Atari Lynx Archived News Items

03 February 2016Lynx Multi Cart out for testing

The long-awaited Atari Lynx Multi-Cart has now left the developer's hands and is out for testing to a select lucky few on the AtariAge forum.

The Multi-Cart will allow you to store .LNX ROM image files on an SD card and select a game from a menu on startup.

We first announced this cartridge way back in mid-2014 when SainT (the developer) proposed his ideas to the forum. Having previously created expansion boards for the Elan Enterprise, he is familiar with this type of electronics. The interest in such as card for the Lynx has been unabated since then on AtariAge's forums - it's now just a case of waiting a little longer for external testing to complete and production runs to be made.

Check out the thread over at Atari Age.

14 September 2015Puzzle Game 2048 comes to the Lynx

_cooper_ brings us the puzzle game 2048 to the Atari Lynx. Press A or B on title screen to have 2 different tilesets, 1 for LCD-modded lynx, and 1 for classic screen, a bit easier to read. There are minor problems known to this game, so it might get an update soon.

For more information visit the Atari Age forum thread, or download the title here for use with the Handy Lynx emulator.

17 July 2015Lynx Multi Cart getting there

It's been almost a year since SainT, over at Atari Age, proposed the idea of him building an SD-card-based cartridge for the Lynx. Back then there were naturally a ton of Lynx owners expressing great interest, and there still are!

The good news is that he's been hard at work ironing out all the little issues in his spare time, and now has a fully working prototype (watch this brief video).

Watch this space for updates on this exciting project.

11 October 2014Lynx Hits the Big Screen with TV-Out Mod Kit

The Atari Lynx’s display left a lot to be desired with blurring and light-leakage. This, however, is all about to change thanks to an all-new modification which allows you to output the Lynx’s video to a television.

Similar to the GGTV project which introduces a video out port to the Game Gear, the Atari Lynx TV-Out adds a VGA port to the 1989 handheld. Using the Atari Lynx TV-Out, you’ll finally be able to play the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Kung Food on the big screen, all in fantastic clarity. The brains behind the project, unsurprisingly is none other than Furrtek - the same one who created the Super Neo Geo Pocket and Nintendo Virtual Boy TV-Out mods. Needless to say, the guy certainly has a few tricks up his sleeve for classic consoles and handhelds.

The Atari Lynx TV-Out is currently available by directly contacting Furrtek himself on his website. Kits to install yourself are being sold for $115, while those wanting their handhelds to be fully setup will need to splash out $130.

04 July 2014Too Powerful for Its Own Good, Atari Lynx Remains a Favorite 25 Years Later

Though it never stood a chance against Game Boy, America's first major portable system worked its way into many hearts.

It's hard to believe the excellent Atari Lynx is 25 years old, starting out as the first hardware offspring from Epyx, through a tumultuous journey to release, and perhaps responsible for starting the first portable console war, the Lynx still has a big fanbase today.

Click here to read the full article, courtesy of USGamer.

28 September 2013Hack, Slash , Loot comes to the Atari Lynx

One of the most notable ways Atari botched the Lynx was in the amount of titles they actually released (it was paltry by many standards and extremely lacking in important categories). This has not stopped the home coding community from taking on the challenge of releasing new titles for the Lynx – such as coder and his port of Hack, Slash, Loot (with full support of the original copyright owner).

Hack, Slash, Loot is a single player, Roguelike, dungeon crawler that is extremely unforgiving (one death, no saves, etc). Even Alternate Reality: The City/The Dungeon was more forgiving than that.

There is no current release date for Hack, Slash, Loot on the Atari Lynx yet. Interested fans can follow the development at AtariLynxDeveloper.

02 December 2012New Homebrew Lynx Games Wyvern Tales & Karate World Tour

Since the release of Zaku on the Atari Lynx in 2009, there has been little in the way of homebrew development for the vintage handheld. At the recent Euro Jagfest event which took place last weekend in Germany, two brand new and upcoming Atari lynx homebrew games were demonstrated: Wyvern Tales and Karate World Tour.

Euro Jagfest (or E-Jagfest) is an annual event for Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx fans within Europe. Their most recent event took place on the 24th of November this year, giving homebrew Atari developers the perfect venue to showcase their upcoming work.

The first of these two new homebrew games which was demonstrated at E-Jagfest was Karate World Tour. This incredibly detailed 2D fighter is a clone of Archer Maclean's timeless IK+ (International Karate +). According to the developers, this new fighter will make use of the Atari Lynx multiplayer cable, the ComLynx, allowing two Lynx gamers to battle it out with a handheld each. Karate World Tour is being created by a developer designer duo, however, is not due for release until later next year as their existing and unfinished Lynx homebrew Frogger clone, Green Little Quak-Quak, is top priority.

The second Atari Lynx homebrew to be showcased at E-Jagfest was Wyvern Tales. This impressive creation will be the first RPG to hit the Atari handheld, as not a single one was released back in the system's heyday. From looking at the video, it would appear to be a rather complex role playing game, featuring very similar aspects to that of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.