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31 January 2017ZX Spectrum Next Taking Shape

Henrique Olifiers published on YouTube an 8-minute long video showing the board in action. On the video, the PCB is installed in a regular ZX Spectrum case for demo purposes. Talking about the demos, he uses some of the best demos available for the Spectrum, trying to convince us (as if it was needed!) that the machine has the best possible hardware emulation one can find.

Watch the YouTube video, check out more info on and join the discussion on Facebook!

29 January 2017Floppy Days podcast - VIC-20 History with Michael Tomczyk, Neil Harris, and Brian Bagnall

The latest Floppy Days podcast is out!

In this month's episode, Randy talks about the Commodore VIC-20, the computer that brought colours for the users for an affordable price.

Randy says "In this first episode about the Vic-20, I want to cover the history of this machine: why it was developed, some of the stories around its development, what happened after its release, and when it was canceled. To that end, I contacted some notable persons that were involved with the roll-out and support of the Vic-20, as well as a person who was involved in documenting Commodore's history. The first person I contacted was Michael Tomczyk, who was an assistant to Jack Tramiel at Commodore and who led the so-called "Vic Commando Team". Michael was intimately involved in the marketing and support of the Vic. In addition, a key member of his team, Neil Harris, agreed to help with this episode as well. And, finally, I talked with Brian Bagnall, who you might recognize as the author of "Commodore: A Company on the Edge". This is an amazing line up of people who are very familiar with the Vic-20 and its history and I'm very lucky to have been able to get their assistance with telling its story."

Listen to the podcast here.

05 January 2017Chibi Akuma(s), Amstrad Shoot ’em up Now Available

Over at Vintage is the New Old, a news article back in December reported a new game, “Chibi Akuma(s)”, a new spoof-horror crazy shoot ’em up coming to the Amstrad CPC. As promised the game has been released. Download it from the link below.

Download: ChibiAkumas_Multidisk.7z

31 December 2016MSXDev 2017 Rules are now defined

Now in its 14th year, MSX Dev, the annual development competition specifically for MSX computers, have confirmed the rules for the forthcoming year.

The deadline for submissions in the competition is October 1st 2017. This year there are two categories in which to submit your offering:-

The Jury Team will consist of veterans among the worldwide MSX community. Their names will be announced here before the entries deadline.
Members of the Jury Team cannot take part in the contest with game entries and neither can donors.

Gameplay: To be announced Graphics: Toni Gálvez Sound and SFX: Javier García (Gryzor87) Polishing: Fernando García Originality: To be announced

01 December 2016Sonic the Hedgehog 2 enhanced release

Do we have some great retro gaming news for you, as that legendary game character Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, which appeared on multiple systems, especially the Sega Master System has been given a short enhanced release by MrCat. Released via the SHC2016 website, this remastered hack takes the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game from 1992 and instead has 3 all-new zones, complete with new layouts and artwork!

Right from the word go you can just tell how much work has gone into this hack, as the level of detail in both the backgrounds, foregrounds and the main character has far more depth than the original game. Beyond the detail enhancements it features 3 very cool zones such as the Seaside Hill Zone, Cyan Speedway Zone and Dream Gate Zone, that will keep you coming back for more with fresh new layouts. Thus if you loved playing Sonic and spinning and dashing through multiple zoned platform levels, while fighting the main antagonist Doctor Eggman, you've seriously got to play this hack.

Thankfully the SMS Rom has been provided for free and doesn't require any additional workload, just download and play on either a real Sega Master System or through an emulator such as Fusion.

29 November 2016Excitebike clone for the C64

Here's some interesting news for fans of the NES classic Excitebike. A playable preview of a C64 clone called Motorman developed by Dr. Strange of Atlantis and Propaganda Magazine has just been released.

The preview lets you play against 2 cpu and 1 human opponent, on 1 track which features jumps, oil, rocks, and other obstacles which you either have to negotiate by switching lanes or doing wheelies etc. Controls seem pretty good, the bike responds well enough to do somersaults on the big jumps and wheelies over the barrels. While it is pretty short on features and has no title screen, this preview definitely shows potential that it could be a very nice motorbike racer, and when played with few friends, a whole heap of fun!

Download the preview here.

