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Publisher: U.S. Gold Ltd

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U.S. Gold Ltd007 James Bond: Stealth AffaireCommodore Amiga1990-I5---
U.S. Gold Ltd10th FrameSinclair ZX Spectrum1986DI2VA1
U.S. Gold Ltd10th FrameAmstrad CPC1986mI4-A-
U.S. Gold Ltd1943: The Battle of MidwayCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A-
U.S. Gold Ltd4x4 Off-Road RacingCommodore Amiga1989-I5VA-
U.S. Gold Ltd4x4 Off-Road RacingSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI2-A-
U.S. Gold Ltd720 DegreesAmstrad CPC1988mI4---
U.S. Gold Ltd720 DegreesCommodore 641987DI5VA1
U.S. Gold Ltd720 DegreesSinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI4-A1
U.S. Gold Ltd720 Degrees Part 2Commodore 641987 (Unreleased)mI1---
U.S. Gold LtdA Nightmare on Elm StreetCommodore Amiga1989-I4---
U.S. Gold LtdAce of AcesSinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI2-A1
U.S. Gold LtdAce of AcesAmstrad CPC1987mI2-A-
U.S. Gold LtdAcro JetCommodore 641985mI5-A1
U.S. Gold LtdAcro JetSinclair ZX Spectrum1987DI4-A1
U.S. Gold LtdAdvanced Destroyer SimulatorCommodore Amiga1991-I5-A1
U.S. Gold LtdAlien StormCommodore Amiga1992-I5-A1
U.S. Gold LtdAlien StormAmstrad CPC1991mI5VA-
U.S. Gold LtdAlien StormCommodore 641991mI1V--
U.S. Gold LtdAlternate Reality: The CityCommodore Amiga1988-I4-A-
U.S. Gold LtdAmericas Cup, TheAmstrad CPC1986mI5---
U.S. Gold LtdAmiga Gold Hits 1Commodore Amiga1988-I4---
U.S. Gold LtdAnother WorldCommodore Amiga1991-I5VA1
U.S. Gold LtdAnother WorldIBM PC1991-I5VA-
U.S. Gold LtdAnother WorldAtari ST1992-I1-A-
U.S. Gold LtdAustralian GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI3-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBane of the Cosmic Forge: Wizardry VICommodore Amiga1991-I4---
U.S. Gold LtdBCs Quest for Tires II - Grogs RevengeCommodore 641984mI3--1
U.S. Gold LtdBeach HeadAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBeach HeadSinclair ZX Spectrum1984DI5-A3
U.S. Gold LtdBeach HeadAcorn BBC1983-I3V-1
U.S. Gold LtdBeach Head 2: The Dictator Strikes BackSinclair ZX Spectrum1984mI5-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBeach Head 2: The Dictator Strikes BackAmstrad CPC1986mI3-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBeach Head 2: The Dictator Strikes BackCommodore 641985mI5VA1
U.S. Gold LtdBedlamAmstrad CPCmI4-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBlack MagicAmstrad CPC1987mI4-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBlack MagicCommodore 641990mI3---
U.S. Gold LtdBlack MagicSinclair ZX Spectrum1987DI-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBlack TigerCommodore Amiga1990-I5VA2
U.S. Gold LtdBlack TigerCommodore 641989-I3-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBlack TigerAmstrad CPC1989mI5---
U.S. Gold LtdBlade of Destiny: Realms of ArkaniaCommodore Amiga1993-I5-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBlue MaxSinclair ZX Spectrum1984DI2VA2
U.S. Gold LtdBlue MaxCommodore 641983DI5VA1
U.S. Gold LtdBonanza BrosSinclair ZX Spectrum1991mI2VA-
U.S. Gold LtdBonanza BrosAmstrad CPC1991mI4---
U.S. Gold LtdBonanza BrothersCommodore Amiga1991-I5---
U.S. Gold LtdBounty Bob Strikes BackCommodore 641985mI1-A-
U.S. Gold LtdBounty Bob Strikes BackAmstrad CPC1985mI2---
U.S. Gold LtdBounty Bob Strikes BackAcorn BBC-I---

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