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ProximaAdventurerSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I2
ProximaAknadachSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I2
ProximaArcheoSinclair ZX SpectrumI
ProximaATP Tour SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
ProximaBad DreamSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
ProximaBeerlandSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
ProximaBowling 2000Sinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
ProximaDouble DashSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
ProximaExploding AtomsSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
ProximaHeroes 92Sinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
ProximaHonda za PoklademSinclair ZX Spectrum1993I
ProximaInfernoSinclair ZX Spectrum1993I
ProximaJet-Man SillySinclair ZX SpectrumI
ProximaJmeno RuzeSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
ProximaKaboom!Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986I
ProximaKrtekSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
ProximaLetrisSinclair ZX SpectrumI1
ProximaMagic DiceSinclair ZX Spectrum1993I
ProximaMah JonggSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
ProximaMusic LogicSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
ProximaOrionSinclair ZX SpectrumI
ProximaPerestrojkaSinclair ZX SpectrumI
ProximaPodraz 3Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986I
ProximaPokladSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
ProximaPoklad 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1985I
ProximaStar DragonSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
ProximaTangoSinclair ZX Spectrum1993I1V
ProximaTelefonySinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
ProximaUtok Bile MyskySinclair ZX Spectrum1993I
ProximaXorSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1

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