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Publisher: Micro Power

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Micro PowerAdventureAcorn Electron1983-I3---
Micro PowerBandits at 3 O'ClockAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerBumble BeeAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerChessAcorn Electron1983-I3--1
Micro PowerCroakerAcorn Electron1983-I3-A1
Micro PowerCybertron MissionCommodore 641984mI5-A-
Micro PowerCybertron MissionAcorn Electron1984-I3-A1
Micro PowerDanger UXBAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerDoctor Who and the Mines of TerrorCommodore 641986mI4--1
Micro PowerElectron InvadersAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerEscape from Moonbase AlphaAcorn Electron1983-I3---
Micro PowerFelix and the Fruit MonstersAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerFelix in the FactoryAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerFellix Meets the Evil WeevilsAcorn Electron1983-I3---
Micro PowerFrenzyAcorn Electron1984-I3---
Micro PowerFrenzyCommodore 641983mI---
Micro PowerGalactic CommanderAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerGauntletAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerGhoulsAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerGhoulsCommodore 641984mI1--1
Micro PowerIntergalactic TraderAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerJet Power JackAcorn Electron1983-I3-A-
Micro PowerKiller GorillaAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerMine, TheAcorn Electron1984-I3---
Micro PowerMoon RaiderAcorn Electron1984-I3-A1
Micro PowerPositronAcorn Electron1983-I3-A1
Micro PowerRubble TroubleAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerStock CarAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerStock CarCommodore 641984DI1---
Micro PowerSwagAcorn Electron1984-I3-A-
Micro PowerSwoopAcorn Electron1983-I3-A1
Micro PowerTimetrekAcorn BBC1982-I5-A-

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