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Publisher: Palace Software

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Palace SoftwareBarbarian - Combat PracticeCommodore 641987mI1---
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2 (Axe of Rage)Amstrad CPC1989mI5-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2: The Dungeon of DraxSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI1-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2: The Dungeon of DraxCommodore Amiga1989-I4--1
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2: The Dungeon of DraxAtari ST1989--1-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2: The Dungeon of DraxCommodore 641988DI5-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 2: The Dungeon of DraxCommodore Amiga1989-I4--1
Palace SoftwareBarbarian 3Amstrad CPCmI---
Palace SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorCommodore Amiga1987-I5-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorCommodore 641987DI4-A1
Palace SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAtari ST1987--1-A-
Palace SoftwareBarbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAmstrad CPC1987mI5-A-
Palace SoftwareBio ChallengeAtari ST1989---A-
Palace SoftwareBlood n BulletsCommodore Amiga1989-I4---
Palace SoftwareBoston Bomb ClubAtari ST1991---A-
Palace SoftwareCastle WarriorAtari ST1989---A-
Palace SoftwareCauldronCommodore 641985mI5-A1
Palace SoftwareCauldronSinclair ZX Spectrum1985DI1VA1
Palace SoftwareCauldronAmstrad CPC1985mI5VA1
Palace SoftwareCauldron 2Commodore 641986mI5VA1
Palace SoftwareCauldron 2Amstrad CPC1986mI5-A-
Palace SoftwareCauldron 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986DI1-A1
Palace SoftwareColoradoAtari ST1990---A-
Palace SoftwareColorado RapidsCommodore Amiga1990-I5--1
Palace SoftwareCosmic PirateCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A2
Palace SoftwareCosmic PiratesAtari ST1989---A-
Palace SoftwareCrystals of ArboreaAtari ST1990---A-
Palace SoftwareDeath Sword (aka Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior)Commodore Amiga1987-I5---
Palace SoftwareDemoniakAtari ST1991---A-
Palace SoftwareDemoniakCommodore Amiga1991-I4---
Palace SoftwareDouble Dragon II: The RevengeSega Mega Drive1991--2-A-
Palace SoftwareDragon's BreathCommodore Amiga1990-I4-A2
Palace SoftwareDragons BreathAtari ST1990-I5-A1
Palace SoftwareEvil Dead, TheAcorn BBC1984-I---
Palace SoftwareEvil Dead, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1984mI-A-
Palace SoftwareEvil Dead, TheCommodore 641984mI1--1
Palace SoftwareFuture Wars Time TravellersAtari ST1989---A-
Palace SoftwareHeilige rustung des Antiriad DieSinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI-A-
Palace SoftwareHostile BreedCommodore Amiga1992-I4---
Palace SoftwareHot RubberAtari ST1991---A-
Palace SoftwareInternational 3D TennisAtari ST1990---A-
Palace SoftwareInternational 3D TennisCommodore 64--V--
Palace SoftwareInternational 3D TennisAmstrad CPCmI1---
Palace SoftwareInternational 3D TennisSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI-A-
Palace SoftwareInternational 3D TennisCommodore Amiga1989-I4V--
Palace SoftwareMetal MutantAtari ST1991---A-
Palace SoftwareNekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu: Soccer-hen MDSega Mega Drive1992---A-
Palace SoftwareRad WarriorCommodore 641987mI1---
Palace SoftwareRimrunnerCommodore 641988mI1---
Palace SoftwareRimrunnerAtari ST1988---A-

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