29 November 2016Rick Dangerous makes an appearance in Spelunky!

In 2013 Mossmouth, the developers of the original and great Spelunky, released the HD remake of Spelunky on Steam and GOG on the PC. It was a game in very similar style to the platforming classic Rick Dangerous, but with cave exploration and treasure-hunting with all new graphics, music, new areas and much more that made Spelunky HD a fantastic game to play. So it was no wonder that this week, a Rick Dangerous mod was released for Spelunky, in which you can play as the legendary character Rick Dangerous, who appeared on the Amiga, Amstrad and many other famous retro systems.

Spelunky is a game not to be missed and now with Rick Dangerous, it's like re-living nostalgia but in the modern age. Welcome back Rick Dangerous, many of us missed you :)

You can buy Spelunky from Steam, and download the update here.

27 November 2016Snake Escape out now

Here we have a brand new game (it's been quite a while in development) for the ZX Spectrum!

Guide a snake through increasingly difficult mazes in order to escape and reach the food... featuring: Code and levels (converted and new) by myself Awesome graphics by top artist BiNMaN Awesome soundtrack by top composer MmcM Original concept by Tommi Tuovinen

This game is based on a webgame called LIME RICK, although with a modified design. Many maze levels were "improved" from the original (hardest levels became even harder), and there are also 4 extra (extremely hard) new levels at the end. Can you solve them all???
Download it now from here and have fun! NOTE: Play it on a ZX-Spectrum 128K model otherwise you will miss the AY music! NOTE2: This game uses multicolor graphics powered by NIRVANA+ Engine, so it will work on all original ZX-Spectrum models without the need for additional hardware. It should also work on any accurate emulator, including the ZX Vega.

20 November 2016Commodore dev tool CBM prg Studio 3.9.0 available now

CBM prg Studio has reached version 3.9.0, bringing a ton of new features and bugfixes.

CBM prg Studio is a Windows IDE which allows you to type a BASIC or machine code program and convert it to a '.prg' file, which you can then run in an emulator or on real hardware. It also includes character, sprite and screen editors and a fully featured 6510/65816 debugger. The following machines can be developed for: Commodore 64 (and SuperCPU) Commodore 128 Commodore VIC 20 Commodore 16 Commodore Plus/4 Commodore PET BASIC 2 machines, e.g. PET 2001 Commodore PET BASIC 4 machines, e.g. PET 4000/9000 What CBM prg Studio isn't is a front-end for tok64, cbmcnvrt, bastext or any other tokeniser/detokeniser/assembler. It's all been written completely from scratch.

CBM prg Studio can be downloaded directly from its author’s website (Arthur Jordison). You'll need a PC with minimum specifications of Pentium III 600 MHz, 256Mb RAM, Windows XP or newer, and a graphics card supporting 1024x768 resolution.

14 November 2016New Homebrew Games for Amstrad

Outlaws is a new Amstrad game that recently won first place in the #CPCRetroDev 2016 Game Creation Contest.The game has 9 different levels, one level training and two bonus levels. To finish a level, you must kill the number of enemies indicated by the number next to the skull on the HUD. You start the game with 4 lives, the current one and three more represented by stars. Every time you get hit, you lose a live and one of your stars gets a bloody hole. When you lose all your lives the game is over. There are two modes of movement in the game, depending on the state of the fire button. When you press the fire button, Daniel will stay on his position and you will only be able to aim using direction buttons.

There are different items in each stage that enemies will use to hide and avoid being killed. You must destroy these before the enemy uses them. The more you do this, the easier it will be to defeat them, however some items take more than one shot, so you need to be quick on the trigger. When barrels are destroyed, if you are lucky, two items can be released. You must fire at them to pick them up. Barrels are found in some of the stages and also in bonus levels. Money increases your score. You can download Outlaw and all the other game entries from #CPCRetroDev 2016 in one convenient zip file here.

13 November 2016Pang for Atari 8-bit

Almost 10 years in the making, with very long periods of time without being worked on, Pang has finally arrived for the XL/XE range.

The game has been released at a Dutch party called Silly Venture 2k16.

Visit for download details.

13 November 2016Hire Hare - 2nd place in CPC RetroDev 2016

Hire Hare is an isometric game, much like some of the classics you may remember on the good old Speccy, such Fairlight, Batman and Head over Heels. The main goal of the game is to lead sorceress Hecatia through the dungeon, collecting the nine Black Lamps and ultimately fighting warlock Lycurgus. A secondary goal is to collect keys and unlock the ten treasure chests where Lycurgus keeps his riches, as they will be Hecatia’s reward for her quest.

