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Publisher: Superior Software

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Superior Software2002Acorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareAirliftAcorn BBC-I-A-
Superior SoftwareAlien DropoutAcorn Electron1983-I-A-
Superior SoftwareAlien DropoutAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareBallistixAcorn BBC1989-I-A-
Superior SoftwareBarbarian 2 (Axe of Rage)Acorn BBC-I-A-
Superior SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAcorn BBC-I1-A-
Superior SoftwareBaronAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareBattletankAcorn BBC-I2---
Superior SoftwareBMX on the MoonAcorn BBC-IV--
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherAcorn Electron1988-I5--1
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherCommodore Amiga1987-I4---
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherCommodore 641987mI4-A-
Superior SoftwareBone CruncherAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareBoris in the UnderworldAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulCommodore 64mI2-A-
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI-A-
Superior SoftwareBy Fair Means or FoulAmstrad CPC1988mI3-A-
Superior SoftwareCamelotAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCentipedeAcorn BBC-I1---
Superior SoftwareChessAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCitadelAcorn BBC-IV--
Superior SoftwareCitadelAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Superior SoftwareCitadel 2Acorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCodename DroidAcorn BBC-IVA-
Superior SoftwareColditz AdventureAcorn BBC-I1-A-
Superior SoftwareConstellationAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Superior SoftwareCosmic CamouflageAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCosmic Camouflage- electronAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCosmic KidnapAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCrazee RiderAcorn BBC-I3VA1
Superior SoftwareCrazy PainterAcorn BBC-I1---
Superior SoftwareCribbageAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareCyborg WarriorsAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareDeathstarAcorn Electron-I3-A-
Superior SoftwareDeathstarAcorn BBC-I4V-1
Superior SoftwareDraughtsAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Superior SoftwareDraughtsAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareElixirAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareExileAcorn BBC-I2---
Superior SoftwareFairgroundAcorn BBC-I1---
Superior SoftwareFroggerAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareFruit MachineAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareGalaforceAcorn BBC-I-A-
Superior SoftwareGalaforce-electronAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareGalaforce2Acorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareGalaxiansAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareGalaxy BirdsAcorn BBC-I---
Superior SoftwareGideons GambleAcorn BBC-I---

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