'll be going late into the night on Saturday.

For more details, go to the CommVEx webpages at PortCommodore

See you at CommVEx! Robert Bernardo (organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo)

29 April 201420yrs since Commodore declared Bankruptcy

Today marks the day of the 20th Anniversary since the bankruptcy of Commodore, who are regarded as one of the worlds greatest home retro computer manufacturers. The company developed and marketed one of the world's best-selling desktop computers, the Commodore 64 (1982) and released its Amiga computer line in 1985, but in April 29th 1994 Commodore International declared bankruptcy. Yet even today people are still keeping the systems alive with new hardware, new music and even home brew games. You can even find people collecting the original games in the hundreds! The original Commodore may be gone, but that doesn't mean there's no life left at all. Today we will take a the best you tube videos of the Commodore and the best in Commodore retro gaming!

See more on: Youtube

23 April 2014WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 17 released

WINUAE 2.8.0 beta 17 is now available for download. It contains a raft of enhancements and fixed, including:- - Debugger breakpoints work again. (b14)
Full CPUSHA/CPUSHL/CPUSHP disassembly implemented.
Integer scale mode compatibility improved with programmed display modes.
Integer scale mode changes Filter panel zoom slider range to -99 to 99 and is used to adjust integer scaling calculation.
Fixed fill_line() top/bottom background line drawing buffer overflow in some programmed modes.
Some programmed modes had single short background colored line in left horizontal blanking area.
Command line loaded config didnt reset previously loaded config.
Emulated more Fat Gary address regions that are unmapped
Emulate Fat Gary invalid address space access timeout if Gary timeout bit is set

Click here to visit the official WinUAE site.

20 April 2014Amiga Future issue #108 available for preview

The full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 108 (May/June 2014) are now available online.
This issue includes reviews of Ace of Hearts, ACA 500, ACA 1232, Flappy Bird, Heir to the Throne, Fortis, Islands Mini Golf , AmigaOS 4 Dockies , ViewCSV , and Odyssey 1.23 KryoFlux Free.

There is also a special about the X5000/Cyrus, Amiga demo scene, multiplayer games, backups ,and Classical Meditations 15 - Digital Creations and Progressive Image Technology.

It also includes a workshop on Programming under AmigaOS4 Part 6

Head over to to view.

19 April 2014New Amiga Game from Backbone

A new game from Backbone, Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places is released for your enjoyment.

The game features 5 levels, 3 of them are location levels and 2 are walking levels. The music has been used from Sound Terrific MOD compilation with author credits acknowledged in the game. Tiles and sprites were created be amiman99, his friend and heavily modified Cammy tiles. Sound FX are made by amiman99 and some are from Backbone.

The game was play-tested on A1200 68030 50MHz. To install the game, just decompress it to HD and click on Marco icon.

06 April 2014Dave Haynie talks about Developing the Amiga

Dave Haynie talks at the Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) East on April 6, 2014 about developing the various Amiga systems, up to the last days of Commodore in April 1994.

Introduction by Bil Herd. This was a fascinating hour of must-hear stories for any serious Commodore fan.

Dave even wears his Commodore Death-Bed Vigil shirt!

Wow - 20 years ago.... Where did the time go? Enjoy!

11 November 2013ACA500 now available in shop

The ACA 500 is a new accelerator for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 500+ computer.

It offers faster performance, extra memory and Compact Flash card media slots which can be used for a bootable hard drive and Compact Flash media slot. It also features an A1200-style expansion connector which is compatible with some A1200 expansions.

Product Features:
68EC000/10 clocked at 14MHz, so will accelerate the Amiga 500's performance
2 MB RAM of available memory on board: 0.5MB can be allocated to MapROM function
External expansion which slots into side of A500 so there is no need to open the Amiga 500 case
1x Bootable Hard Drive Compact Flash card slot which is bootable and can read or write Amiga cards
1x Media Compact Flash slot which can read/write PC FAT formatted cards
Compatible with existing trapdoor RAM expansions (up to 1.8 MB)
Compatible with existing Chip Mem expansion upgrades
Custom expansion port for local hardware (14 MHz 16 bit, double Zorro speed) Clock port for compatible hardware expansions such as Silversurfer or Catweasel Mk2 Anniversary Edition
Optionally expandable by adding a new ACA 1220 or ACA 1232 accelerator card
Licensed Kickstart ROM images 1.3 and 3.1 installed in onboard Flash ROM
FAT95 file system installed in internal Flash ROM
Compatible with WHDLoad game software
Bootable Hard Drive Available
EasyADF software optionally available pre-installed on CF hard drive
Firmware flash recovery floppy disk available

09 March 2013Hyperion and Individual Computers sign license agreement

Brussels, March 9, 2013

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA (Belgium) and Individual Computers GmbH (Germany) have signed a license agreement for use of Kickstart 1.3 and Kickstart 3.1 ROMs in processor accelerators for Amiga 500, Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000 and Amiga 2500. In addition to the binary license, Hyperion will grant Individual Computers access to the source code of the IDE driver for further development which may facilitate installation of AmigaOS 4.1 and beyond.

The first product to make use of this license will be the entry-level accelerator for Amiga 500 called "ACA500": With both Kickstart images in the flashrom of this product,the user will benefit from best compatibility with floppy-based and harddisk-based software.

28 January 2013Cinemaware is Back on AmigaOS!

Cinemaware in cooperation with Hyperion Entertainment are proud to announce the re-distribution of its classic Amiga 68K Cinemaware titles. Through the magic of emulation and genuine Amiga ROMs, you can once again play titles such as Defender of the Crown on PowerPC-based AmigaOS systems with a simple double click of the mouse. Everything you need to run these classic Cinemaware games is already included in AmigaOS 4.1. There is even an option for using an original joystick via the Catweasel joystick driver for a truly nostalgic experience.

All registered AmigaOS owners now have access to these Cinemaware games at in the downloads section. Customers can simply choose the games they are interested in and click download. Manuals are also included for a majority of the games.

30 November 2012AmigaOS 4.1 update 6 released

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 has now been released.

More details and a place for registered users to download the update can be found at Hyperions main web site. The following AmigaOS platforms are supported:
AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOne 500 (460ex), Sam440ep and Sam440ep-flex (all variants), AmigaOne XE, MicroA1-C, Pegasos II, CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC.

Update 6 is a rather unique update in that it includes no bug fixes. What Update 6 does include is a new and more efficient way of delivering bug fixes. A new Update software menu item on Workbench now launches AmiUpdate which will now handle all future AmigaOS software updates.

Since AmiUpdate does not do much without a back end database, a new AmigaOS update database has been created. This database tracks dependencies between components so that users can be assured they are applying the correct updates to their specific systems. The rollback facility may be used to undo updates in the event of problems.

15 April 2011AmigaOS 4.1 released!

AmigaOS 4.1 has today been released by Hyperion Entertainment for PowerPC equipped Classic Amiga computers.

AmigaOS 4.0's inception dates back to 2002 when an agreement was reached to port AmigaOS to the PowerPC platform.

Building on the sources of AmigaOS 3.x, Hyperion released the first alpha of AmigaOS 4.0 in 2004 to beta testers. The first full public release reached users in 2006. Hyperion Entertainment are planning many more revisions and updates to AmigaOS. The authentic Amiga experience continues.

Read a full review of AmigaOS 4.1 at ArsTechnica here, or go direct to the website.