The Black Lamps and the keys can be collected by simply touching them; picking a Black Lamp up also replenishes the player’s energy. The treasure chests, however, cannot be unlocked unless the player has found enough keys to open them. Lycurgus can only be fought after the nine Black Lamps have been collected.

Hire Hare has been created by César Nicolás González (CngSoft), and it was his entry into the CPC RetroDev 2016 competition in Madrid, winning 2nd place. César had previously won 2nd place in the RetroDev 2015 competition with Frogalot. You can read up on how the game was made over at CngSoft, or download the competition's game here.

04 November 2016Hat Trick VIC-20 Homebrew Port, RC1 Update Released

Hat Trick is a VIC-20 port of the C64 game with the same name. It requires 16k of memory expansion to run. The game is basically one-on-one hockey with a space-time anomaly simulation for extra fun. Two players are supported. The second one uses the keyboard or a user port joystick (see the Readme for details). This is version RC1, Which now has music. Source is included.

Download the game here.

28 October 2016Doomsday Lost Echoes, Space Graphical Text Adventure Coming to the Amstrad CPC Soon!

Doomsday Lost Echoes is a graphical text adventure game in English for the Amstrad CPC which will be available soon, completely free of charge (4 days from writing). It's being developed by Doomsday Productions.

The game is made with PAWS and it’s official graphics patch, and to play it you will need 128kb plus a 3.5″ floppy drive or HxC floppy emulator. You can read more about the game in the lengthy developer thread over at

19 October 2016Annual MSX Fair 2017 announced

The announcement of 2017's kick-off party in the form of the annual MSX meeting/fair in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) is coming later than what we are used to from previous years. The organiser of the event, Manuel Bilderbeek aka Quibus, has told us the previous venue (Wijkcentrum Hatert) was not available anymore, so the 2017 event will take place at the community centre Wijkcentrum Dukenburg.

He hopes to welcome you all at this new venue on Saturday 21st of January 2017, so write that date down in your agenda! As usual, all pertinent information and details, such as location and the booth registration that should appear two months before the event, can be found on the MSX Fair Nijmegen website.

14 October 2016New game for C16 and Plus/4

264er_Fan just released his 4th game that runs on a C16/Plus4. Following Hitball and Brickhunter (released earlier this year), it’s his biggest effort so far. The gameplay is simple: run and pick up the bombs before the time runs out, and don’t get caught or hit any obstacles! Be sure to check it out and give it a spin!

You can download it either from the fantastic Plus/4 World site, or direct via this link.

10 October 2016Code Name Intruder, New MSX Game by Bitvision Software, Ready for Pre-orders!

It’s been a good couple of days for MSX Homebrew. Yesterday we announced Sector 88 and Transball and today we have a special treat for you! Eric Boez over at has given us the heads up about the new Pre-order Launch of ‘Code Name Intruder’. Code Name Intruder is a new Arcade Shoot ’em up that has been WIP since May 2016. Pre-order for the cartridge version is available as from today. Contact ericb59 by email or over at Delivery will start 25/10/2016.

– 5 different levels – Five tough final bosses, hundred of enemies to shoot ! – Stunning Arcade graphics and animation. – PSG Music and SCC music (with an optional SCC cartridge in another slot) – 512K deluxe cartridge release by Repro Factory include a 12 pages colour manual. – Minimum requirements: MSX With 16K of Ram and a V9990 Chip extension (GFX9000/Power Graph)

25 September 2016The VIC-20cr Reloaded Project Page

VIC-20cr Reloaded is a new project by Steve J. Gray to create a new VIC-20cr (Cost Reduced) motherboard, which could become a starting point for modified VIC motherboards. For example, using a single 32K ram chip to make a VIC-32, combining multiple ROMS into a single ROM to save board space, or even adding extra colour RAM to expand it’s graphics capability. How about a SID chip and a second joystick port? ;-) If you find this idea interesting, you can follow Steve’s website in the link below. Website:

14 September 2016Commodore Free Issue 94

Issue 94 of Commodore Free, the magazine dedicated to Commodore computers is now available for download. The magazine is available in the following formats; PDF, ePUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image.

