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Micro PowerAdventureAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerBandits at 3 O'ClockAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerBumble BeeAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerChessAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerCroakerAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerCybertron MissionCommodore 641984I5
Micro PowerCybertron MissionAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerDanger UXBAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerDoctor Who and the Mines of TerrorCommodore 641986I4
Micro PowerElectron InvadersAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerEscape from Moonbase AlphaAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerFelix and the Fruit MonstersAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerFelix in the FactoryAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerFellix Meets the Evil WeevilsAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerFrenzyAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerFrenzyCommodore 641983I
Micro PowerGalactic CommanderAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerGauntletAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerGhoulsAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerGhoulsCommodore 641984I1
Micro PowerIntergalactic TraderAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerJet Power JackAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerKiller GorillaAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerMine, TheAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerMoon RaiderAcorn Electron1984I3V
Micro PowerPositronAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerRubble TroubleAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerStock CarAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerStock CarCommodore 641984I1
Micro PowerSwagAcorn Electron1984I3
Micro PowerSwoopAcorn Electron1983I3
Micro PowerTimetrekAcorn BBC1982I5

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