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Superior Software2002Acorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareAirliftAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareAlien DropoutAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareAlien DropoutAcorn Electron1983I
Superior SoftwareBallistixAcorn BBC1989I
Superior SoftwareBarbarian 2 (Axe of Rage)Acorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAcorn BBCI1V
Superior SoftwareBaronAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareBattletankAcorn BBCI2
Superior SoftwareBMX on the MoonAcorn BBCIV
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherCommodore Amiga1987I4
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherAcorn Electron1988I5
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherCommodore 641987I4
Superior SoftwareBoris in the UnderworldAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulCommodore 64I2
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulAmstrad CPC1988I3
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Superior SoftwareCamelotAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCentipedeAcorn BBCI1
Superior SoftwareChessAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCitadelAcorn Electron1984I3V
Superior SoftwareCitadelAcorn BBCIV
Superior SoftwareCitadel 2Acorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCodename DroidAcorn BBCIV
Superior SoftwareColditz AdventureAcorn BBCI1
Superior SoftwareConstellationAcorn Electron1984I3
Superior SoftwareCosmic CamouflageAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCosmic Camouflage- electronAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCosmic KidnapAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCrazee RiderAcorn BBCI3V
Superior SoftwareCrazy PainterAcorn BBCI1V
Superior SoftwareCribbageAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareCyborg WarriorsAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareDeathstarAcorn ElectronI3
Superior SoftwareDeathstarAcorn BBCI4V
Superior SoftwareDraughtsAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareDraughtsAcorn Electron1983I3
Superior SoftwareElixirAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareExileAcorn BBCI2
Superior SoftwareFairgroundAcorn BBCI1
Superior SoftwareFroggerAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareFruit MachineAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGalaforceAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGalaforce-electronAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGalaforce2Acorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGalaxiansAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGalaxy BirdsAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareGideons GambleAcorn BBCI

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