For the latest news, editorial, reviews, adverts on new hardware and software, and helpful hints, visit the Commodore Free website.

11 September 2016ZX Spectrum Crowdfunding updates

News from the site: Some Kickstarter backers of the "Recreated ZX Spectrum" have yet to receive the nostalgia-fuelled retro keyboard - and the boss of the company behind it has been silent for months.

Wesley Yin-Poole at Eurogamer says: "I've spent the past two weeks investigating what looks like another example of a Kickstarter gone horribly wrong - at least for some who forked out for what was supposed to be the glorious revival of one of the most beloved computers in video game history."

Elite Systems launched a Kickstarter that was successfully funded in January 2014, with 821 backers pledging a total of £63,194. But since then, not every backer has received their device, and since this device is not much more than a Bluetooth keyboard that looks like a ZX Spectrum and which relies on an app for the gaming experience, backers have recently reported that this critical app has been withdrawn from all the respective app stores. The full article can be read here.

On a more positive note, The Indiegogo project's Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console (see title pic) is apparently nearing release, with the first backers expecting to receive the goods this month. The Vega+ is a new low cost hand-held games console with a colour LCD screen and 1,000 licensed games already installed. It incorporates all the features of the predecessor, ZX Vega, and more, including stereo output for great reproduction of gaming sounds and music. It is the only games console that exists with 1,000 licensed games already included and with both an LCD for anywhere use and video out for TV use.

09 September 2016Mega65 progress

A clever fellow by the name of Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen has spent a number of years to take it upon himself to try to get a Commodore 64/65 into an FPGA package. Follow his progress via the Blog here.

Latest updates are that the emulator written by Gábor can now properly run kickstart and supports hypervisor traps and SD card access, sufficient to boot, and run the disk menu program (which makes heavy use of hypervisor DOS calls).

09 September 2016New CPC title, Defence

After 3 years of development, Shining released his tower defense game called “Defence” for the Amstrad CPC.

In the game you play the role of Bill Rizer who has to fight a battle against Red Falcon and his army, where you have to defend the last command base of the Probotectors, who helped and healed you after an explosion. The army of Red Falcon is led by Lance Gryzor, who once was a comrade of Bill in the fight against the Red Falcon.

Defence features great graphics, speech synthesis, nice music, detailed documentation and a great presentation of the game. If you want, you can get a personalized version of the game (digitally or physically) for a small donation. The downloadable version of Defence contains a DSK image for emulation, a HFE image for the HxC floppy emulator and a version for the Amstrad M4 WiFi expansion. Be sure to at least download it from the official homepage.

01 September 2016Retrogaming Times Issue 4 out now

Yes folks, it's the exciting 1st of the bi-month once more, so RGT have announced the fourth edition of the online paper for all retro gaming fans.

This issue's cover story is Yar's Revenge. Also check out new releases on the C64, upcoming events dotted across the USA, Controller Chronicles section, a continuation assessing the CoolBoy 198 in 1 "Real Game", and much more.

Visit The Retrogaming Times website now!

17 August 2016Pentagram for the Plus/4!

This late Ultimate Play the Game title was originally ported from Z80 to the 6502 (Atari 800) by Mariusz Wojcieszek (mariuszw), and converted to the Plus/4 by Emu.

Pentagram is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. In the game you must help Sabreman to find the lost Pentagram, an artifact of magical power. The game also has support for a SID card. Additional music has been created by Saul Cross.

You can download the game and the source source from fantastic Plus/4 site, Commodore Plus/4 World.

15 August 2016Eight-Bit Magazine Kickstarter v2

A new kickstarter project has started for the Eight Bit Magazine. Following a successful v1 kickstarter campaign, this one will secure funds for a further 12 issues of the magazine.

Eight Bit is a magazine for 8-bit computer enthusiasts covering classic computers like the Apple II, Commodore 64, CPC, Sinclair Spectrum and more

Eight Bit Magazine will celebrate early eight bit microcomputers from the 1970's to the early 90's. While most publications cover only the gaming aspect of such computers we want to cover the hardware and programming side of things as well. After a successful Issue 1 Kickstarter ( we are delighted to offer even more in Issue 2. What will you get? You will get a full colour, A5 size, 68 page printed magazine full of great articles written by people with a wealth of knowledge and passion for those computers. Expect programming, technical and gaming articles for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Spectrum, Atari and more!

