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Publisher: OperaSoft

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OperaSoftAbadia del Crimen, LaSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI2VA-
OperaSoftAbadia del Crimen, LaAmstrad CPC1987mI5VA-
OperaSoftAngel Nieto Pole 500ccSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI2---
OperaSoftAngel Nieto Pole 500ccCommodore Amiga1990-I4---
OperaSoftAngel Nieto Pole 500ccAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftCorsariosCommodore Amiga1989-I4---
OperaSoftCorsariosAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftCorsarios 1Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftCorsarios 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftCosa NostraSinclair ZX SpectrummI---
OperaSoftCosa NostraAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftGolden BasketAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftGolden BasketSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI---
OperaSoftGonzalezzzzz 1Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftGonzalezzzzz 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftGonzzalezzAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftGoodyAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftGoodySinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1---
OperaSoftGuillermo tellAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftJai AlaiSinclair ZX SpectrummI---
OperaSoftJai AlaiAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftLast Mission, TheAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftLast Mission, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI---
OperaSoftLivingstoneCommodore Amiga1988-I4---
OperaSoftLivingstone 2Commodore Amiga1990-I4---
OperaSoftLivingstone Supongo 1Amstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftLivingstone Supongo 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI---
OperaSoftLivingstone Supongo 2Amstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftMotSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftMotAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftMundial de FutbalAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftMundial de FutbalSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI---
OperaSoftMutan ZoneAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftMutan ZoneSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftMutan Zone 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftMythosSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI-A-
OperaSoftMythosAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftPoli Diaz BoxeoAmstrad CPCmI---
OperaSoftPoli Diaz BoxeoSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI-A-
OperaSoftPoogabooAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftPoogabooSinclair ZX Spectrum1991mI-A-
OperaSoftRescate en el golfoSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI1-A-
OperaSoftRescate en el golfoAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftSir WoodSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI1---
OperaSoftSirwoodAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftSol negroAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftSol Negro 1Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftSol Negro 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
OperaSoftSoloAmstrad CPCmI1---
OperaSoftSovietSinclair ZX Spectrum1990mI---

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