Publisher: Melbourne House

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Melbourne HouseAaargh!Amstrad CPC1988I5V
Melbourne HouseAaargh!Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Melbourne HouseAaargh!Commodore 641989I1
Melbourne HouseAaargh!Atari ST19892
Melbourne HouseAsterix and the Magic CauldronCommodore 641986I3
Melbourne HouseAsterix and the Magic CauldronSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
Melbourne HouseAsterix and the Magic CauldronAmstrad CPCI1
Melbourne HouseBarbarianSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I5
Melbourne HouseBazooka BillCommodore 641986I1
Melbourne HouseBazooka BillSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I5
Melbourne HouseBop 'n RumbleCommodore 641987I
Melbourne HouseCastle of TerrorCommodore 641985I2
Melbourne HouseClassic AdventureCommodore 641985
Melbourne HouseClassic AdventureAcorn BBCI
Melbourne HouseClassic AdventureAcorn Electron1985I3
Melbourne HouseClassic AdventureSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Melbourne HouseDark Tower, TheCommodore 641985I2
Melbourne HouseDenis Through The Drinking GlassAcorn BBC1983I
Melbourne HouseDoc the DestroyerSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I2
Melbourne HouseDodgy GeezersAcorn Electron1986I3
Melbourne HouseDodgy GeezersAcorn BBCI
Melbourne HouseDodgy GeezersAmstrad CPCI
Melbourne HouseDouble DragonAtari ST1989I2V
Melbourne HouseDouble DragonCommodore 641989I5V
Melbourne HouseDouble DragonSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I5V
Melbourne HouseEnterpriseSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1
Melbourne HouseEnterpriseAmstrad CPCI
Melbourne HouseFighting WarriorCommodore 641985I4
Melbourne HouseFighting WarriorAmstrad CPCI1
Melbourne HouseFighting WarriorSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
Melbourne HouseFist +Sinclair ZX Spectrum1988I1
Melbourne HouseGrand LarcenyCommodore 641985I1
Melbourne HouseGyroscopeSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I3V
Melbourne HouseGyroscopeCommodore 641985I3
Melbourne HouseGyroscopeAmstrad CPCI1
Melbourne HouseGyroscopeAcorn BBCI
Melbourne HouseGyroscopeAcorn Electron1985I4
Melbourne HouseGyroscope 2Commodore 641987
Melbourne HouseGyroscope 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1
Melbourne HouseHampsteadAcorn Electron1984I3
Melbourne HouseHampsteadAcorn BBCI
Melbourne HouseHampsteadSinclair ZX Spectrum1984
Melbourne HouseHellfireSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1
Melbourne HouseHobbit, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1982I5V
Melbourne HouseHobbit, TheAmstrad CPCI
Melbourne HouseHobbit, TheCommodore 6419xxI3V
Melbourne HouseHobbit, TheAcorn BBCI
Melbourne HouseHURGSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
Melbourne HouseInspector GadgetSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1
Melbourne HouseInspector GadgetCommodore 641988I

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