02 August 2016Reimplementing the TED chip of Commodore 264 series in FPGA

István Hegedüs has developed a cycle-exact FPGA core for the MOS 7360/8360 TED chip written in verilog. The final goal is to have an FPGA core that could be used as a drop in replacement for the MOS 8360 chip which is the heart of the Commodore 264 series 8 bit computers, namely the Commodore 16, Commodore Plus 4 and Commodore 116. This core can be the basis of a complete C16 or Plus 4 SoC (System-on-a-Chip) implementation.

After two years of analyzing the hardware, documents and code writing, István has managed to build a working TED chip which is capable of running most of the programs and demos the same way as the original hardware. The project is not finished though! He is planning to refine it further and make it available to everyone. Thanks István, we follow this project with great anticipation!

Visit the site to follow the FPGATED project.

19 July 2016Amiga Future mag

A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine, Amiga Future, has been released.

In this edition: Editorial, News, Spielfeld, BAUERSoft, Sqrxz 4, Voodoo Nightmare, Oubliette, OS4 Depot, Starships, Free PlayStation Emulator, VICE, SL-6602 Retro-Joystick Competition Pro, GBAPII++ – Grafikkarte, USB-Adapter: Rys MKII, TOM 32, Trevors Soapbox, Amiga-Spiele-Retrospektive: 1985 & 1986, Cheats, Amiga Future Webpage, Developers Log Reshoot, RBM Digitaltechnik, Demoscene and Matthias “Mazze” Rustler.

Here's the link.

01 July 2016RGT Issue 3 out now

David and the team have today published the third issue of the Retrogaming Times, a popular and growing online newsletter/e-zine for many formats.

In this edition are interviews, new game reviews, a collection corner, the Controller Chronicles, and upcoming events in the US.

Be sure not to miss it, and head over the The Retrogaming Times site now.

02 June 2016New RPG Speccy mini game - Magical Tower Adventure

Timmy over on the WoS forums has created a new mini RPG adventure called Magical Tower Adventure. It's a colourful game consisting of 10 levels.

There is a story of a Tower somewhere in the evil lands, filled with monsters and other magical creatures. Many fighters have entered but no one came back. There are many rumours about treasures and princesses but no one really knows. This time a new Hero has arrived at the Magical Tower, and he will need all the help he can get to kill the boss at the top level of the Tower.

Full instructions are given in the ZIP file. The game is in .TAP format, so you can play it on the majority of Spectrum emulators.

25 May 2016CPC Game Competition 2016

It's definitely competition season right now, and news of another just hit the headlines - #CPCRetroDev 2016, the 4th edition of the retro game creation contest of the University of Alicante is kicking off. This contest awards the best and most creative developers of the retro scene, able to develop the best games for Amstrad CPC 464.

Your game submissions must be in by 26th October, so why not see what you can put together in 5 months! You can develop either a BASIC game or machine code, as there are separate categories that will be assessed. There are rewards up to 1,050 Euro to be won.

Check the CPCRetroDev 2016 website for details.

25 May 2016New for Spectrum: Tourmaline

From the RetroSouls Team comes a fresh Boulder Dash clone for the ZX Spectrum.

Tourmaline has been created by Denis Grachev, the Russian designer and creator of wonders like Alter Ego, 8-bit Night and Multitude BiColor edition - he now presents us with a kind of clone of the classic Boulder Dash, with great level design, remarkable graphics and seamless gameplay.

The game is free to download from RetroSouls.

23 May 2016Ron Gilbert asks for Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion IP from Disney

Earlier this month, Disney announced that it would be getting out of games development and cancelled its Infinity line of games and toys. Instead of creating new games internally, the House of Mouse would license out its properties to third party developers. New Star Wars games are on their way, and we can no doubt expect games based on Marvel Comics characters and ones centered around classic Disney franchises.

What isn’t assured, however, are games based on some lesser-known properties. It’s probably safe to assume that Disney isn’t rushing to release anything new from the Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion series any time soon. While these games are beloved by many, they aren’t exactly “hot” licenses. This is something that Ron Gilbert, the man who created both franchises, is painfully aware of. As such, he is asking Disney to sell him the rights to his games.

Gilbert actually made this same request back in 2012 when Disney bought LucasFilm and LucasArts. Speaking to Eurogamer at the time, Gilbert said: “I would love to get the rights back to Monkey Island and be able to really make the game I want to make.”

15 May 2016New 1K Hi-Res ZX81 games

Johan "Dr Beep" Koelman's been in touch, informing us of a bunch of new 1K Hi-resolution ZX81 games he's been working on.

After Q-bert (2013), four new games have been coded in 1K hires in 2015 and 2016, with one still a work in progress:
The Edge - The Edge is a 1 player cardgame where chance will finish you the game or not. 52 hires cards, board and gameplay in 1K.
Marble Racer - Marble Racer is a racing game with drifting through corners. Race 5 rounds a.s.a.p.
Roadracer - a simplified version of Grandpr1x for the ZX Spectrum. In 1K a 3D view on a racetrack and goal to drive 2 rounds as quickly as you can. Hitting the side of the track will stop the car.
2D Monster Maze - a spin-off of 3D Monster Maze. After a day at the fair with no visitors Rex must be fed manually. Find the food before becoming the food. If the suspense won't kill you, Rex will.

In progress: Asteroidbelt - A classic starship travel through space avoiding asteroids.

All of the above are available free for download from Sinclair ZX World.
Thanks Johan!

14 May 2016SEUCK Compo 2016 is open!

Wow, it's here again... the annual SEUCK competition for C64 enthusiasts.

Run by The New Dimension, this is an annual event where you can submit your very best Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit games to the competition.

The aim of the competition was originally create a new SEUCK game without enhancements, or anything in particular (apart from music). This was until 2014, onwards, where I allowed mods and minor enhancements to be added to your own SEUCK creations. Such as huge sprites, sprite/behind background priority Now come 2016, this compo is brand new, and major changes have been made.

The aim of this year's compo is simply to create a vertical scrolling or a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, which should stand out from the crowd. We don't want to see rushed out games, which were made in a series of less than a day, or really rushed graphics. We want to see real stunning SEUCK games, with really smart graphics, and also games good attack wave patterns, end of level bosses, etc. The creation will be in your hands. Can you game stand out? If you think it can, click here for more details!

03 May 2016Spectrum Next announced

A presentation at Play Blackpool this past weekend announced new plans for [yet another] reimplementation of the venerable ZX Spectrum.

This one is the brainchild of Victor Trucco, Fabio Belavenuto, Rick Dickinson (who designed the hardware of the ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Plus and QL), and Henrique Olifiers. The Spectrum Next is a totally open source project, and will have faster and more memory, new video modes, SD storage, and RGB/VGA/HDMI output.

Being a reimplementation at the hardware level means it will run all existing Spectrum (and ZX81!) software, and is also compatible with most hardware expansions out there.

The specs sheet is certainly quite interesting: Z80 CPU 3.5/7 MHz, 512Kb RAM, "ULA+" video featuring expanded video modes and colours, SD Card slot with DivMMC-compatible protocol, AY-3-8912 or FM2149 audio chips (selectable) with stereo output, DB9 joystick port(s) with selectable protocol, PS/2 port for mouse/external keyboard use, Multiface functionality for memory access/savegames/cheats etc, Mic and Ear ports for tape loading and saving, and an original external bus expansion port plus accelerator expansion port.

It is scheduled for production through a crowdfunding campaign in the near future – the date, time and amount to raise haven’t yet been announced. More news as and when we get it...

01 May 2016Retrogaming Times is back!

David Lundin, Jr. who was a contributing writer for Retrogaming Times Monthly from 2004 - 2014, has resurrected the publication with the consent of the . This time, is will be distributed once every 2 months.

"The core idea of The Retrogaming Times is to bring back the simplicity of the middle days of the previous newsletters and make the articles the star attraction.", says David. He goes on to say "This decision was made to facilitate a more flexible submission window for anyone who desires to contribute. If there is one thing I want to champion above all else it is that The Retrogaming Times is 100% free and 100% driven by retrogaming hobbyists, such as yourself, who submit articles as contributing writers. True to the spirit of Tom Zjaba's original "Retrogaming Times," anyone is welcome to submit an article for publication. Other hobbyists want to read what you have to write and we are always accepting submissions for future issues of The Retrogaming Times. Join a great retrogaming tradition, submit an article today!".

29 April 2016Commodore Free 92 out now

The latest version of the popular Commodore Free online magazine is out now.

For the latest news, editorial, reviews, adverts on new hardware and software, and helpful hints, visit the Commodore Free website.

14 April 2016ReSeT #28 to take place 24th-26th June

This year's Amstrad CPC Demoparty, ReSeT, is to be held in Coutances, northwest France between 24th and 26th June 2016.

Previously called Amstrad Expo, this party organized by Eliot / Benediction, is a real success each year since 2000. Through its convivial atmosphere, the ReSeT party is an event opened to all the computers enthusiasts no matter about their level and interest: code, electronic, graphics, music, games. You will have the opportunity to discover previews from the upcoming productions and to meet active sceners sharing their knowledge. And as a demoscene tradition, some competitions are planned, so get started on your releases!

For more details on entering the competitions, venue details, entrance fee, etc, go to

01 April 2016Lands of Zador

Bauknecht has released a new game called The Lands Of Zador for the Commodore Plus/4.

This new title is the sequel to "Majesty Of Sprites", by the same author.

In the game you must help Kate to complete tasks and open new pathways to following levels. The amazing graphics are from Mad and the music is from Luca, 5tarbuck and Degauss. The game supports the 1541 (fast load), 1551 and SD2IEC.

Head on over to Plus4World for download and details!

22 March 2016Amstrad CPC6128 USB Floppy Emulator Hardware

The IndieRetroNews site ran a review of Piotr Bugaj (aka Zaxon)'s 6128 floppy emulator with SD card slot. This month he's managed to add sound capabilities to the circuitry, so you get a floppy drive noise while it's loading!

You can visit IndieRetroNews for more details, or purchase the device from for 26.99 + P&P.

22 March 2016CBM prg Studio Version 3.7.0 released

Arthur Jordison has just released his latest version of the CBM prg Studio, an excellent Windows tool which allows you to type in a BASIC or machine code program and save it as a .prg file. These files are then readable on either real hardware or an emulator. It also includes character, sprite and screen editors and a fully featured 6510/65816 debugger. It supports C64, VIC-20, C16 and Plus/4, and more.

This latest version provides SID emulation, a simple way to copy/paste copy/paste of the whole screen, support for lengthier macros and many other smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Head over to for download options and more information.

18 March 2016Commodore Free Issue 91 out now

It's been three months since we had our fix of Commodore Free, one of the most popular E-zines, and out today is issue 91 with a fresh 35 pages of news, gossip, reviews, programming tips and more!.

In this edition are the following: Editorial, News, Growing Pains Part Deux, Book review: 10 PRINT, A Garden Of Game Glyphs, Algorithms for Commodore BASIC #01, Reviews: Dork Dave & The Dirty Trick, Blok Copy and Popeye.

Read this issue here or visit Commodore Free for more details.

20 February 2016Amiga Engineer Dave Needle passes away

Veteran engineer Dave Needle, a key engineer behind the original Amiga computer, has died. As reported by Retro Computing News, Needle passed away peacefully on Friday evening.

Needle had been a key player at Amiga on the Lorraine project, which would eventually become the company's first product, the Amiga 1000.

While at Amiga, Needle found a collaborator in R.J. Mical. They would later team together to create Atari's Lynx handheld, as well as the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.

16 February 2016Sir Clive Sinclair launches sleek Vega+ hand-held console

Legendary British entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair has launched a hand-held console based on his classic ZX Spectrum system from the 1980s.

This is the second incarnation of the Vega, which was first revealed as an Indiegogo crowdfunding project last year . The original machine hit its 100,000 target in just two days - but the newer version is sleeker and will be able to connect to the internet. "The user will also be able to download additional games free of charge from the thousands that are available on the web, so there is no need for users to pay any more than the cost of the basic product, which will be in the region of 100," explained Retro Computers Ltd, the Luton-based company developing the console.

The team behind the new console say they have completed development and the prototype is ready to go into production. There's even a choice of three different colours: red, blue or white. According to the Indiegogo campaign, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ is scheduled to launch in September 2016.

15 February 2016Smallest FIDE-rules Chess game for ZX81

Just released for ZX81 enthusiasts is a new chess program - one that is able to play full FIDE chess with the base 1K hardware!

This extremely full-featured yet compact version has been developed by Stefano Marag, who also thanks Karl Onkel, Stefano Bodrato, Johan Koelman and Zsolt Gal. The version here started life as a further development from the Micro-Max chess engine developed by H.G.Muller, which in less than 1200 characters included the engine and even the user interface with legality move check. This ZX81 version is a full re-write, and is around 750 characters long, with full FIDE rules, meaning including the management of en-passant, castling and under promotion.

For more information and downloads you can refer to Super Micro official page: For convenience, you can also download the .P file directly from here.

12 February 2016C64 online mag Reset issue 8 available now

Reset #08 is their adventure themed issue, celebrating the classic genre on the Commodore 64. In this issue are a look at Heroes & Cowards by Protovision, Caren and the Tangled Tentacles by PriorArt, and Knight N Grail by Psytronik.

Ant delves deep into the murky depths of the D42 Adventure System and Ray Carlsen returns to tell us all about his replacement PLA chip. Martin Grundy makes his Reset debut, taking us back 30 years to January 1986 in his Reset Reloaded column.

There are further reviews of new/recently unearthed titles, and on the Mix-i-Disk, there is a new game by Graham Axten as well as some fresh goodies courtesy of Wanax and The New Dimension.

Click here to download, or visit the Reset site here.

11 February 2016New game Hugohunt for 264-series

Angelsoft have just launched their new release! Some of you may have seen an early version of the game on the author's homepage, but today marks the official release.

Hugohunt is an action game, inspired by an Atari game written by Stefan Dorndorf that dates back to 1985. But it's now been ported to Commodore C16/C116/Plus/4 by Jens Engel, and is ready for your delight! Did we mention it also comes with a level editor and even a C64 version! Download the game to run it in an emulator, or get more info from Angelsoft's website.

09 February 2016Frogger for BBC almost complete

A member over at StarDot has put together a very authentic and fun version of the classic arcade game Frogger, for the BBC Micro. It started out as a technical demonstration of horizontal screen blanking, but was encouraged to continue development into a full game!

You can read the dedicated development thread over at Retro Software's forum or click here for the latest demo download.

07 February 2016Rock Maze Reset Edition released

Way back in 1996, Graham Axten (TOKI) made a cool Boulder Dash clone called Rock Maze, in which you needed to guide your character deep into the underground digging through the dirt and collecting all the diamonds without getting squashed. What added to the re-playability of the game was the use of passwords with each level completion, so you could always come back to a level that caused you all that grief in the first place. But putting the original aside for the time being, the news of this weekend and a heads up by Vintageisthenewold, is the overhauled release of Rock Maze:Reset Edition, which has been released by the Reset Magazine Staff from Graham Axten and is also available on the Reset #08 Mix-i-Disk.

The Reset Edition looks completely different graphically with everything from the side bar detail, the diamonds, the boulders, the little blue man and even the underground green textures looking so much better with far more depth. But that's not all that's changed, as apart from the new menu tune, they've also added an extra touch to the gameplay, such as picking up a pickaxe which gives you a rather special diamond surprise.

See more at CSDb, or download it here.

06 February 2016Bobby Bearing ported to Atari 8-bit

In 1986 The Edge released an isometric 3D game by the name of Bobby Bearing for the C64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC that had a very similar vibe to Marble Madness. Well that same game, in which your goal was to find your missing brothers across the vast 3D environment, and then bounce them along to the exit has now been fully ported over to the Atari 8-bit by mariuszw and Jos Pereira.

For what was a frustrating game with difficult challenges such as a time limit, being stunned by evil bearings, air vents, elevators, switches and even rushers, Bobby Bearing for the Atari 8-bit is a rather decent port indeed. It isn't just the game that's been ported over from one system to another either, as the main picture title is from the C64 version and re-worked to fit on an Atari 8-bit, load picture was taken from a CPC with many hours worth of colour tweaking, game speed improvements and other such changes were made to make this a worthwhile release.

The game works on any Atari with 64KB RAM. It supports stereo Pokey, but will also work on standard Pokey setup. It was tested on PAL machine, but it works ok in NTSC mode when tested under Altirra.

More details can be read over at AtariAge or direct download.